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Meteorological Report

Former parish councillor, and meteorological enthusiast, Dawn Judd kindly provides us with
a weekly met. report based on readings she takes daily at her home at 8.30am for the rainfall.

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Happy New Year - Review of 2015

The total rainfall for the year 2015 is 1032mm which is about average for our area. The longest dry spell was in April which was also our driest month. The most rain in one day was in February with 35mm, but the wettest month was December, which was also the only month to go well above the average for the month.

The temperature went below freezing in both January and February, but again there was nothing exceptional. The only snow was a shower at the end of January, soon gone.

In fact , the weather over the last year in our part of the world can only be described as average really, but when I look at what terrible weather events were happening to other people - average looks pretty good to me .

27th December 2015 - 3rd January 2016

54mm of rain in the last week of 2015/ start of 2016 with rain on 6 days. this gives a total for December of 146mm. Taking us well above the December average, but nothing like the amounts which have fallen in northern England over the last few weeks.

20th - 26th December
With 52mm, and rain every day, this was the wettest week for quite a while.The torrential downpour as we set off for church on Christmas morning was especially unfortunate, but at least it wasn't cold as well. I suppose it could have been worse.

I can't think of anything nice to say about the whole week, except that we've now passed the shortest day, so, slowly the days will lengthen and there may be a change in the weather. It would be nice to have a rest from all the dismal grey days we've been having lately

13th - 19th December
Rainfall even less this week, only 19mm. I suppose we'll have a deluge sooner or later to catch up.

The rainfall has been slightly below average every month this year, but not enough to be a problem so far. Still fairly mild for the time of the year, but I expect it to get colder now we have passed the shortest day.

Rain for Christmas day is 50/50 and according to the forecast it could be quite windy.

Happy Christmas for Friday.

6th - 12th December
Only 29mm of rain this week, but it still managed to rain on 6 days out of 7. I think we would all like a change now - some bright sunshine would be nice. It never seems to get very light on these dreary, cloudy days.

29th November - 5th December

While we are now in a different month, the weather continues as before - mild and damp - but no large amount of rain for our area. We have had some strong winds, but no damage to my knowledge. I think the best description of our weather over the last 3 or 4 months is uneventful.

The total rainfall for November was 96 mm, a very slight frost on a couple of mornings but not enough to cut down our dahlias.

The average rainfall for December, over 10 years is 115 mm, and over 20 years is 125 mm. The wettest December was 1999 with 206 mm, when it rained on 19 days, closely followed by 2012 with 204 mm, but it did rain on 19 consecutive days - 22 days rain in all.

The driest December was 2010 with only 22 mm over 3 days, not very warm though as we had a frost on 23 days and snow on the 12th.

As it's been so mild perhaps we"ll have another mild winter like last year but that could mean a lot of rain to come in our area.
I don't know what has happened to the severe weather the long range forecast promised us.

22nd - 28th November
A slight frost, early on the 22nd, but it was soon gone. It remained quite chilly for the rest of the day and on into Monday, but by Tuesday am, it was overcast and damp again. This followed on for the rest of the week. The total rain was 16 mm.
15th - 21st November
18.5mm of rain spread over 4 days. Very strong winds to start the week which then ended with frost. The usual changeable British weather which we know and love (what would we all talk about without it )!
8th - 14th November
The weather shows no real change so far this month, 31mm of rain and still very mild for November, this is our 3rd month of damp mild weather.

I've just checked back in the records and a spell of damp mild weather through September, October and November is not unusual, - it is often followed by a spell of cold weather in December!

1st - 7th November
24.5 mm of rain in the last week, but it is still very mild for November. Quite a bit of fog, mist, low cloud, and drizzle, though.
I would prefer it to be a bit brighter and colder myself - I find all this gloom a bit depressing. I”m already l
ooking forward to getting passed the shortest day, quite a long way to go yet.
25th - 31st October
19 mm of rain this week spread over 4 days, giving a total for October of 66 mm which is well below average for this month. We have also had some fog, but again not as bad here as in other parts of the country. Still very mild for late October.

The average rainfall for November is 141 mm over 10 years and 130 mm over 20 years. The wettest was 2012 with 258 mm , a very wet year as many no doubt still remember. The driest was 2001 with 65 mm.

The only snow recorded over the last 20 years during this month was 1 snow shower in 2012 on the 4th which was soon gone. Even frost is unusual here during November, just a few frosty nights in 2005 and 2010.

I am afraid the most usual weather event during November in our area is rain followed by more rain. Sorry!

18th - 24th October
Quite a change this week, with some rain on 5 days totalling 33 mm. It's the first rain we've had for a couple of weeks, a big change from previous Octobers when it rained almost continuously.

It hasn't been very cold yet either, but with the darker nights it seems like winter anyway.
11th - 17th October
There was no rain this week a bit of light drizzle only, quite a bit of cloud about at times but there was some sunshine most days even if it was only an hour or two in the mid to late afternoon. Much colder at night, going down to freezing once or twice, though not cold enough to cut down the dahlias. A light frost on a couple of mornings but it didn't last long.

Next weekend the clock goes back so we will really feel its winter. I dont like this time of the year very much - I will be looking forward to the shortest day but that is still a long way off, so I will have a long wait.

11th - 17th October

No measurable rain here in the last week as the weather continues unchanged. Really quite a bit of cloud about, but we've had some sunshine most days by the afternoon.

4th - 10th October

14mm of rain this week mostly on Monday otherwise usual mix, cloudy with odd sunny bits later. Getting colder in the evenings though, and noticeably darker.

27th September - 3rd October
September finished on a high, with fine dry weather all week. Sunday 27th was one of the best days of the year with sunshine all day until sunset.We went to Lyme Regis and had a fantastic day along with many others . The beaches were packed as was everywhere else, but we managed to have a nice walk and lunch. A nice break before winter!

The fine weather continued throughout the week,there was a bit of early fog which disapeared very quickly giving a succession of fine days.

We had 67.5mm of rain, so slightly below average as it has been a number of times this year.
The averages for October are 128mm over 10 years and 122mm over 20 years, with rain on 25 days. The driest year was 1995 with 62mm.

20th - 26th September
Another fairly mixed week weather-wise. We have had the odd shower on most days, but we”ve also had long spells of sunshine and it's been mild during the day but a bit chilly at night. Total rain for the week was 23.5mm .

Once again we are supposed to
have a dry sunny week-end and on into next week. With October starting on Thursday, every fine day is a bonus now .
13th - 19th September
A fairly typical Autumn week with some rain on most days, but mainly on Sunday night and Monday during the day; otherwise showers with broken cloud and sunshine in between - 35mm in all.

We have also had fog on several mornings but it was soon gone in the sunshine and we had some lovely weather on Saturday with sunshine all day and the temperature climbing into the low 20°Cs. However, winter is getting ever closer and the days are getting noticeable shorter now - time to start planting our Spring bulbs!

6th - 12th September
The week started well, but ended with drizzle and showers on Friday and Saturday. Nevertheless, only 5mm of rain, so quite a good week for September. I have noticed that it is getting colder at night now as low as 6°C, and it soon gets dark, especially when it's cloudy, we”ll soon need the heating on again.
30th August - 5th September
Total rainfall last month was 135.5, with some rain on 15 days, but on 4 of those days it was only a light shower, so not too bad a month really. It could have been a bit sunnier though. In the past we have had some terrible weather in August. I think this year it was fairly average.

So on to September, doesn't time fly by - I”ve just dumped a load of catalogues etc in the paper box so Christmas is nearly In sight. This is supposed to be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - we will see.

The average rainfall for this month is, over 10 years is 75mm and over 20 years 80mm the wettest September was 2000 with 182mm rain on 17 days, and the driest was last 2014 with 9.5 mm spread very thinly over 6 days, so hopefully we will have a pleasant warm Autumnal month. Not much of note on the calendar this month only the Autumn equinox on the 23rd and Michaelmas on the 29th.

23rd - 29th August
Following a very wet end to last week, we started this week with 28 mm of rain on Sunday 23rd, so we had 58mm over the weekend, which tested the work only just completed to control the flooding problems we”ve had in the past - successfully I hope.

The weather has remained showery
throughout the week giving us some rain on five days out of seven a total for the week of 48mm. There seems little chance of us having any settled fine sunny weather in the near future, but we might get the odd day or two.
16th - 22nd August
Total rainfall was 44mm, with rain on 3 days. Wednesday was showery all day, on Thursday a couple of light showers and, of course, some rather spectacular weather on Saturday, when we had some of the heaviest rain I can remember - a total of 30mm in a 24 hour period.

The amount was not that exceptional, i
f we'd had steady rain over a long period, but this fell as short showers with a great deal of force after what had been a very pleasant warm day. It continued through the evening and into the night with the rain still falling when we awoke.
9th - 15th August
Once again the weather was better than the forecast as far as rainfall was concerned as we only had 29.5 mm for the week, with 22mm on the 13th/ 14th when the forecast was predicting heavy rain with possible flooding, but it missed us and fell farther East. At least it gave the garden a good watering and filled up the water butts.

I have noticed that
the forecast is usually worse than the weather we actually get now, but I hope it's not a case of crying wolf and we end up ignoring it when we need to be aware of what may be coming weather wise.
2nd - 8th August
Another lovely week with plenty of warm, sunny weather, some cloud at times, especially on Wednesday when we were promised rain by the forecasters. In fact, we only had 1.5mm late in the day, not enough to be useful really, so we need to carry on watering our tubs etc if we want them to keep looking good as, once they get really dry and wilting, they will tend to go to seed and won't last well into September; a feed won't do any harm either.
26 July - 1st August
28.5mm of rain this week, mainly during the night of Sunday the 26th, with showers on the following three days; a slight drop in the temperature as well, but it warmed up again towards the weekend.

The total rainfall for July was 101.5mm - about average - and so was the temperature. We’ve had the odd cold, windy day but mainly its been warm in the low to mid20s°C, even during cloudy spells; not like June, of course, that was exceptionally warm. I don't think that will happen often but it was nice while it lasted - although I know some found much to hot.

On to August with average rainfall over 10 years 110mm and over 20 years 102mm. The driest August was 1995 with only 9 mm and the wettest was 1997 with179mm. Much worse, in my opinion, was 2008 when we had 175mm, but it was spread over 27 days. We don't want that again do we ! August is quite often very changeable, but hopefully it won't be too wet this year, and we will still have plenty of sunshine.

19th - 25th July
Quite a change this week - the temperature was much lower and we”ve had 43.5 mm of rain through the week with 29mm on Friday when it rained all day. We had a lovely sunny day on Saturday, though it wasn't as warm, and we had a blustery wind.

It does look as if the weather is changing as we go
into August which is not unusual. August weather is rarely as good as June
and July . I see in the paper we are supposed to have a wet day again on Sunday - I hope it doesn't continue through the week.
12th - 18th July
The weather is again much as it has been for several weeks - very light showers, except on the 12th when we had 8mm and another 3mm as light showers through the week giving us 11mm in total.

I have noticed that we are now beginning to see some leaf drop from trees in the garden which suggests that the subsoil is beginning to dry out and the deciduous trees protecting themselves by losing some leaves. The trees that will suffer most in the long term are conifers in the garden which are usually more shallow rooted, damage to them will probably not show up until next spring when you may suddenly realise that one has died, as has happened to us several times.

Temperature continues to reach the mid 20°Cs by the early afternoon and with the holiday season at its peak long may it continue.

5th - 11th July
Once again very little rain here, although we had showers on 5 days out of 7, they only added up to 13mm, so we still need to carry on with the watering.

It has been an exceptional year for roses in our garden but
because it”s been so hot and dry the flowers are no sooner out than
they are over. I don't think roses really like it when it is very hot, but I”m sure that, with usual changeable weather we have, it will soon be damp and cold as usual.
28th June - 4th July
We had rain on only two days this week, 10mm in all, taking our total for the month to 40.5mm, so another month with below average rainfall.

The last week has produced some of the highest temperatures we”ve had for a long while. The temperature on Tuesday was 31.4°C and 29.6°C on Tuesday. It remained high through the rest of the week. These measurements are taken in an area of permanent shade, so should be fairly accurate; long may it continue.

July average rainfall over 10 years is 114mm and over 20 years 95mm. The wettest July was 2007 218mm when rain fell on 25 days. The driest July was 1999 with 11mm. These averages are high because of occasional exceptional amounts of rain in July - three times over 200mm in the last ten years alone, and quite often over 100mm - so it all adds up. Hopefully this year will be a good July - weatherwise at least.

21st - 27th June
Rain on the 21st, 7mm, and I did think 'here we go - the end of our fine weather', but Monday was fine and dry and so the week continued. We did have variable amounts of cloud most days, and we had some light rain towards the weekend, but Saturday was fine, dry, and hot for the garden open day, which from what I saw was very well attended and the gardens I saw looked magnificent. So much hard work to get them as near perfect as possible on the right day, as plants don't always cooperate, as I know only too well.
14th - 20th June
No measurable rain this week - there was a little light drizzle but not enough fell here to measure. Although I know other areas nearby have had quite heavy showers, none for us this time. Plenty of sunshine and we are still getting a strong breeze at times. The garden open day is nearly with us so I hope the weather stays good for a while longer.
7th - 13th June
Another almost dry week. The only rain was on Friday and Saturday -12mm in all - so not as much as some gardeners and farmers would have liked, and with the open gardens approaching, it's difficult to keep everything fresh and growing without plants going to seed too early and spoiling the display.

I”ve noticed
that the roses are all looking very promising already so we don”t want strong winds or very heavy rain during the next couple of weeks, or exceptionally high temperatures which will bring flowers out earlier than normal.

I”m not too sure what is normal where the weather is concerned nowadays - it seems more unpredictable than ever.

31st May - 6th June
May ended with 2mm of rain giving a total of 67.5 mm for the month. Looking back over May the most notable feature has been the wind - often chilly, and usually unwelcome ,by me anyway. It does lower the temperature especially in the evenings.

Now we are into June, I”m
hoping for more warm evenings But June didn't start too well, did it, with a cold drizzly day that felt like Autumn, though it got better through the week.

The average rainfall for June is over 10 years is 81mm and over 20 years 75mm, the wettest June was 2012 when it rained on 22 days with a total of 218mm and the driest was 1995 when it rained on 1 day with 4 mm, 1995 was an exceptionally dry summer from April to the end of August we only had 122mm in 5 months so you can have too much of a good thing, as it was water shortages led to bans on using hoses, washing cars filling paddling pools for children, any non-essential use of water carried a threat of prosecution, and we were much better of for water than others. The east of England was in danger of running out of water all together. The rain in September was very welcome but it took a long while for every thing to return to normal.

17th - 24th May
The week started cool with showers and still the ever present cold breeze. The total rainfall for the week was only 11mm as it was mainly showers - no prolonged rain, which we could do with now as it's getting very dry. This may mean we get a lot more rain later in the year when it won't be so welcome. The weather usually evens up over the longer term.
10th - 16th May
We had lovely warm and sunny weather until Wednesday evening - the temperature on Wednesday afternoon 19.3°C in a shaded area of our garden. Big change on Thursday morning cold and wet 15mm of rain and the temperature didn't even make double figures. I know we need some rain but I wish it had been a bit warmer.

Dry for the rest
of the week but the cold wind is back again keeping the temperature down so it wasn't as pleasant as Wednesday.
3rd - 9th May
Yet another mainly dry week - some rain Sunday and Monday, 17.5mm, but none since, and again plenty of sunshine, but a chilly and sometimes very gusty wind keeping the temperature down.

I am a bit worried about how dry it has been so far this Spring and I hope it doesn't mean that we have a very wet time later in the summer.

26th April - 2nd May
The rainfall for the last week was 11.5mm, with rain on three days. There was plenty of sunshine as well but the cold wind came back early in the week and on Tuesday am we had a slight frost - there was ice on the windscreen at 6.30am - but it soon melted in the sunshine.

The total rainfall for April was only 18.5 mm so a very dry Spring so far. Plenty of sunshine and quite warm as long as you were sheltered from the cold North East wind - which we had for most of the month.

May has started well, but I am expecting more rain this month. The average rainfall for May is, over 10 years 91.5, and over 20 years, 85mm. The wettest May was 156mm in 2006, and the driest was in 1990 when we only had 8.5mm; it was dryer than usual all through the year only 893mm in total.

I think May is usually our best month all the leaves are fresh and looking their best, and, by the end of the month, the roses are just beginning to come out. I expect we will have hotter weather later in the summer, but the foliage soon starts to dry up. It looks a bit dusty and loses its colour and shine, but May is a special month.

19th - 25th April
Another almost dry week - the only rain was 6mm on Saturday the 25th. The wind is still predominately coming from an Easterly direction and bringing us dry cold weather, instead of the West which usually bring us mild, moist air, but I'm sure it will change fairly soon.

The forecast for the coming week or so is not good according to my daily paper: ice, snow rain and wind from the North Pole - sounds like a fun start to May ... I don't think.

12th - 18th April
With the wind coming from the East for the last week, in spite of all the sunshine, it's been a bit chilly at times.

The only rain this week was the evening of the 16th when we had 3.5 mm. During the evening, we also had one rumble of thunder which was a surprise, as thunder is unusual in April, and I hadn't seen any lightning either.

5th - 11th April
We certainly should have no cause to complain about the weather we had over the Easter break, especially Sunday and Monday, when the temperature touched 20°C for a while. It wasn't until Thursday afternoon that the weather started to change, and by Friday it was much cooler. Saturday felt really cold after all the warm weather, but still no rain. I read in this morning’s paper the long-range forecast promises even warmer weather to come in the next few weeks, so we wait to see what happens.

29th March - 4th April

The most noticeable weather event this week was the gales, which started on Sunday and snapped the windsock pole, among other things. There was a bit of a lull on Monday morning, but the winds returned Monday night and continued right through Tuesday. It was mid-week before the weather really calmed down.

The rainfall this week was only 8.5 mm so the total for March is 54.5mm - quite low even for what is usually a fairly dry month. So we've had our March winds, we wait to see what our April showers are like.

On to April , the average rainfall this month is over 10 years 69mm and over 20 years 78mm. The driest April was 2011 with 15mm and the wettest was 2012 with 218mm.

Easter started fairly well weather wise, with slightly higher temperatures and only one shower on Friday night, in spite of it being early this year.

22nd - 28th March
With a Westerly wind back, there was a lot more cloud again this week, giving us rain on 5 days - but only 21.5 mm, half of that total was on Monday, and the rest as blustery showers through the week.

As it's getting milder - temperatures rising even into double figures by early afternoon - we have the first of our early tulips just beginning to come out, and all the daffodils are blooming now, and we don 't have too much frost.

15th - 21st March
A dry week with plenty of sunshine - at this rate we will be well below average this month. The wind is still blowing from the NE at times, which does tend to keep the temperature down but does affect the amount of rain we get. I hope we don't run out of good weather before Easter though.

Clocks go forward 1 hour Saturday night/Sunday morning. A
s usual some will be glad, others not so pleased, to have to rise an hour earlier, having just begun to enjoy getting up in daylight again.
8th - 14th March
Another fairly dry week with rain on 2 days and a bit of light drizzle - 20mm in all. Still plenty of cloud about, so others may be getting a lot more rain than us.

We have had the wind from the East for a couple
of days so it's been a bit chilly, but it's back coming from the West now, so possibly a bit warmer and damper as well.
1st - 7th March
A fairly dry week with the only rain on Sunday and Monday - 9mm in total. We still had the cold wind which we've had for awhile now, but on Friday we still had a breeze in the afternoon, although it was much warmer. Saturday was a lovely day, warm enough outside not to need a coat, and the sun shone right through until sunset, the best day of the year so far. I hope it continues into next week, so I can get on with the gardening.
22nd - 28th February
Rain fell every day this week in varying amounts from 3mm to 35mm on the 22nd, giving a total of 64.5mm for the week. It wasn't all rain, though; between the showers we had plenty of sunshine, but we still had the cold, gusty wind we”ve had for the last couple of weeks.

The total rainfall for February was 104mm - quite high really, as the first 11 days of the month were dry with overnight frosts. We have had temperatures down to zero since, as well, and still had rain during the day. The 22nd was an example of this, as at 6am the temperature was -1.9°C, but later in the morning it started raining and this continued until the late evening with 35mm in total.

On to March, the average rainfall over 10 years is 68mm and over 20 years it is the same, 68mm. The wettest March day was in 2008 with 154mm, and the driest was 25mm in March,1997. The month is supposed to be windy - but we have had quite a bit of that all ready - and changeable, which we've had also. So a bit warmer would be nice

15th - 21st February
This week the days alternated between frost and rain, the lowest temperature was -2.3°C on Tuesday morning. The rain totalled 25mm for the week, with most falling on Thursday when we had 18mm. Once again we've had very strong gusty winds, but also some sunshine as well.

It's nicer now that it is lighter in the mornings. It's really beginning to look like spring is just round the corner.(but it could be a bit warmer).

8th - 14th February

Continuing cold to start the week with frost on Sunday,Monday and Tuesday night, but by Tuesday morning the temperature had risen above freezing and we have had no further low figures. That doesn't mean we won't have another spell of very cold weather. As recently as 2013 we had a cold spell that lasted from the 22nd of March until the 7th of April!

Of course, now it has warmed up a bit we can expect some rain. We've had 15mm this week and more to come I'm sure.

1st - 7th February

The month may have changed but not the weather -, frost every night again. The lowest temperature overnight when I checked it at 6am, was Monday -2.7°C Tuesday -3.3°C, Wednesday -1.9°C, Thursday -2.2°C, Friday -1.9°C and Saturday -1.5°C. Although we had some sunshine, especially in the mornings, it never seemed to warm up much. We also had a very strong wind which lowered the temperature still further.
25th - 31st January
Not much change in the weather from the previous couple of weeks - temperature below freezing every night and not much warmer in the day time with the ever present cold wind. At least we 've been spared the snow and we are still able to get out and about.

That's the end of January: 134mm of rain nearly all in the first half of the month - including the small amount of snow we had last
Thursday. The lowest temperature this year has been -4.4°C but it could go lower in February.

Average rainfall in February over 10 years is 68mm and over 20 is 71mm. That wettest year was 2002 with 155mm and the driest was 1998 with only 11mm - when it only rained on one day - but we had frost right through the month. February last year wasn't very nice with rain on 23 days, but no frost at all. So at this time of the year it's either/or - rain or frost.

18th - 24th January
Very cold all week. The temperature was around zero°C or lower every morning - Sunday -2.8°C, Monday -2.7°C. Tuesday was slightly warmer but we had a very cold wind which made it feel about -5°C; Wednesday slight drizzle for a change; Thursday very cold all day, Friday -3.4°C to start the day, and not very warm later. We did have sunshine, and the warmth was quite noticeable .

This seems to have been a very long month, but the end is in sight. Next Sunday is the 1st of February and I've all ready made a start on clearing up outside - not a lot done yet, but some slightly warmer weather is bringing all our snowdrops out, and the cyclamen are out as well.

11th - 17th January
A miserable week weather-wise - very cold, with rain on 5 days out of 7 - 55mm in total. No lying snow, though we did have a bit during the week, which turned to rain after a short while. On Saturday morning it snowed for about half an hour and then melted and was gone.

The longer range forecast is threatening very hard frosts
and snow, even for the Southwest, and with the threat of not treating any roads other than the main A roads, we could have problems, but it may not happen. The forecasters are a bit inclined to make things sound worse than they turn out to be.
4th - 10th January
A rather mixed week with the temperature going up and down on a daily basis, and we' ve also had a very strong gusty wind. But no snow yet and no real frost either although the windscreen was a bit icy a couple of times It wasn't all bad - we had some lovely sunshine and once or twice. I'm sure I felt some warmth, not a lot, but some.

We had 34 mm of rain - luckily mainly at night, so not too much of a problem.

Our snowdrops are beginning to show some colour and we have had some lovely blue crocus out for a week or so.

28th December 2014 - 3rd January 2015

The old year ended with 3 frosty nights, and the new year began with 3 wet days

so the total for the last week is 49mm giving a December total of 49.5 mm - an unusually dry December for us. The last time it happened was 2010 but it was very much colder right through the month and we had some snow as well.


Total rainfall for the year was 1298mm making it the 6th highest yearly total in the last 25 years. The wettest month was January with 206mm and only 4 dry days. Rainfall was fairly average until we reached August when we had 170 mm which managed to spread right though the month so we only had 7 dry days - not appreciated by many as it was the school holidays.
This was
at least followed by a dry September, but October and November were wet - hence our fairly high total for the year.

Looking back over the last year one thing of note is the wind which seem to be much more variable in direction than it used to be. We are now having North and East wind much more often than we did in the past when the wind always seemed to be from the West.

July gave us a record spell of dry hot weather with temperatures rising up to the high 20°Cs and even nudging 30°C at times.
I went to Northumbria for a few
days and it was as warm up there as it was here, so perhaps we'll have some more this year. Otherwise, a fairly normal year, as unpredictable as ever, and who really wants it any different.