Broad Street Wrington
Meteorological Report

Former parish councillor, and meteorological enthusiast, Dawn Judd kindly provides us with
a weekly met. report based on readings she takes daily at her home - 8.30am for the rainfall.

Overall figures
for 2004
January February March April May June July August September October November

25th - 31st December

Well it was dry on Christmas day this year, although overcast, but we did have more rain this week 33mm mainly on Friday when it seemed to rain all day. Also the hardest frost this winter so far -6.7ºC on Thursday night.

December rainfall total is 153mm, good really. The last 3 months have given us reasonable amounts of rain and I hope the next 3 do the same.

Another year over, the time seems to fly by.

Well after all the talk about water shortages, this year is only slightly below average rainfall, with a total of 1066.5mm for the year.The wettest month was October and the driest was February. The month with the most wet days was, again, October with 16, and the least was March with 7.

There was a fairly cold start to the year with frosts from 12th February until early March, and then a spell of dry weather for a couple of weeks. Otherwise not a bad spring and early summer.

A nice long spell of fine, warm weather in July and August, and a very mild autumn until mid October. It then rained until mid November, when, unusually, there was a long spell of frosty nights.

No damaging gales this year - just a bit blustery at times. What was unusual was that there was a lot more wind from the North and East especially in the Autumn. So a very average sort of year.

January's average is 89mm of rain, with a high of 136mm and a low of 12mm. At this time of the year low rainfall usually means more frost, but occasionally January can be very mild, with much colder weather in February. We will have to wait and see.

18th - 24th December

4mm of rain again this week - very low rainfall in a nothing sort of week weatherwise.. Really not much rain or sun or frost or wind, just dark and dreary. At least we are past the shortest day now so it can only get better!

11th - 17th December

Only 5mm of rain but more frost. It's certainly a chilly winter, but the chances of snow for the 25th are not good. In the past 15 years it has rained 10 times on the 25th but there has been no snow.

The wettest was in 1998 with 31mm. The nearest we got to snow was in 2000 when it snowed on the 27th, 28th and 29th, followed by more rain (it was a wet year).
All I'm hoping for is a dry day for a nice walk.

4th - 10th December

Not much rain this week 23mm in all, and quite chilly at times when the wind went round to the East. Otherwise typical December weather - damp and cloudy until Saturday, when we had some welcome sunshine.

27th November - 3rd December

99.5mm of rain - December certainly started off with a splash ! - nearly a month's rainfall in the first 3 days. The average for December is 116mm with a high of 206mm in 1999 and a low of 30mm in 2001 when it rained on only 4 days.

November was most notable for the number of nights we had a frost - 15 in all - very high for November, especially in our area. We also had 112.5mm of rain during the month, on 16 days so an interesting month weatherwise.

20th - 26th November

Yes, it has continued - except for a couple of frost free mornings and a couple of mm of rain - it's much as before. The wind keeps swinging back to the north or east, so it's been very cold, but the promised snow never materialised - perhaps next week!

13th - 19th November

Frost every night, no rain and mainly sunny days - very nice if you managed to keep out of the cold wind.

Although frost in November is fairly common, in the SouthWest we don't usually have a long spell of frosty weather until after Christmas. However, this looks like continuing well into next week.

6th - 12th November

Rain every day this week giving us a total of 57mm, and much lower temperatures. Getting very close to our first frost of the winter.

30th October - 5th November

66mm of rain this week. The wind has been very changeable with the strongest gusts coming from the South which is unusual, but not bad enough to cause any damage. It looks likely that it will continue showery well into next week.


Well, October has certainly brought a change, with rain on 18 days giving a total of 178mm - well above average. Also, it's been the first month this year with more than 100mm, but it was badly needed so we should not complain. and I hope the next couple of months do as well.

The average for November is 118mm with a high of 217.5mm in 2002 when it rained on 24 days and a low of 65mm in 2001 when it rained on 12 days. I hope its more like 2002 as we still need a lot more rain to replenish the reserves.

23rd - 29th October

45.5mm - so another good week rainwise, and the sun is still warm when it does shine.

The wind came from the South for several days this week which helped to keep the temperature up, but I have now emptied the summer tubs and got all the plants I want to keep under cover, as things could change very quickly.

At the moment there is too much cloud cover for temperatures to drop towards freezing just yet!

16th - 22nd October

That's more like it, rain on 6 days out of seven - 67mm in all, and the likelihood of more in the coming weeks.

Clocks go back next weekend giving us lighter mornings for a while, but after 3 or 4 weeks it won't be noticeable and we'll have to wait for early spring for light mornings again.

9th - 15th October

41mm of rain on 4 days, a reasonable amount - but we are half way through the month and the rain we are getting so far is not even going to match the average. We really need it to be well above if we are to avoid shortages in the future.

A lovely day on Saturday, although the easterly wind was quite chilly.

2nd - 8th October

7mm of rain - all on Saturday. Otherwise a dry week, although very overcast, at times almost drizzling on a couple of days. Still mild during the day, but dropping quite low (4ºC or 5ºC) at night.

25th September - 1st October

When I said last week, that it would turn wet and cold sooner or later, I didn't expect it quite so soon!

Rain on 6 days this week - 38.5mm in all and a noticeable drop in temperature.
Strong wind also towards the end of the week and hail on Saturday afternoon.

Total rainfall in September was 74mm, and nearly half of this fell in the last week.
We had rain on 12 days throughout the month.

October average is 126mm as this is one of our wet months and the start of the 6 month period when rainfall should outstrip our water use, and we start to build up reserves for next year.

18th - 24th September

Only 13mm of rain this week, so still watering tubs & pots. It's going to come as a nasty shock when the weather does turn nasty and cold, as it surely will sooner or later!

11th - 17th September

19mm of rain on 3 days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Also a couple of very chilly days with the wind from the North, temperatures down to 2ºC early on Wednesday morning but no frost so far.

It would be unusual for us to have a frost before mid-October and we don't usually have a really cold spell before late December.

4th - 10th September

6mm of rain this week with the weather gradually becoming more unsettled as the week progressed. Some rumbles of thunder, but once again we have missed both the storms and the heavy rain some parts of the country have experienced

28th August - 3rd September

Well, we had a not very impressive 4mm of rain this week during the thunderstorm on Wednesday. Other places had a lot more than us, according to those who were out and about in the area.

Otherwise much as before, one chilly night when temperatures went down to 6
ºC, the daytime temperature touching 30ºC a couple of times.

Total rain for August was 58.5mm exactly the same as July (that doesn't happen very often- the last time was in November/December 1998) so well below the average for August.

The average for September is 85mm, but the last 3 years we have had low rainfall. The lowest over the last 10 years was 20.5 in 2003 and the highest 182mm in 2000 when it rained for 18 days and was very bleak and cold. Hopefully we will have a better month this year.

21st - 27th August

Certainly a change, some rain on 5 days out of seven this week. Mainly showers, except Wednesday when it rained for several hours giving us a total this week of 33.5mm.

Getting brighter towards the end of the week so we may be lucky and have a fairly dry and sunny bank holiday.

Noticeably cooler now in the evenings as we move towards September and a very heavy dew at night. Bristol Water's reservoirs are at 56% now, so enough water in our area, but we still need to be careful.

14th - 20th August

Once again only a little rain, 5mm on one day, otherwise dry and warm. Getting a bit boring really, difficult to find anything to say, bad weather is so much more interesting.

Priddy sheep fair on Wednesday, and when I lived at Charterhouse we always said - "Rain after Priddy fair was the first rain of winter" ! and I think a change is coming.

7th - 13th August
Only rain on one day 10mm on the 13th, otherwise a dry warm week with very light winds. Next week starting dry and hot so the bit of rain we had will quickly disappear.

31st July - 6th August
Only 6mm of rain this week, so it's out with the watering can again. Quite a lot of cloud at times and not as hot as it was in mid July. Saturday was a poor day with rain threatening most of the day but only a few odd spots.

July total rainfall was 58.5mm close to the average for the month, but we are suffering now for the low rainfall of January, February and March. This is the first year since 1996 that monthly totals have been under 100mm, but in ' 96 the total up to the end of July was 75mmm less than this year.

The average for August is 100mm ranging from a low of 9mm in ' 95 to a high of 179mm in' 97, which was an interesting month as all that rain fell on 8 days.

August last year was very unsettled whereas in 2003 we had long spells of fine weather. I always feel August is an unreliable month, and if I am planning a day out I always have a wet and a dry venue and decide on the day.

24th - 30th July
31mm of rain this week and quite a change in the weather, only 2 dry days with a lot of cloud and much cooler.
The best day was Tuesday , slightly overcast but still a fairly warm and pleasant day for the Garden Club outing, - once again they managed to pick the right day.
Next week still looks unsettled and again other areas are having much more rain than us.

17th - 23rd July
I started the week expecting some rain, but the 3mm we had on Monday wasn't enough to make a difference and I spent the rest of the week with a watering can in my hand.
I was in Wells on the 20th and it rained all the time I was there, but not here. A really nice week with plenty of sunshine until Saturday, when we had 6mm giving 9mm in total for the week, but I expect a change for next week.

10th - 16th July
What a lovely week - no rain and the temperature going over 30ºC in our garden several times. Slightly cooler towards the end of the week, especially at night, which, I know, will please many people.

It should continue fair well into next week and probably won't start to break up until the weekend, if then - just when the children start their summer holidays !

3rd - 9th July
12.5mm of rain early in the week, and cool to start with, but warming as the week progressed towards a lovely, warm Saturday for the fete, with the promise of fime weather next week.

26th June - 2nd July
This week's rainfall was 19mm.

75.5mm of rain took us over the average for the month. In fact, taken overall, June was a good month for us all. Some really nice days and enough rain to keep things growing, a bit of thunder to liven things up, but nothing in excess.

The July rainfall average is 59.5 with a low of 11mm in 1999 when it only rained for 3 days, to a high of 119.5 in 2001 when it rained on 14 days including 2 days of over 25mm.

19th - 25th June
5 of the hottest days we will probably see this year, followed by the usual thunder storm with some heavy rain. Only 23mm for us, so we were luckier than those who had floods, but the storm was unusually long. I heard the first rumblings at around 4.30am and we were still getting the odd rumble at lunch time. Saturday was dry, just some very light drizzle an the morning but much cooler. I was wearing my raincoat most of the afternoon to keep warm. Some sunshine would have been nice for all those on the garden trail !

12th - 18th June
13mm of rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then things started to warm up.
By Saturday p.m the temperature in our garden was over 90
ºF and everyone I met said "isn't it hot"! We never seem to be satisfied with the weather, it's either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry or too windy. (I'd like some rain just to be really unpopular!)

5th - 11th June
Light, almost continuous rain on Sunday through to Monday 15mm in all, then dry until Saturday, when, after a day of unbroken cloud, it finally started raining at about 10.30pm giving us a total of 19mm in all.

The rest of the time it was warm with sunny days and light winds and fairly warm evenings, although I found I needed a sweater by about 9 o'clock.

The longest day falls this month but our warmest weather is usually after the 21st as the sea around us gradually warms up, but we should have some nice warm days although, cooler in the evenings.

29th May - 4th June
Only 7.5mm of rain this week, on 2 days - the 1st and 2nd of June.

Total rainfall for May was 61.5mm so another below average month. Although it wasn't especially warm, we did have one very hot day and two 7 days spells of continuous dry weather, one in the middle and one at the end of the month.

June average rainfall is 64mm with a high of 163mm in 1998 and a low of 4mm in 1995 - our dry summer!

22nd - 28th May
Another 3 days of rain at the start of the week, totalling 15.5mm, but dry from Wednesday on.

The warmest day was Friday with temperatures climbing to the high 70's. A bit cooler on Saturday with a stiff breeze but still a nice day for the start of the holiday weekend.

15th - 21st May
42mm of rain on 6 days out of 7, a real change. The wind has gone round to the SouthWest and it feels a lot warmer. Our gardens will appreciate the rain even if we don't.

Now is the time to start getting our hardy plants outside and there is no need to water every day. Its well worth mulching if you can to keep as much moisture in as possible.
I find gravel works very well in tubs and it also discourages vine weevil.

8th - 14th May
No rain at all this week but still a cold wind, with plenty of sunshine. Exceptionally cold on Saturday, especially early in the day.

Really the weather hasn't changed much over the last 2 or 3 weeks. Every time I think the wind has gone round to the South/West it swings back to the North/East, so I don't think we'll have any change yet.

1st - 7th May
12mm of rain this week and plenty of sunshine, but a cold wind especially towards the weekend, so not feeling very warm.

Almost a frost on Saturday night as the temperature dropped to zero briefly, but it soon went up as the sun rose.

24th - 30th April
15mm of rain on 4 days this week, giving us a total of 90.5mm for April - quite a good growing month on the whole in spite of the cold wind we had at times. Rainfall slightly above the April average of 87mm.

The average for May is 77mm with a high of 130mm and a low of 35mm. In May we need 75 - 85mm of rain spread through the month to keep our plants happy, so use plenty of mulch to keep in as much moisture as possible in the soil and try not to let things wilt !

17th - 23rd April
A wet week with 54mm of rain on 6 days, the wettest week for months. But also quite mild, good growing weather with some nice sunny spells and light winds.

More of the same next week probably, but don't be lulled into planting out half hardy plants, we could still have a frost or two if we have clear skies at night coupled with no wind.!

10th - 16th April
Only 6.5mm of rain, although at times the amount of cloud threatened more. It was mostly showers which missed us. Not particularly warm either, unless you were well sheltered from the wind especially towards the end of the week.

Again a fine day on Saturday but a frost in the night took the temperature down to -1.6
ºC !

3rd - 9th April
15mm of rain. Again the latter part of the week was the warmest and driest. Saturday again our best day, really lovely and warm with only a light breeze. We seem to be having typical April weather.

27th March - 2nd April
The 32mm of rain we had on Tuesday doubled our March total, giving us 64mm in all. Still not very good for March, our last month to top up for the coming summer.

This has been the 3rd driest 6 month period in the last 13 years, only 1995-96 and 1996-97 were slightly drier by a few mm.

April rainfall: the highest was in 2000 when we had 183mm on 17 days, compared to 16mm on 3 days in 1997.

20th - 26th March
16mm total rainfall this week, some on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, brightening as the week progressed. A lovely day on Friday and Saturday and, after a slow start on Saturday, the warmest day this year - with very light winds as well. [Hooray - Ed]

13th - 19th March
Monday was cold and overcast, but on Tuesday it warmed up and the rest of the week was much warmer, with 5mm of rain on Wednesday.

The wind has gone back to the South west and by the end of the week it was really Spring-like, with Saturday a lovely day once the fog had lifted.

6th - 12th March
No rain and slightly warmer, but still a cold wind. Some good sunny spells at times especially on Saturday. If you managed to get out of the wind, the sun was really warm. So hopefully the weather is improving and next week will be even better.

27th February - 5th March
Very much the same as the last couple of weeks, frost at night and a cold wind during the day. 1st of March gave a change with 8mm of rain but the frost returned and also some sleet and snow showers. 11mm of rain in total.

February was a fairly dry month with 58mm, well below average and again, following 2004, a long, cold spell with frost at night and very cold days.

Average rainfall for March is 69mm with a high of 138.5 in 2001 and a low of 25 in 1997. March often starts cold as it has again this year followed by a wet spell mid month, but it usually ends with a week or so of dry weather and frost is rare by the end of the month.

20th - 26th February
Very much the same as last week, plus some snow flurries, which came to nothing and a bit of drizzle - 3mm in all. Frosts most nights but not too severe.

The worst thing has been the very cold wind which made it feel much colder than it really was. Very much the same as the latter half of February last year, when the cold weather continued into the beginning of March and didn't change until the 3rd !!

13th - 19th February
Only 1.5mm of rain, a dry cold week with very cold winds from the North and East. Slight frost on most mornings, the lowest in our garden -4.8ºC . Some sunshine which felt quite warm as long as you were sheltered from the wind.

I don't expect much change in the weather until the wind goes back to the Southwest.

6th - 12th February
Rain on 5 days out of 7 this week, 40mm altogether.

No frost, although the wind made it feel a bit chilly, especially on Saturday.But with so many bulbs flowering now, and it gradually getting lighter in the evening, spring is hopefully on the way.

30th January - 5th February
Another uneventful week really, 13mm of rain falling mainly on Saturday when it rained all day. Very slight frost on a couple of mornings, but not enough to be a problem.

Total rainfall for January was 83.5mm, about 30mm below average for our area, this follows a below average November and December.

The average for February is 88mm with a high of 155mm in 2002 and a low of 11mm in 1998. February 2004 was very cold from the 15th through to the 3rd of March. We had a frost every night and all day as well sometimes. Snow fell on the 26th making it our coldest month for a long time.

Conversely in '95 it rained nearly every day and we had no frost at all. February used to be our wettest month, hence the old saying - "February fills the dykes", but over the last few years it has been our driest month.

23rd - 29th January
Well, we seem to have reached the end of January without any severe weather, although the North of England and Scotland haven't been so lucky. Only 3mm of rain, some early morning frosts following cloud free nights, otherwise fairly pleasant for January.

16th - 22nd January
34mm of rain on 3 days with 15mm on Saturday, giving us a miserable day. Otherwise much as before - some frosty mornings but nothing exceptional - typical January weather.

A cold wind midweek made it feel colder than it was, especially on Tuesday.
9th - 15th January
30mm of rain this week, but only on 3 days - with a lovely sunny day midweek. A slight frost on a couple of mornings, but not too severe and no high winds for us, just a stiff breeze early in the week.

2nd - 8th January
Only 16.5mm, but it rained on 6 days out of 7. Very strong winds on Friday night through to
Saturday, although I haven't heard of any damage yet. A lot of twigs and leaves and rubbish on roads and paths.

We fared much better than some parts of the country where they have had serious flooding. Capel Curig in North Wales had 134mm on Friday, the heaviest rainfall in Britain.

26th December, 2004 - 1st January, 2005
15mm of rain for the last week of the year. Giving us a total for December of 102mm, just slightly below average for the month.


Total rain for the year 1153.5mm, slightly above average for the last 10 years.

Not particularly memorable weatherise, certainly the summer could have been better and we waited in vain for a nice spell in the Autumn but after a fairly wet August, we had a wet September and October. So autumn colour was not very good compared with 2003.

17 nights with temperatures below freezing in February-March meant we had a really cold spell, but it was dry with a little snow on the 26th .No really severe weather of any sort this year. The wettest day was the 7th July with 32mm. The longest dry spell was in February and the longest spell of daily rain was in October when it rained on 12 consecutive days.

So here we are again with another year of weather to look forward to, and whatever we get, we will never all be happy with it. It will always be too dry, too wet, too hot, too cold, too windy or too still for someone, but don’t forget, although it may be getting lighter we always have our coldest weather in January/February so be ready for it. [You have been warned ! - Ed]