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Meteorological Report

Former parish councillor, and meteorological enthusiast, Dawn Judd kindly provides us with
a weekly met. report based on readings she takes daily at her home at 8.30am for the rainfall.

Review of 2016 January February March April May June July August September October November

9th - 15th April 2017

A dry week with fairly good temperature for the time of the year - up towards 20°C a couple of times - but still cold at night, as low as 2°C just before sunrise, but soon getting warmer in the early sunshine. The wind still kept the temperature down sometimes.

Time to go up over Wrington Hill to see the bluebells, a stunning sight as ever, a yearly treat for us all. It reminds me how lucky we are.

2nd - 8th April
The only rain this week was on the 3rd - and that was just 1.5 mm - otherwise the weather was much as before, plenty of sunshine but the wind still causing a bit of a problem, unless you can find a sheltered spot.

Perhaps we are expecting it to be warmer than it
usually is in early April. All this sunshine is giving us a false impression that it's summer. Its' still only early April, we must have patience.
26th March - 1st April
16.5 mm of rain in the last week of March, giving us a total for the month of 95.5, which is slightly above the average for March. We only had 1 prolonged spell of rain, otherwise a lot of showers, which we usually think of as April weather. The temperature was very variable, decided by how strong the wind was and the direction it was coming from.

The weather for April can also be very variable,.so here are the averages: the average rain over the last 10 years was 63 mm and over the last 20 years 77 mm; the wettest April was in 2012 with rain on 24 days - 218.5 - that started a long spell of above average rainfall, which went on right through the year, giving us one of the wettest years we have had.

The driest April was 2011 (the year before) when we had rain on 3 days just 15 mm in total. N
ow we have gone to summer time, all the early risers are getting up in the dark again - not for long I hope!.

19th - 25th March

Quite a change this week with 39 mm of rain, and we had to wait until Friday for a dry day - when we had some sunshine by the afternoon and Saturday was a lovely Spring day.

Most of the rain we had this week was through Wednesday night into Thursday morning - 28 mm - causing the field by the river to turn into a lake and the river to just top its bank. This was the first time this has happened for months but it was soon gone, so no harm done.

12th - 18th March
We had even less rain this week, only 6 mm and not very warm. The temperature went down to 2°C on a couple of mornings,and we got to Wednesday before we had much sunshine. Thursday was dry but the very cold

wind from the North East did not encourage loitering outside , much the same on Friday with a couple of light showers, and no better on Saturday as the wind got much stronger and again the odd shower.

5th - 11th March
Once again a fairly dry week - plenty of clouds but only 17 mm of rain altogether, which was spread over 5 days. We had to wait until Thursday until we had a warmer day, as earlier in the week the temperature was still low in the mornings: 1.4°C on Monday and 1.6°C on Tuesday. By Thursday the temperature managed to climb to double figures, and the rest of the week was fairly good as well.
26th February - 4th March
We had 27 mm of rain in the past week, spread over 6 days. The total for February was 51 mm, so another below average month, which leads me to think we will have a catch up with the rain at some point. I hope it picks a convenient time.

The average rainfall for March is, over 10 years 68 mm, and over 20 is 70 mm. The wettest March so far was
2008 with 154 mm and it rained on 16 days including one day with 51 mm. The driest March was 1997 with only 25 mm.

The wind is also a problem at this time of the year but it is a while since we had severe gales in March. The old rhyme March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers never seems to be right these days.

19th - 25th February
Another mainly dry week with only 8 mm of rain. This was mostly drizzle so that, in spite of it being so dry, once again we had a lot of very low cloud.

The promised Doris arrived finally, but but not a lot of damage around our area - the odd tree and some branches and a lot twigs and rubbish on the roads, but I dont think that any property was damaged or that there were any accidents locally, at least I haven't heard of any.

We have now had 3 dry months in succession at a time of the year when we usually have plenty of rain - sometimes more than we need or want. This probably means that we will have wet a spell when it is least needed or wanted.

12th - 18th February
Having started cold and windy it got warmer as we went through the week ending milder than usual for mid-February . Only 5 mm of rain, so still drier than usual as well. February has not always been so obliging weather wise. In 1962 a windstorm decimated Sheffield, which was still repairing bomb damage, with winds over 80 miles an hour. 100,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

On the 16 Feb 1929, 6 feet of snow fell on the south east fringes of Dartmoor in 15 hours with no drifting, it fell according to watchers as if it was being shovelled from a container.

Farther back in February 1895 an exceptionally cold spell, lasting at least 6 weeks froze lake Windermere . Special trains and buses brought thousands from all the towns in the North of England to skate , it was estimated that 10,000 people skated on February 17th, when an Ice Carnival was held. It must have been an amazing sight.

5th - 11th February
A cold week with the temperature remaining low night and day. The best day was Tuesday when we had some sunshine , otherwise it was mainly cloudy and very cold with the wind coming from the North and East all week. We only had 11.5 mm of rain but no measurable amounts of snow. It looked very likely several times but we were lucky or unlucky depending how much you like snow.
29th January - 4th February
A wet start to this week with rain for most of the day on Sunday, and more on Monday. Drier on Tuesday but still very dull and cloudy. Yet still more rain on Wednesday and Friday, and a light frost early on Saturday - 38 mm of rain for the week. In spite of the last week January was a dry month, but much colder than we have had for a few years so hopefully less garden pests this year. Last summer they much worse than we've had for a long while - especially slugs and snails.

February averages are over 10 years 85 mm and over 20 years 85.5 mm, so not much difference there; the wettest February was 2007 155.5 mm and rain on 21 days and the driest was 1998 when we had 11 mm and it rained once. At least it's a short month and soon over - followed by March, which by my book, is Spring.

22nd - 28th January
Once again the week started very cold with heavy frosts, temperature down to -5.1°C on Tuesday morning ; but as the week progressed it got slightly warmer. The temperature hovered around zero and we had some more fog and a light frost.

By the end of the week
we were back to rain with 2 mm on Friday and 11 mm on Saturday, and more promised for the weekend and into next week. Perhaps the new moon we had on Saturday night will herald a change in the weather as the gulf stream has moved again.
15th - 21st January
Cold, overcast and gloomy for the early part of the week, with some patchy fog in the mornings and evenings. However, we only had 2 mm of rain. A change towards the weekend though - a very hard frost on Friday and Saturday mornings, down to -3.4°C on Friday morning and - 5.3°C on Saturday. So, very cold, but at least the cloud lifted a bit and we had some sunshine for a while.
8th - 14th January
Only 11 mm of rain this week, which mainly fell on Thursday, but the start of the week was very damp and overcast with fog at times.This didn't improve until Friday when it was very cold, made worse with a very cold wind. The temperature hovered just above zero most of Friday and into Saturday.

Once again we fared much better than other parts of the
country as many had frozen roads and snow to contend with, fun no doubt for children but not too good if you are trying to get to work.
1st - 7th January

Rain to start and end the first week of the year - 15.5 mm - otherwise some fairly hard frosts with the temperature down to, -3.8°C on Monday and Tuesday morning, slightly less cold on Thursday. Strangely no frost at all on Wednesday, the weather always surprises me.

I see we have been promised some very severe weather towards the end of the coming week.

More haste led me to leave off last week"s January averages, Average rainfall for January is over 10 years 123 mm and over 20 years 122 mm, the wettest January so far is 2014, with 206 mm 26 wet days and the dryest was 1997 with only 12 mm and it rained on two days.

Review of 2016
We ended 2016 with the driest December for at least 29 years. We only had 15mm of rain , we had plenty of fog and low cloud, but no more measurable rain.

The total rain for 2016 was 969.5 mm - slightly below average. The wettest month in volume was November, although it only rained on 13 days. In January it rained on 22 days - 112 mm - but it meant that last January we had very little frost because of the mild wet weather.

The longest dry spell was in August when we had 14 consecutive fine days,
followed by a 13 day spell in October. For the wettest day in 2016 we have to go to June when we 52 mm on the 15th.

I feel the last 12 months have been fairly average for the South West as far as the weather is concerned. Everyone has probably had a moan about too wet, too dry cold, hot, windy etc, but it really hasn't been that bad and we will at least do as well this year hopefully - even a bit better