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Meteorological Report

Former parish councillor, and meteorological enthusiast, Dawn Judd, kindly provides us with a weekly met. report based on readings she takes daily at her home at 8.30am for the rainfall.

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4th March - 10th March 2018
I don't think anyone will be hoping for snow again for quite a while, and with any luck we probable wont have any more this winter, but we have in the past had snow as late as the middle of April, and I have heard that if the snow lies on the ground for more than 3 days it will bring more - another old wives tale I suppose.

Anyway except for some odd corners it has gone and as the weather warmed up we had rain instead. - 33 mm of rain this week which as it followed the melted snow it was very soggy underfoot - our garden was a swamp for several days.

After all that what a lovely day we had on Saturday warm and sunny with just a light breeze , the temperature went up to 16.8°C, a real spring day.

25th February - 3rd March
We only had rain on 10 days in February, but still managed a total of 90.5 mm. There was some flooding down by the Beam bridge, but it cleared overnight, thank goodness.

After some bitterly cold weather, snow started falling on Thursday morning, but it didn't look too bad to start with, but the wind speed increased and the snow started drifting and by Friday morning we were marooned, unless you were very fit and able to get through the drifts. As usual we were in a far better position than many others, as the north of Britain was much worse off than we were with most of the major routes blocked.

The bitter frosts and the very strong winds
did not make things any easier. I hope no one from here was stuck in those long traffic jams we were seeing on the news. Isn't it amazing that, no matter what happens world-wide, the weather is the most important item for us.

The temperature taken at 6am from the 25th of February to the 3rd of March: Sunday - 2.8°C, Monday -2.4°C, Tuesday -3.9°C, Wednesday -5.9°C, Thursday Friday -4.3°C, Saturday -3.1°C.

March also has been in the past a very cold month with temperature well below freezing for up to 2 weeks or more, but snow is unusual In March the last time was in 2006, and it didn't last long.

The average rainfall for March over 10 years 71 mm and over 20 years 73mm. The wettest March was 2008 154mm with rain on 16 days and the driest was 2017 with 11.5 mm, and it rained on 5 days.

18th - 24th February
A very changeable week. On the 18th, Sunday, we were supposed to have a day of rain, which ended up as some light drizzle in the evening. Monday was similar and again fairly mild. Tuesday turned out to be the warmest day of the week, temperature went up to 13.4°C and a nice day. Wednesday, temperature down to -2.3°C at 6 am and a very cold wind. Thursday, temperature down to -5.3°C, Friday down to - 5.4°C, Saturday, -4.9°C. So not very good as far as the weather is concerned.

Next week, we are promised snow and very hard frosts, but in view of the recent weather forecasts I'm not sure whether to believe them or not, so I will keep my thick coat handy, and wait and see as usual.

11th - 17th February
A wet week with some rain on 6 days out of 7, the wettest week we have had so far this year. Some very heavy prolonged showers, plus sleet and hail at times, giving us a total of 61 mm. However, we still managed to have a couple bright, frosty mornings - but they didn't last long.

Next week the weather is supposed to be calmer and give us some sunny days for a change.
4th - 10th February
The average rainfall for February is, over 10 years 74mm and over 20 years 83mm. The wettest February was in 2002 with rain on 16 days and a total of 155mm, and the driest was 1998 with one wet day 11 mm which is very unusual for February.

The rainfall for our first full week of February was 26mm. We have had a lot of frost at night and sometimes well into the day - Wednesday the 7th, for instance, the temperature went down to -3°C overnight and hovered around zero during the day.
The only
days it got warmer were the days we had rain. This has never been one of my favourite months, roll on March.

28th January - 3rd February
Another fairly dry week with only 11 mm of rain giving us a total for January of 116.5 mm, which is almost double the January total last year. However, as 2017 was fairly dry, I am hoping that this year we will have rather more rain, otherwise we could end up somewht short of water this summer. BUT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR FLOODS, just a little more than last year.
21st - 27th January
We had 49 mm of rain this week, with 31 mm on Sunday the 21st. The rest was mainly showers scattered through the week. The only unusual event weather-wise this week was the temperature during the night of the 23rd/24th when the temperature rose to 15.2°C during the night, dropping back to normal during the early morning. Quite unusual - I can't remember it happening previously at this time of the year.
14th - 20th January
The week started cold but dry, but not for long; we had some rain on the 15th and the 16th, but the wind was the main feature of the weather. It became increasingly windy as we went through the week - during the night of the 18th/19th our windsock pole snapped - this rarely happens, 3 or 4 times in the last 20 years. The wind was still quite gusty right up to the weekend, and I see we may have more stormy weather next week.
7th - 13th January
In spite of the cloud amounts at times, and some very light drizzle, we jad only 2mm of rain this week. The temperature was very variable too, from a very hard frost -4.5°C to a high of 11.2°C in the early afternoon of Wednesday the 10th.

We are supposed to be having high winds and snow during the coming week so conditions could get difficult, but so often we wait in vain for bad weather to materialise and nothing happens, so we will just wait and see.

1st January - 6th January
In spite of some very cold frosty nights we still managed to notch up 30.5mm of rain to start the year with some rain falling on 6 days out of 7. I hope it dries up a bit as I would like to start some garden tidying as soon as possible.

Review of 2017

This year December was our wettest month of the year in direct contrast to 2016, when December was the driest month of the year This gives us a total rainfall for the year of 1021mm, making 2017 just below the middle of the table of rainfall going back to 1990 - so fairly average which also gives us a picture of the year.

There were no real extreme weather events this year we have had gales but not causing the sort of damage other parts of Britain suffered, we have had no serious flooding here again other areas suffered terrible damage, sometimes I think we are very lucky with the weather in North Somerset at least in our bit.

I have already said that December was our wettest month with 134mm rain fell on 16 days and we had a couple of days wet snow which soon melted. Our driest month was April with only 11.5mm of rain and this month also gave us our longest dry spell 21 days, What happened to our April showers I don't know, they were sadly missed by some especially those trying to germinate their spring vegetables crops and local farmers .The wettest 24 hour period was in December but it was only 30mm so nothing exceptional there either.

So 2017 can go down as an ordinary year as far as the weather is concerned like tens of thousands of others and I hope we have many others like it.