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Meteorological Report

Former parish councillor, and meteorological enthusiast, Dawn Judd kindly provides us with a
weekly met. report based on readings she takes daily at her home at 8.30am for the rainfall.

Review of 2015 January February March April May June July August September October November
18th - 31st December
We ended 2016 with the driest December for at least 29 years. We only had 15mm of rain , we had plenty of fog and low cloud, but no more measurable rain.

The total rain for 2016 was 969.5 mm - slightly below average. The wettest month in volume was November, although it only rained on 13 days. In January it rained on 22 days - 112 mm - but it meant that last January we had very little frost because of the mild wet weather.

The longest dry spell was in August when we had 14 consecutive fine days,
followed by a 13 day spell in October. For the wettest day in 2016 we have to go to June when we 52 mm on the 15th.

I feel the last 12 months have been fairly average for the South West as far as the weather is concerned. Everyone has probably had a moan about too wet, too dry cold, hot, windy etc, but it really hasn't been that bad and we will at least do as well this year hopefully - even a bit better

11th - 17th December

This week was no better than last week as far as the weather was concerned. We had 4 mm of rain, but only 1 mm on each of four days, so not a lot there. Still mild, and again still fairly warm. I don't think we will have much of a change yet.

The shortest
day is on Wednesday - perhaps we will get a change then, it is certainly overdue. Perhaps we will get some real winter weather for Christmas.

4th - 10th December
Quite a change this week starting from the 4th, when I wrote temperature just above freezing and a very cold wind.

Saturday the 10th was a really miserable day - very overcast all day, 15 mm of rain and very low cloud. We still needed lights on right through the day. More patchy fog as well

27th November - 3rd December

A dry week but getting increasingly cold - the temperature down to -4.3°C in our garden, and only rising up just above zero by midday, so not very pleasant for anyone. It was made worse towards the end of the week by freezing fog as well.
November gave us a total rainfall of 140 mm which is average for the month so no surprises there.

The December rain, over 10 years is 114 mm, and over 20 years 117 mm The wettest December was 1999 with 207.5 mm and the driest was 2010 with only 22 mm. But that was the winter with frosts from November 20th right through to the end of December - plus we had snow as well. Hopefully we won't have a repeat this year. Snow is lovely to start with but it hangs on too long and quickly becomes a nuisance for everyone except the very young.

20th-26th November

61 mm of rain this week. Following on from the rain we had the previous week, we had a very wet spell, but I have not heard of any one suffering flood problems. No sooner had it stopped raining than we had a drop in temperature giving us some quite sharp frost, but at least it dried up a bit.
13th - 19th November

A dry day for the Remembrance Service and Parade in the village and dry in most other places as well. Also dry again on Monday, but cloud cover seems to have prevented most of us seeing the much heralded Super moon.

It then rained on every day for the rest of the week, 55 mm in total. T
he forecast for the week ahead is not good, as far as rain is concerned anyway, more rain and high winds.

6th - 12th November

The weather not as good this week as it has been, even the most reluctant among us must accept that it is winter.
We've had 24 mm of rain, mainly on Tuesday, with low cloud and drizzle and cold nights as well. So we must look forward to Spring again now.

30th October - 5th November
Another month gone and what a dry month it's been, with less than half the average rainfall for October - and the best Autumn colour we've had for some years. For once the weather was in our favour, with dry sunny days but cold nights - just what we needed to give us a good display.

The average rainfall in November over 10 years is 139 mm and over 20 years 128 mm, the wettest November was in 2012 with 258 mm and it rained on 16 days and we had floods. The driest was 2001 with 65 mm over 12 days.

November has started dry but I"m expecting some rain this month as we've had 4 months with below average
amounts of rain and Chew Valley lake is looking quite low now. We don't want to be short of water next Spring!

23rd - 29th October
20mm of rain in the last week, and getting much colder towards the weekend. From tomorrow afternoon it will seem much darker as well, with the clocks changing. [Hiss, boo. I agree - Ed]
16th - 22nd October
Only a couple of short heavy showers this week, totaling 6 mm. Otherwise, typical weather, cold nights and sunny spells during the day. So plenty of colour almost everywhere, now ,sadly it will soon be over. One windy night and we"ll be sweeping up the leaves - which don't seem so attractive when they are on the ground blocking drains and causing rail problems. So enjoy it all while it lasts.
9th - 15th October
A dry week until Friday when we had 2 mm of rain, followed by 18 mm on Saturday, so no more watering again - for a few days at least.

The nights continue to get colder - the lowest this week was 4°C on the 11th. It"s very unusual for us to have a real frost before November.

On Saturday the 29th we need to put our clocks and watches back 1 hour before we retire for the night as summer time ends at
2am Sunday morning the 30th - and in 21 weeks we can do it again in reverse. [There's cheerful for you! - Ed]

2nd - 8th October
Once again a dry week here with quite a wintry feel and the temperature down to 4.8°C. I expect it to continue cold as long as the wind is coming from the North East and I think it is dry for the same reason.

We are having to water pots and tubs as well as some plants and shrubs in the garden, as they are now showing signs of drought. I always feel a bit silly watering wearing while wearing a coat and gloves.

25th September - 1st October
In spite of the weather forecast, we only had 10 mm of rain in the last week, giving us a total of 93 mm for the month. September has been a pretty good month for our area and until the last week, mild as well, but the temperature has dropped in the last week down to 5.2°C on Saturday. I expect it to be a bit colder now we are into October.

The average rainfall in October is, over 20 years 117 mm, and over 10 years 117 mm ( I checked it twice). The wettest October was 2013 with 196 .5 mm and it rained on 25 days . There are 2 contenders for the driest October - 1997 and 2015 - both with 66 mm. In 2015 it rained on 12 days, and in '97 it managed 66 mm in 6 days, so take your pick. I know which I prefer.

18th - 24th September
The weather is getting more Autumnal now and the leaves are changing especially on the Acers. It is also much cooler by the evening with a very heavy dew, so the slugs and snails are still having a good time. I cannot remember us ever having so many before, a result of last winter's mild weather.

We had 32 mm of rain this week so we should be able to put our hosepipe away until next Spring.
11th - 17th September
An all most a dry week as we only had 3 mm of rain, but very humid - a lot of very low cloud. The threat of rain was always there, the washing would not dry and it was not enjoyable at all, but I suppose it was typical autumn weather. I fear we have been spoilt by the lovely weather we had last month.

The evenings
are drawing in now and it soon goes dark. The autumn equinox next Thursday, when the day and night are equal., which won't happen again util next spring. Hopefully the weather will continue to be reasonable and no extremes.

4th - 10th September

The week started with some light rain on Sunday and Monday and it was very humid and not very pleasant until Wednesday when it was warm and sunny again, but only briefly as it was damp again and on Friday night we had 17 mm of rain. I hope the sunny weather has not gone for good.

28th August - 3rd September
A dry week until Saturday, when it rained for most of the day and on into the evening. We had 28 mm in all so a useful amount. It is still nice and warm as well so hopefully we will have a good September.

The total rainfall for August was 62 mm and it rained on 8 days plus some light drizzle on a couple of occasions so a good month really and nice and warm as well.

On to September which is usually still summer or it's winter come early. The last couple of years have been very good in September, mild and not too wet. Average rainfall in September is over 10 years 74 mm and over 20 years 72 mm. The wettest September was 182 mm rain on 18 days and the driest was 9.5 mm in 2014 when it managed to spread over days.

I like a good September - it makes the winter a bit shorter and is a good opportunity to get a bit of clearing up done, and gives a good excuse to be outside.

21st - 27th August
With rain on Sunday I thought the weather was changing, but it was bright and sunny on Monday. We had no more rain until Thursday - and that wasn't a useful amount really - so on with the watering. I'm afraid it's certainly been a dry August.

We will be into September in a couple of days. School
holidays will be over and for once the weather has been fairly good right through the last six weeks, so there should be no complaints, at least from the children anyway.
14th - 20th August
The week started very like the previous week - a mixture of sunny spells with varying amounts of cloud, but a change on Wednesday when we had a couple of showers. On Saturday we had 6.5 mm of rain, giving a total for the week of 10.5 mm. Not a lot, but the first rain we've had since the 2nd, which is quite unusual for August - but I think we will need to keep watering for a while yet.
7th - 13th August
No rain in the last week - again some very light drizzle once or twice, but not enough to measure.
We have had
some sunshine every day, interspersed with cloudy periods. It has not been all that warm either because of the
wind, which seems to be present a lot of the time these days; without the wind it would be too hot for some for some of us I"m sure

We are promised a heat wave this coming week week, but only for two or three days, so don't
miss it - it may be the last really hot spell we get this year.

31st July - 6th August

August did not start well, giving us 24 mm of and a rather chilly day to start the month, more rain on Tuesday, and cloudy with some light drizzle on Wednesday. It was dry for the rest of the week with a lovely warm sunny day on Saturday when the temperature went up to into the mid 20°Cs.

We had rain on only 9 days in July, totaling 30.5 mm, giving us the driest July since 1999. I think we were just lucky, as most of the rain this month was heavy showers and we missed them; other parts of the South West didn't.

August is not known for being a dry month - average rainfall over 10 years is 118 mm and over 20 years 107 mm. The wettest August was 2012 with 177 mm and it rained on 20 days. The driest was 2003 when it rained on 6 days with 15 mm.

This month is usually fairly wet as the averages show. It's sad that it has always been a major part of the schools' summer break as we often get better weather in June or September.

It is noticeable that the days are shortening. Today the sun rose at 5.32, and sets tonight at 8. 40. It seems to change so quickly now I'm older. I remember as a child summer went on for ever.

24th - 30th July

Only 10 mm of rain this week and its almost the end of the month. No exceptionally high temperature either, but there is still plenty of cloud about, which seems to have become a fixture recently,and when accompanied by a stiff breeze it makes it feel rather chilly.
17th - 23rd July
We had some rain on Saturday 23rd, but only 2 mm less than the total of the previous week, so the gardeners among us must keep on with the watering, non-gardeners can simply enjoy it.

Temperatures at the beginning
of the week were exceptional - they were the highest we have had this year. Over 30°C on Monday and Tuesday, slightly lower on Wednesday, and down to a more usual July figure of 22°C on Thursday.

A lot of cloud about towards the weekend - I do wonder if other parts of Somerset are getting more rain than we are !
10th - 16th July
This was almost another dry week - we only had 5 mm spread over 3 days - but once again plenty of cloud, so the temperature was not very high. It did manage to just nudge 20°C a couple of times, otherwise 17°C or 18°C was as high as it got.

On Friday the 15th the temperature dropped down to 8°C by the mid evening
and the pressure dropped as well,. It stayed like that for 3 or 4 hours and then went back to normal, as it had been earlier in the day. I don't know why, did anyone else notice it?.
3rd - 9th July
A dry week apart from light drizzle . The beginning of the week, Sunday, was a lovely day - dry sunny and no wind. Monday and Tuesday were very much the same, but not quite as warm. As the week progressed, we had more and more cloud and the temperature dropped, and the cold wind came back keeping the temperature in the mid 60°Cs instead of the mid 70°Cs, which is where it should be in July.
26th June - 2nd July
A mixed week some sunshine but heavy showers as well - 35 mm this week, with rain on five days. The weather is still very unsettled.

The total rain for June is 120mm, and in spite of the national figures, it is was nowhere near being our wettest June. If we discount the heavy storm on the 15th, our rainfall was average through rest of the month.

July averages as follows rainfall over 10 years 119 mm and over 20 years 96 mm. The highest rainfall was 218 mm in 2007 when it rained on 25 days and the driest was 1999 when it rained on 3 days, 11 mm in all

In the last 20 years there have been 3 occasions when we have had over 200 mm of rain in July. Hopefully, this won't be the fourth, and we will have some settled fine weather.

19th - 25th June
No settled weather at all during the last week, we've had drizzle, heavy storms, varying temperatures and some very nice sunny spells so much as before. Total rainfall for the week is 23 mm spread over 4 days.

According to the national figures this is going to be the wettest June on record, but not here, unless we have a lot more rain over the next 4 days.

12th - 18th June
Total rain this week was 52 mm - this was mainly the heavy storm we had here on Wednesday afternoon, which I missed as I was in Nailsea, where there was no rain at all. I was surprised to get to the top of Wrington Hill to see all the water everywhere .... and even more surprised when I saw the garden and how much was in the rain gauge.

Not as warm this week. There was quite a lot of cloud and a chilly breeze, but still plenty of sunshine, so not too bad. The weather does seem to be unsettled again, so we could have some more surprises.

5th - 11th June
This has been another warm week with temperatures in the mid 20°Cs, and fairly dry as well - rain on only 2 days giving us a total of 13mm. The heavy thunderstorms missed us, thankfully, as they can do so much damage in the garden,at this time of the year.

This weather hasn't been good news for hay fever sufferers though. We seem to have more pollen than usual this year as both grass and some of the trees are all flowering at the same time, making it very difficult for some of us.

29th May - 4th June

A dry week to end May and start June, which gives us a total rainfall for May of 85.5 mm which is slightly above the average for
the month, so it evens out with April, which was slightly below. It's been a fairly good month weatherwise, not always as warm as we would have liked, but we had plenty of long dry spells.

As the weather has been coming from the North East instead of the South
West it's been drier than usual and with plenty of sunshine. The last weekend of the month was a real treat, we are not usually so lucky on Bank Holiday week ends are we?

On to June. I can't believe we are nearly half way through the year already, the time seems to be flying by. The averages for June are as follows, the rain over 10 years is 72 mm and over 20 years 71 mm.. The driest June was in 1997 when we had 9 mm spread over 3 days and the wettest June was 2012 with 218 mm, and it rained on 22 days.

2012 was the wettest year I've recorded -1,834mm and floods everywhere; 4 months each having more than 200 mm, which usually happens no more than once or twice a year.

The longest day this year is on the 20th and not the 21st as is more usual, so I hope we have some nice warm evenings to enjoy it.

22nd - 28th May
Another week of changeable weather, but only one really wet day; otherwise only the odd shower. Total rain for the week is 13 .5 mm.

Temperature was varied, ranging from 11°C up to the mid 20°Cs. We are still getting a North East wind which is having a big effect on the temperature - unless we can find a wind break of some sort.

15th - 21st May
Sunday and Monday were warm and sunny, and Tuesday started well, but there was a drop in temperature and rain by the evening. The rest of the week was cooler and wetter, culminating in a very wet Saturday afternoon, and an evening of steady light rain. This gave us a total rainfall for the week of 28.5 mm.
8th - 14th May
Once again rain on 2 days, giving a total of 32.5mm. The weather then warmed up again with plenty of sunshine and temperatures reaching 24°C+ in the shade on one or two occasions. It's nice to walk about outside without a coat, although the temperatures still drop in the evenings.

The gardens are forging ahead now, and so are the weeds - why do they always seem more vigorous I wonder! There are also plenty of snails about now which come out, as soon as the dew starts to fall, to attack any of the plants we were tempted to put out now the weather has started to get warmer.
1st - 7th May
There has certainly been a change in the weather in the last week - much warmer and a lot more sunshine. The temperature has been up in the low 20's°C towards the weekend, 21.6°C on Friday and 22.3°C on Saturday.
The only rain was on Monday - 2 mm , and heavy
rain storms Saturday afternoon, evening and during the night of Saturday into Sunday morning, making 11 mm in total for the week.

Hopefully we have at last got rid of that cold which seemed to go on for ever.

24th - 30th April
Still rather cold - we had a couple of early morning frosts this week, plus the sleet and hail we had on 26th. Not much rain either, only 5 mm, bringing the total for the month up to 43.5, which is fairly low for April.

The Spring has been dry again this year. The wind from the North and East brings much drier weather than when it blows from the West, it is also much colder.

May average rainfall is - over 10 years 66 mm, and over 20 years 74 mm. The wettest May was 156 mm in 2006, when it rained on 23 days, and the driest was in 2001, with rain on 8 days - total of 36 mm. We should have had our last frost by now, but there are no guarantees with the weather.

17th - 23rd April
A good week as far as the weather is concerned until Friday, when we had showers in the morning and a light drizzle later on.

The total rainfall for the week was only 5 mm; otherwise plenty of sunshine with the temperature up to 17.4°C in the shade.
There has been a lot of discussion about a supposed early spring, but I don't think it's been an early spring - rather a late, mild
winter - and then we went straight into spring without a break. .

April is always unpredictable anyway - one day warm, and the
next day freezing with an icy wind - seems fairly usual weather for this time of the year. May will be with us in another week or so, and the weather should settle down once we have get past another Bank Holiday.

10th - 16th April
This was a typical April week, with showers, sunshine, some windy spells and the temperature varying from early morning frost to a high of 17.6°C by early afternoon.

Total rainfall for the week was 23 mm, most of which fell during the night so didn't inconvenience us to much.The worst of the wind was on Sunday later in the afternoon and through the evening, which led to some of the recycling already out for Monday being scattered around the area, and a couple of wheely bins blown over, but all soon picked up, so no mess.

For those who don't travel over Wrington Hill to join the A370, the bluebells are starting to come out, a sight not to be missed - well worth a special trip as they won't last long once the leaves on the trees open out, and the woods become shaded they will be over for another year.

3rd - 9th April
Following a not too good start to the month , we had lovely sunny days Monday and Tuesday. Then it was back to the usual clouds
with some high wind thrown in for good measure, and the occasional shower as well. The total rainfall for the week was only 9 mm and there was a slight improvement in the temperature as well, so we hope for better things.
27th March - 2nd April
Rainfall in March was above average, yet it seemed a fairly dry month with rain on 10 days. There were 2 very wet days giving us 60 mm between them, which is what resulted in our wet month.

The most memorable thing about March
this year was the wind which continued to blow from the North and East right through the month giving us a chilly time even when it was sunny.

Now we are into April and the wind is coming from the West as is more usual for us here, and it's getting a little warmer. The average rainfall for April is over 10 years 62 mm and over 20 years 77 mm. The wettest April was 2012 when we had 212.5 mm and it rained on 23 days , and the driest was 2011 when we had 15 mm spread over three days (sometimes I don't believe the figures myself and I have to double check them).

20th - 26th March

Rain at the beginning and end of the week, otherwise dry and a little warmer as well. Good Friday was a lovely warm sunny day. Quite a large crowd joined the walk of Witness from the Chapel to the Church for the Good Friday service. It is very encouraging to see how many people join this visible statement of our belief.

13th - 19th March

A dry week with plenty of sunshine, although the cold wind rather spoils it sometimes. It was nice to get some work done in the garden at las,t as April is nearly here. It's not long now until the clocks go forward, which gives us an extra hour in the evening - although I prefer extra light in the morning. I like to make an early start in the summer.

6th - 12th March
31mm of rain this week, all in 24 hours; otherwise cloudy but dry with occasional sunny spells. But we still have the cold wind from the North East which seems to be always with us these days.
21st - 27th February
A good week weather-wise for February. We had a frost on the 22nd, -2.2°C, but the rest of the week gave us some showers and the odd touch of frost, but nothing exceptional really. Total rain only 10mm and once again, it looked a lot worse than it was.

We will be into March next week, - will it be a Lion or a Lamb? - I wonder! As the end of March is Easter this year, don't pack away your winter woolies quite yet.

14th - 20th February
Cold with frosts overnight at the start of the week, and temperatures down to -2.8°C on Tuesday morning - the hardest frost we have had so far this winter. Then on Tuesday night it rained, 11mm in total, with another 8mm over the rest of the week.
7th - 13th February
Another week of very variable weather. Sunday and Monday were wet and we had showers throughout the rest of the week It also
got colder as the week progressed, ending with a touch of early morning frost at the weekend .

The total rainfall for the week
was 31.5mm - not a very high figure, considering how many showers we had. Showers are always a bit misleading as it tends to look as if we are getting a lot more rain than we are, but heavy showers being usually of short duration, not so much really, in the end.
31st January - 6th February
When I was younger, February was called "fill the dykes", as it used to be one of our wettest months, but gradually it seems to have got dryer, and December and January have become wetter. Of course we name the months to suit ourselves, it has no effect on the weather - it just helps us to know what we are all talking about when we grumble about too much or too little of some weather event which we are not pleased with.

The average for February is over 10 years is 82 mm and over 20 years is 81mm - not much difference there. The wettest February was in 2007 when we had 155.5 mm on 21 days - not a leap year. The driest was 1998 when we had 11 mm on just one day.

As this month has got drier, it has got slightly colder compared to 20+ years ago - of course this is just our area. National weather records are much more accurate and detailed and have better equipment than I have.

24th - 30th January
Another fairly mild week with 35mm of rain, but there was rather more wind than we usually have here, although we have had rather
more wind lately. It seems at the moment our weather is being affected by what is happening on the other side of the world as regarding weather and that is why we are having all these storms one after another. It is not caused by us now naming them - as one lady asked me on Sunday !

The total rain in January was 112mm which was very slightly above average for the month, but except for a couple of
mild frosts, we have had no really cold weather at all - unlike last January, when we had 2 weeks of very low temperatures at the end of the month. These continued half way through February as well, so there is still time for us to have a cold spell.
17th - 23rd January
A bit more of a mix in the weather this week. Sunday and Monday were much as last week, Tuesday was dry but very cold and sunny, but the temperature was down to -2°.9C by 6 am on Wednesday and it remained cold right through the day. The
temperature went down to -0.2.9°C by 6 am on Thursday but it gradually warmed up during Thursday night and by 6 am on Friday it was +5 to +6°C and it continued to warm up through the day with high of 17.6°C - almost like Summer .

At least we can say we had a frost, but we still managed to have 12 mm of rain and more is promised for next week.

10th - 16th January

Another 22 mm of rain in spite of becoming much colder, especially towards the weekend. Only in this country can we have frost in the morning and rain by evening, as happened again this week.

In 2015 the first frost was on the 18th, it then continued to be cold for the rest of January and into February. Unlike 2014 when there was no frost at all, just an awful lot of rain.

3rd - 9th of January
Rain on 6 days out of the 7, giving 26.5mm for the first full week of the new year, but still mild, much like last month.

27th December 2015 - 2nd January 2016

54mm of rain in the last week of 2015/ start of 2016 with rain on 6 days. this gives a total for December of 146mm. Taking us well above the December average, but nothing like the amounts which have fallen in northern England over the last few weeks.

Happy New Year - Review of 2015

The total rainfall for the year 2015 was 1032mm which is about average for our area. The longest dry spell was in April which was also our driest month. The most rain in one day was in February with 35mm, but the wettest month was December, which was also the only month to go well above the average for the month.

The temperature went below freezing in both January and February, but again there was nothing exceptional. The only snow was a shower at the end of January, soon gone.

In fact , the weather over the last year in our part of the world can only be described as average really, but when I look at what terrible weather events were happening to other people - average looks pretty good to me .