Broad Street Wrington
Meteorological Report

Former parish councillor, and meteorological enthusiast, Dawn Judd kindly provides us with
a weekly met. report based on readings she takes daily at her home - 8.30am for the rainfall.

Overall figures
for 2003
January February March April May June July August September October November

26th December, 2004 - 1st January, 2005
15mm of rain for the last week of the year. Giving us a total for December of 102mm, just slightly below average for the month.


Total rain for the year 1153.5mm, slightly above average for the last 10 years.

Not particularly memorable weatherise, certainly the summer could have been better and we waited in vain for a nice spell in the Autumn but after a fairly wet August, we had a wet September and October. So autumn colour was not very good compared with 2003.

17 nights with temperatures below freezing in February-March meant we had a really cold spell, but it was dry with a little snow on the 26th .No really severe weather of any sort this year. The wettest day was the 7th July with 32mm. The longest dry spell was in February and the longest spell of daily rain was in October when it rained on 12 consecutive days.

So here we are again with another year of weather to look forward to, and whatever we get, we will never all be happy with it. It will always be too dry, too wet, too hot, too cold, too windy or too still for someone, but don’t forget, although it may be getting lighter we always have our coldest weather in January/February so be ready for it. [
You have been warned ! - Ed]

20th - 25th December, 2004
This week started dry with a hard frost on the 19th : -5.4ºC. Only 16mm of rain all week, but with a biting wind at times and more frosty mornings. At least there was chance for a dry walk on Christmas afternoon.

12th - 19th December, 2004
Well, the week started very much as previous weeks, no rain just dark and cold. Then on Wednesday things started to change, and we had rain on the next four days. Culminating on Saturday night with 38mm, some of which fell as snow for an hour or so, especially on higher ground. Giving a total for the week of 69mm.

5th - 11th December, 2004
No measurable rain this week, a bit of dampness in the air at times that's all. Still gloomy and cold though.

Apart from Saturday, when the sun managed to shine for a while, we've had pretty much the same weather now for weeks. The outlook for the 25th isn't good either, in the last 10 years we've had rain on 9 of them. Sorry!!

28th November - 4th December, 2004
8.5mm of rain, once again Saturday was the worst day with drizzle and low cloud hanging about all day. A couple of frosty mornings this week with temperatures down to -2.5ºC and very cold during the day, especially Thursday.


76mm of rain in all, not bad for November, but very little sunshine either, making it a very gloomy month over all. Not even any high winds which we usually get sometime during the month. So we move into December with more of the same I expect.

The average rainfall for December is 125mm with a high of 206.5mm in 1999 and a low of 30mm in 2001. The most unusual December was in 1996 when we only had rain on 2 days - the 2nd and 3rd with 32mm in total. It then didn't rain again until the 11th of January 1997 !

21st - 27th November, 2004
20.5mm of rain with 3 dry days but not much sunshine. A quiet week weatherwise with very little wind which meant cloud tended to linger even when it was dry. Saturday was the worst day yet again.

14th - 20th November, 2004
Well the dry spell didn't last long. 28mm of rain this week, 16mm on Saturday. What a miserable day that was, rain or drizzle all day and very cold as well - typical November weather. I'm already looking forward to the shortest day, all this darkness and gloom doesn't suit me at all.

7th - 13th November, 2004
A real change in the weather towards the end of the week, enough frost to cut down the dahlias which have kept flowering until now. Only 5mm of rain, hopefully allowing the ground to dry out a bit.

31st October - 6th November, 2004
17mm of rain this week, but we did have a couple of dry days and a clear night when temperatures dropped to 2.5ºC. Saturday was the wettest day, drizzling and raining for most of the day and not very pleasant for anyone.

24th - 30th October, 2004
Last week of the month and some rain every day, 34mm in all, so no dry week this month - sorry. It's not the wettest October in the last 10 years though. We had 190mm in 2000, but it only rained on 18 days, this month it has rained on 24 days.

No frost yet, the temperature has been slightly higher than usual because of the almost continuous cloud cover, especially at night.

November is also usually a wet month, the average over 10 years is 121.5mm with a high of 217.5 in 2002 and a low of 65. So unless we have a change in the pattern it won't be very different from October just a bit colder, and if we do have a dry spell we'll probably have a frost!

Also we often have a windy spell in the middle of the month accompanied by heavy rain, so very much like October. (I feel like one of those dreadful women from a Greek tragedy!!)

17th - 23rd October, 2004
Again a wet week, with rain on 5 days out of 7 - totalling 45mm. Only one week left of October and no sign of any dry spell before November.

10th - 16th October, 2004
Again, rain on 5 days out of 7 - but a lower a total than last week - 34.5mm in total. So, we've already had over 100mm this month - and we're only half way through October. Perhaps we'll have a drier second half, as we did in '93 and '97 [Here's hoping - Ed]

3rd - 9th October, 2004
A wet week. Rain on 5 days out of 7 - a total of 65mm (more than the whole month in 1995). The 28mm which fell last Sunday was the most rain in one day since July. We've also had our lowest night temperature this autumn at3.2ºC, so frosts cannot be far away. Perhaps it will be better next week.

25th September - 2nd October, 2004
Not a bad week for the end of September. 17mm of rain - 12mm of which were in October !

September started well. The first 9 days were dry. Then we had rain almost every day, ending with a total of 85.5mm for the month. There's been none of the lovely dry, sunny weather we had last year.

No frost yet, either - in fact it was fairly mild at night because of the cloud cover, but I don't think the autumn leaf colour will be as good this year as this requires warm days and cold nights to produce the best show.

The average rainfall for October over the last 10 years is 120mm. 2000 had a high of 191mm, whereas there was a low of 62mm in 1995. However, we could still have a dry spell this month in spite of a fairly high average rainfall. As we move towards winter, rain tends to be heavier and more prolonged, without necessarily giving us more wet days.

19th - 25th September, 2004
Again this week rain on 6 days out of 7, but only 18.5mm, so not the quantity. It's been damp and overcast most of the time - not as many sunny intervals as last week.

Having said all the swallows had gone, I went across Claverham Moor the other day and saw 3. I hope they haven't left it too late !

12th - 18th September, 2004
Well what a difference, 44mm of rain on 6 days out of 7. Also much colder especially at night, with temperatures falling to 5º or 6ºC. still rising to the low 20's when we have sunny intervals during the day - typical of early Autumn weather and the swallows have gone.

Every year I watch them gather on the wires and I tell myself I will see them leave, but I never do. Just suddenly you realise they're not there any more.

5th - 11th September, 2004
A lovely week for September until Friday, when we had 12mm of rain, followed by 6mm on Saturday making the week's total 18mm in all.

Much colder and more like Autumn especially on Saturday evening. I will be surprised if we get up into the high 20's this week or again this year.

29th August - 4th September, 2004
Only 2mm of rain this week.

Our total for August was 102.5mm, unlike other parts of the country. 1996, 97, 99, 2000 and 2001 were all wetter than this year here. The differences in rainfall amounts happened because most of August's rain fell as very heavy showers rather than as our more usual steady rain, which moves fairly slowly, covering a wide area across the country.

These heavy showers were patchy and fast moving so were very localised and we missed most of them. Even different parts of the village had differing amounts of rain, for instance Wrington hill had much more than Butts Batch.


The last 3 years have been dry and fine with plenty of sunshine. The previous 3 were wet and cold, but only once in the last 10 years has it been wet at the beginning of the month. Even in wet years the rain doesn't start until the 8th or 9th and it's certainly started well this year.

22nd - 28th August, 2004
With rain on 5 days out of seven, a wet week totalling 48mm in all. Still reasonably warm, although noticeably cooler at night now.

The last Bank Holiday before Christmas coming up and it doesn't look too promising, but I expect we'll make the best of it - we usually do!

15th - 21st August, 2004
Only20mm of rain this week, which proves the variation in our rainfall over quite a small area.

On Monday the 16th during a heavy storm in the late afternoon, we had 9mm in our garden, but Roper's Lane and Wrington Hill had considerably more, looking at the way the water rushed down Bullhouse Lane and across the road like a river. The Butts Batch end of the village caught only the edge of the downpour.

Otherwise a fairly poor week for August, but at least not as bad as some other parts of the [west] country.

8th - 14th August, 2004
29.5mm of rain this week - some falling on the last five days out of seven. This has meant quite a change, although it's still warm with the rain, making it feel very muggy at times.

The weather seems very unsettled now, and there are big differences from one part of the country to another. Wrington has been lucky to miss the very heavy downpours which have resulted in severe flooding for some.

1st - 7th August, 2004
A dry week with just 3mm of rain - similar to last week - which fell during a storm on Monday. Temperatures reached the high 20ºsC, nudging 30ºC at times, and feeling much hotter if you were out in the sun in the middle of the day.

25th - 31st July, 2004
A lovely, almost dry week produced a mere 3mm of rain, and the weather improved as the week progressed, to hot and sunny by the weekend.

July as a whole wasn't a dry month, giving a total of 108.5mm of rain on 15 days. It was also rather cool at times considering it's midsummer, but it was getting warmer as it neared its end.

The prospect for August - although it's our main holiday month it's rarely our best month for weather. Eight times in the last 12 years we've had more than 100mm of rain - with a high of 179mm in 1997 - and remembering the last few years' camping holidays, it's the odd dry ones which stand out; wet and rather cold seems more usual !

However, we have had some warm, dry Augusts - in 1995 there was no more than 9mm of rain, and it was hot most of the time. Then again, last year we had a 15-day dry spell and some lovely, warm weather, so we'll keep our fingers crossed this time !

18th - 24th July, 2004
16.5mm of rain mixed in with some nice and not-so-nice days this week - we're alternating good and bad days. This means we are not building up heat from day to day, and the evenings are quite cool, so night temperatures were in single figures three times this week.
The warmest day was Thursday, especially the afternoon, following rain in the morning.

11th - 17th July, 2004
Only 14.5mm of rain, spread over 4 days, Wednesday to Saturday this week. However, it doesn't look very promising for the start of the school holidays, and the temperature is a little low for July.

4th - 10th July, 2004
54mm of rain this week - 32mm on 7th July accompanied by strong winds, which ripped leaves and branches off the trees (again) and did a lot of damage in more exposed gardens. Also a lower temperature than normal for July meant not a very good week for us.

Did anyone else experience the cloudburst crossing the M5 between Clevedon and Bristol on Saturday morning just before 9a.m ? Very heavy rain flooded the road and made it almost impossible to see. I cannot remember experiencing so much rain in so short a time.

27th June - 3rd July, 2004
Another 22mm of rain this week, taking the June total to 69mm - quite a reasonable amount. After a hot dry first couple of weeks we have reverted to our usual changeable weather pattern which looks set to continue into July, a month which has been very variable over the last few years both in amounts of rain and temperature.

Highest rainfall over the last 10 years was 119mm in '99 and typically the more it rains the colder it gets, so let's hope this one will be fairly dry.

20th - 26th June, 2004
Well we had a useful amount of rain at last - 56mm this week, but we could have done without the very high winds which flattened corn and gardens, stripped leaves off trees and even brought some down [and pretty well ruined my one week's holiday - 'useful' eh ? Not the epithet I'd have chosen ! - Ed].

Temperatures dropped noticeably, particularly during the showers. A pity it was such a miserable day on Saturday with 2 gardens open and a wedding, a sunny day would have been appreciated.

13th - 19th June, 2004
Another dry week, 3.5mm of rain but quite a lot cooler, especially as the week progressed.
The weather is changing and I expect more rain in the coming week, but hopefully it won't get too cold. Strong winds in the latter part of the week will be helping to lower the temperature and bring the showers.

6th - 12th June, 2004
2.5mm only of rain this week, so no respite for gardeners yet. Very enjoyable to have such lovely sunshine every day. I hope there will still be some nice weather left for the school holidays!

30th May - 5th June, 2004
Only 1 day's rain in this week - 10.5mm on the 31st. Otherwise warm, fairly sunny, with broken cloud at times. Lovely long evenings mean the barbecue season has arrived as I’ve noticed during our evening walks.

May turned out not as dry as it seemed, with 41.5mm helped out by the 10.5mm on the 31st. It was the 6th driest of the last 10 years. The really notable feature of May this year was the chill wind, especially noticeable when out of the sun or in the evenings.

The average for June over the past 10 years is 61.5 - the wettest being in 1998 with 163mm and rain on 17 days. The driest was 1995 when we had 4mm on 1 day. June is usually comfortably warm except when we have rain for several days, accompanied by fairly brisk winds. Then the temperature tends to slowly drop day by day, and it can end up quite chilly as it did in 1998. Hopefully, this June will be fairly dry and warm.

23rd - 29th May, 2004
A sunny week. Again the surrounding areas had more rain than us, only 2mm here. We could do with a good 24hrs of steady rain now, everything is getting very dry. Perhaps next week as we go into June we'll get a change.

14th - 22nd May, 2004
Only 1mm of rain this week, with 2 small showers on Thursday evening. Otherwise warm sunshine every day. Still a chilly wind, though, on a couple of days, and cool in the evenings.
I am sure the gardeners among us would be glad of a couple of days of rain.

9th - 13th May, 2004
With no more than 4.5mm of rain, a dry week. The only rain fell during a couple of heavy, though brief showers. I cannot remember hearing thunder on 5 afternoons in a row, as there was this week. During the late afternoon Monday to Friday, cloud bubbled up and there was rain and thunder. Luckily we only seemed to catch the edge of them, the Mendips and other areas seemed to take the brunt of it. Otherwise a nice warm week with lovely sunny spells.

2nd - 8th May, 2004
23.5mm of rain this week and quite changeable. A really lovely day on the 2nd, cold and damp on the 8th, and in between a lot of cloud - and on one or two days a really chilly wind. There was even a slight frost one morning.

I'm still waiting a bit longer before I put out any half-hardy plants, as even a slight frost could spoil them and they don't like cold winds either.

25th April - 1st May, 2004
25mm of rain during the last week of April. A week that was very similar to the rest of April; the odd really lovely day, followed by cold grey skies and rain.

April summary
113mm of rain made this month slightly above average, with rain on 15 days. A fairly typical April with lots of sunshine and showers but a bit cooler than usual with quite strong winds from the North and East, making it feel rather chilly. When the sun did shine it soon warmed up, but in the shade it still felt like February sometimes.

May prospect
Into May now, which has shown an average rainfall over 10 years of 90mm; a high of 114.5 in 2000 and low of 36mm in 2001. With much longer daylight hours we should have dry spells most days. Rain in May tends to be short sharp showers rather than prolonged drizzle. It also tends to rain on 3 or 4 days in a row and then stay dry for a while.

Going back to the early eighties and nineties, we had a period when we had almost no rain during May, just 8 or 9mm in the whole month but it now seems to have gone back to a more usual mixture.

18th - 24th April, 2004
This week got better and better, starting quite chilly with rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, amounting to 26mm in all, 22mm of which was on Wednesday. We then had increasing amounts of sunshine until Saturday, which was like a summer's day.

11th - 17th April, 2004
An almost dry week until Friday with some lovely sunshine. Then Friday and Saturday were wet with 32mm of rain and a very cold wind , which made it quite unpleasant. In fact typical April weather.

More rain threatened for Sunday and early next week, but at least no frosts.

4th - 10th April, 2004
Only 11mm of rain this week, but it was spread over five days. So, there's been a lot of cloud around, especially earlier in the week. Friday, on the other hand, was lovely, a real spring day and hopefully the first of many.

28th March - 3rd April, 2004
19mm of rain this week bringing us to the end of another month with 73.5mm in total, just over the average.

The most notable feature this month has been the wind, which has persistently come from the North and East. Every time it swung round to the S/W and I thought it would start to feel warmer, it went back to the N/E again!

End of March means its time to add up our winter rain i.e. Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, and March. These are the months that top up soil water levels and fill our reservoirs. They provide the surplus to help us through the other 6 months of the year, when rainfall often does not replace the amount lost through evaporation and transpiration from the rapidly increasing growth. Not to mention our increased use around homes and gardens. The average over 10 years for this period is 642mm and this winter we’ve had 617mm, so not too bad.

On to April with a low of 16mm in ‘97 when it only rained on 3 days, to a high of 183mm in 2000 when it rained on 17 days, and in ‘99 it snowed in the middle of the month.

April is the most variable month of the year, it can change from winter to summer and back again in the same day although the rain is usually showers rather than persistent and there should be plenty of sunshine in between.

21st - 27th March, 2004
Only 8mm of rain this week and again a cold wind. So in spite of it being nearly the end of March it didn't feel very spring-like. As we go into April next week, hopefully it will become warmer with the wind coming from the SouthWest again.

14th - 20th March, 2004
Just over 1" rain this week - 27mm - with some rain every day. Although only small amounts, except on Thursday when we had 10mm. Very high winds on Friday and over the weekend, feeling cold in the showers.

7th - 13th March, 2004
29.5mm of rain all in the last 3 days, and with the rain came a change in wind direction and temperature. Much warmer by the end of the week, more like spring. Hopefully it will continue for a while longer.

29th February - 6th March, 2004
Only 9mm of rain this week, on Wednesday and Thursday, after a long spell of frosty nights and cold days.

February's rain was 62.5mm - slightly less than average for the month but a good bit more than in 1998 when there was only 11mm. Nearly all the rain fell early in the month, followed by 15 consecutive nights of frost.

Temperatures ranged from a low of -8.8ºC to -1ºC or -2ºC, very unusual in the SouthWest to have such a long frosty spell. The snow which fell on the 26th has only just melted in some corners.

March rainfall average over the last 10 years is 73mm with a low of 25mm in ‘97 and a high of 138mm in’01. We could still have spells of cold weather with night frosts, but it usually warms up quicker in the mornings now with a little more heat in the sun. We could do with a fairly wet month to bring our winter rains up to average.

22nd - 28th February, 2004
7.5 mm of rain on Tuesday, snow on Thursday and frost every night, so plenty of variety.

The snow came at the worst time of the day just as everyone was coming home and caused chaos as usual. We get snow so rarely in this part of the country, that it always seems to cause major problems when it does come.(it was only an inch or so.)

Very cold wind again from the North, I don’t think it will get much warmer until it swings round to the South West again.

15th - 21st February, 2004
Another dry week with frost at night, not very warm days and a very cold wind. This weather looks set to continue for a while longer, with winds from the North or North-East bringing cold air from the Arctic.

8th - 14th February, 2004
Only 2mm of rain this week in spite of all the cloud. Fairly mild for February with no frost, daytime temperatures reaching double figures on most days, and very little wind.

1st - 7th February, 2004
Rather a mixed up week, very cold wind to start the week, warming up to maximum of 16.4ºC mid week but the cold wind back again by the weekend.

Plenty of rain as well, 53mm in all. No match for Capel Curig in North Wales who had over 400mm in 5 days this week.

25th - 31st January, 2004
Our threatened cold and snowy week turned out to be less than expected by the national forecasters on both counts. Here are the Max and Min temperatures for the past week;

(6a.m)(dropping to) Max daytime

Mon 1.6 0.5 5.1
Tues 3.2  -1.4   5.7
Wed 0.7 -1.9   6.7
Thurs -5.2 5.9
Fri -2.3   8.2
Sat 10.3    9.6

As you can see the temperature continues to drop after 6am at this time of the year, giving
us a frosty morning even though it may have been above freezing all night.

On Wednesday evening we had an unusual freak storm when cold air driven by high winds hit warmer air. At about 5.50pm it started raining, the temperature was then 5.1ºC. A couple of minutes later we heard thunder and our lights flickered and dipped, then it began to snow.
The thermometer dropped almost instantly to below freezing. This is what caused the problems at the airport and on the roads.

January rainfall was 123.5mm, 28mm in the last week. Also very high winds at the end of the week, but I haven’t heard of any damage.

The average for February over 10 years is 91mm with a high of 155mm in 2002 and a low of 11mm in 1998. With days getting a bit longer, February should be a better month weather-wise but it isn’t always! Last year we had a very cold spell with 11 consecutive nights below freezing and a bitter cold wind, but hopefully this year will be mild.

18th - 24th January, 2004
A reasonable week for January, a couple of frosty mornings and only 14mm of rain. Still quite cold though, with daytime temperatures in single figures, and feeling even colder in the wind.

Next week we are threatened with very cold weather and snow. I will note temperatures daily and let you know next week. [
We await with some trepidation - Ed !]

11th - 17th January, 2004
A week that started with high winds and ended with frost. 35.5mm of rain on 5 days, so not very much. The strong winds at the beginning of the week were less fierce here than had been forecast thankfully, so a lot of twigs and dead wood were brought out of the trees, but at least the trees are still standing. Nature's pruning!

4th - 10th January, 2004
51mm of rain this week, on 5 days, and it was very mild for January - so far I've already seen snowdrops and crocuses in flower. The forecast for the coming week promises very high winds on Monday and Tuesday, so I hope that doesn't mean we'll have a lot of trees damaged.

The average rainfall for January is 99mm. 1997 presented a low of 12mm and 1995 a high of 207mm.

So long as we have reasonable amounts of rain in the first 3 months of this year, we should avoid the threatened danger of drought. Ups and downs are common. Over 10 years we've experienced extremes of a low of 858mm in 1996 to a high of 1498mm in 2000. If we do have a dry January we can expect quite a bit of frost - and this usually happens about the middle of the month.

28th December, 2003 - 3rd January, 2004
25mm on 4 days with 17mm on New Year's Eve accompanied by very gusty winds which spoilt some people's celebrations, ( a lot less fireworks than usual ).


December produced a reasonable 147.5mm of rain on 15 days. So fairly average, rather more N/E winds made it feel a lot colder at times than it really was. Some frost, but not too hard and a bit of fog in the mornings. On the whole not a bad month and best of all, we’ve passed the shortest day.


Total rain 928mm on 123 days. Wettest month was December with 147.5, driest month August with 15mm. Most days of rain in a month occurred in November with 20 days.

The most notable things about 2003 were:
more frosts than we’ve had for quite a few years, including 10 consecutive days in January, and the hottest summer for years;
a long dry spell from early March until nearly the end of April, made it very difficult for vegetable growers.

This spring dry spell has become a regular feature of recent years. One strange fact I have noticed which seems to defy the law of averages, is that it has rained on the 1st day of the month 15 times in the past 16 months. I’ve checked my charts and no other date has been consistently wet or dry , all of them seem to average out over a period of time as you would expect. I can offer no explanation for this.