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The Schmoose page has run since the website began. See on Page 1 how the idea came about. Let us know where you are,  what you're doing, what you remember of your time in Wrington, and so on. Just e-mail copy to It's the website's normal policy not to publish e-mail addresses of correspondents for security reasons.
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Des Coles- Plymouth, 8th October

Does anyone have any information on “Ted COLES” ? He had a car breakers yard at the front of the house at Barrow Tanks.It was the first house on the right going up to Dundry.

I used to go there with my father and I remember him saying that he was a relation.
Was he married or have any children ?

Pauline Dyer (Johnston) - 1st October

Please pass on my sincere condolences to Nick Givens on the sad news of Betty.

I well remember as a small child visiting Mrs Pearce who was a great friend of my mother and meeting Betty, then visiting her quite a few times at the prefab in Bristol. I think it was at Westbury on Trym?.. The Pearces and Mum & Dad were great Canasta players and spent many a happy evening at The Hay!....

With best wishes.

Nick Givens - Exeter, 25th September

Betty Joan Givens, née Pearce, 1924-2012. Came to Wrington as a very young child and lived there until 1949 when she married my dad, Patrick (in Wrington Church) and moved to Bristol.

Mum always regarded herself as a Wrington girl, and the village always had a special place in her heart. She had lived at Pierce Hay; after she left home her parents moved to a house a bit further out - it was called Sunnyside at the time, but was more recently known as Greystones, I think.

There will be a short service at Canford Crematorium, Canford Lane, Bristol, BS9 3PQ on Friday the 5th of October at 12.00. Should any Wringtonians wish to join us, they would be most welcome - but I fully understand that it would be a bit of a trek for those of sufficent vintage to remember her!

Bill Crook - Hamilton, New Zealand, 11th July

What a pleasant surprise to open the website and see my brother Russell and his wife Kathleen on the home page. I think it’s a wonderful example of how All Saints' has been, and remains, a focal point in the life of the village and in the lives of its villagers, both new and old.

For reasons that escape such a simple soul as me, the schmoose page hasn’t updated this year until this latest issue
I'd failed until recently to update the link on the Homepage to Schmoose 2012 in January - Apology to all - Ed]
and as a consequence I missed the message from my old school friend Micky Owers. I have often thought of him over the years and would like to make contact, after all, Perth isn’t that far from here! Please send him my email address or send his to me.

On the, hopefully resolved, matter of the church clock perhaps this is of interest to some readers. In the early fifties the fields opposite the recreation field were planted with apple trees owned by Mr. Organ. My father, Alfred Crook, used to look after them and I remember being with him during pruning time. He taught me to tell the time by the number of chimes sounded for each quarter hour whilst he was tending the trees. Later on when I was at boarding school I found them a comfort on sleepless nights when home on school holidays or on stormy winter nights. Funny what you remember, isn’t it!

Best wishes to all from New Zealand

Lyndley Havyatt - Melbourne, Australia, 20th June

Another exciting family reunion took place in May in Australia thanks to the Wrington website. Tim Bush, a cousin, and his wife Julia visited their daughter Rachel and first grandson Parker in Melbourne and they met up with my sister Vicki and I to exchange family photos and family tree details. Parker is named after the Parker family of Havyatt Farm in Wrington who were our ancestors in the 1800's. It was lovely to meet them, especially the latest member of the family.

My cousin Denise Smith of Queensland contributed to the Schmoose page her experiences in meeting up with several other cousins including Tim late last year in England. I share her feelings of excitement when I think how wonderful our access to the Net and the Schmoose page has been for our family in finding long lost relatives and actually meeting them face to face. The meeting in Melbourne has ignited my sister Vicki's interest in the family tree and she will be meeting up with the same relatives and visiting Havyatt Farm when she visits UK in September this year.

Being the sole person in the family who was interested in my father's family background, but had very little to go on I began my research in 1978 after my father died and collected a mine of information in all manner of ways including a visit to Wrington in 1990. I have high hopes for uncovering more relatives in UK as Tim and other UK relatives have offered to do some more research "on the ground" so to speak.

Thank you to Richard who set up the site originally and .. maintains it nowadays, it is such a great resource.

Jill Girdlestone - 26th May

I am researching my family and have found that my 6th Great Grandfather came from Wrington. He was Henry Chancellor bapt 15/4/1707 in Wrington. His parents were Henry Chancellor and Mary Vawer or Yawer. Mary was buried 7/4/1742 at Wrington but I dont know about Henry her husband. I'm still yet to find their baptisms.

I noticed on the map of Wrington that close by in a village named Redhill there is a Chancellor's Farm on a 1900's map. Does anyone know the history of this farm e.g. how did it get is name or what date it was built asI'm wondering if they are linked to my family.

Any help anyone could give I would be very grateful.

Joy Thomson - 4th May

I'm researching my family who came from Wrington. My 3 x grandparents were Benjamin and Priscilla Bailey (née Cleeves) who I think lived in Ropers Lane. They had 6 children, Sidney William, Mary and Martha (twins), Henry, Jane and Walter. I would love to hear from anyone who has any information or photo's regarding any of them. Do any relations still live in Wrington? There seem to be 5 Bailey graves in Christ Church, but I've only been able to identify 2.

Alexandra Higgs - 30th April

Have just visited your website and I love the bells ringing as you open the home page. Well done!

I grew up in Wrington, went to the local primary school, was married at All Saints', my two sisters were married at All Saints', my father and daughter lie in the churchyard, my mother lives a stone's throw from the church. Although no longer a village resident, I visit frequently and those bells have been the backdrop to my life. And I LOVE those church bells. Church bells are a quintessential part of Wrington, English village life and the countryside in general.

Let the bells ring out again from 11pm to 7am!

Where's the petition?

With warm regards

Pauline Johnston - 28th April

It's been a long time since I lived in Wrington. I was there from 1945-1953 only, but as it was the place of my birth, and of my christening in the beautiful Church, it obviously means a great deal to me. (Nurse Hook assisted Mum at my birth at Barley Farm!)

I was horrified to read and hear of the stopping of the clock bell. I hope that the people responsible will have second thoughts and take note of the feelings of everyone in the village.

I am happy to sign any e.mail petition if you feel it will help restore that wonderful sound again.

May I add what a great web site Wrington has, congratulations to those who run it so well, and help us "oldies" keep in touch!.
Kind regards.

Yvonne Spratt (Chard) - Mauku, Pukekohe, Auckland, NZ, 27th April

We are speechless!

We can’t let this happen, (regardless of where we live now!) We cannot let just one couple (and someone sitting behind a desk!) change what we have had in Wrington for generations and it has never bothered anyone before. If these people gave themselves time to settle into the village (but I gather they just use it on weekends) they would learn that the bells can be quite soothing and full of contentment :)

We live quite close to a train line, but couldn’t tell you when the last train was!

Where do I sign!
Yvonne is a long-time correspondent to the website, with relatives still here and in NZ - Ed]

Philip Whitehouse - Belgrave, Victoria, Australia, 25th April

There is a segment on Melbourne breakfast talk-back radio which,on a daily basis, quotes the most stimulating/intriguing/ outrageous headline appearing in the London Press on the previous day.

I immediately gave this morning’s offering my full attention when it concerned the Zummerrrrrzet ( announced with the mandatory exaggerated burr) village of WRINGTON

It appears that a “newcomer” is objecting to the Church bell sounding the quarter hour as it has always been done since “time immemorial”.

You can,perhaps,guess which way the ensuing discussion went.

To quote John McInroe, “You can’t be serious, man!”

My commiserations, but it was so surreal hearing the name“Wrington”, of all places, mentioned on the local radio, that I had to respond.

They do say, of course, that all publicity is good publicity, but still...  What I can’t get my head around is that somebody- anybody- is objecting to the bell.

Phil is a long-time correspondent to the website, having lived in the post office in Broad Street when his parents ran it in the 50s - Ed]

Micky Owers - Sawyers Valley, Perth, Western Australia, 25th March

I lived in Silver Street (Lawrence Road) 1943-1965. It's interesting to know that a lot of my shool friends live all over world.

[Following an email from me about one Hannah Child being listed in Wrington Parish Rate Books for 1850s/60s as owning land in Lulsgate ..... [Ed]

Michele J. Chiles -
Haltom City, Texas, USA, 15th March

Thank you so very much for your response. There have been differant spellings of our family name. The earliest name we have been able to find was "William Le Childe" from Essex, England b1130 ish. My great grand-dad was "Cannon Childs" or even sometimes found as Chiles, which is how we spell our name now.

I show that our family has been in: Essex/Essexshire, Cartulary-St Nicholas-Essex, Shrewsbury-Shropshire (1130-1262), Estham-Worcester (1282-1322), Northwick-Worcester (1338-1511), Salisbury-Wilt-Worcester (1440-1552), Somerset-Wrington (1495-1608). Looks like we're a little scattered.

I still want to know as much as I can about all these places and my family. I am so excited about finding this information! I appreciate your help. Hanna may have been a family member. I hope so. I kinda get like a little school girl when I find new information about our family (giddy and all).

I saw that we have a "Lord Edmund Childe" b1412 Northwick, Worcester, d1459 same place. I know I'm babbling on, I told you I get like a little school girl. Well, I've taken up enough of your time. Thanks again for all your help. You have a blessed day.

Michele J. Chiles - Haltom City, Texas, USA, 10th March

I was wanting to see where my family came from. The last name has been changed from its original "Childe".
I hope to one day come over there for a visit. It looks beautiful there.

Russell Crook - Colchester: Essex, 18th February

I was born in Wrington in 1932, left to join RAF 1951

Iori Hamer - Allbrook, Hampshire, 4th January

My wife's father was born and brought up in Wrington - Arthur Frederick PARKS, known as Fred. Descended from Henry Parks, and Frederick Parks who who were shoe and boot makers in the village.