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"Sexey's School, except now in 2001 it is probably six times bigger than they would remember."
The decorated arch of Mr & Mrs J. Hair's house in Long Lane, the winning entry in the competition held at the time of the Queen's coronation in 1953
English entrant in the Americas' Cup being run in Auckland, New Zealand

photo from George Crook - 6th December, 2002

Ros and Peter Koch in
Lerici, Italy
"Abel and Jemima Hardwick at Wrington Farm... one of Jemima's daughters is there with her new husband Mark Lock.

I don't know when it
was taken but possibly it is from 1880s or 1890s. Abel looks about 60"
Will Hardwick with sister Marg, summer 2003
Bronagh and Alistair Crook meeting up with old friends in September, 2003
Mark Lock, fifth from right, front row, lived at Chancellors Farm, Redhill and is the great-grandfather of Liz Bang (née Stuckey) who would like to hear from anyone who can tell her more about the other people shown. She writes:

"I have a note from Brian Austen in 1997 who was researcher from Weston-super-Mare. He said the men in the third from right cap and bow tie and the 6th with the bat are dressed in the earliest style of cricket outfit as worn by the England team in the 1870.

The ones in the second row favour the later more relaxed round neck which he says came from Australia in 1880's - he reckons the picture is 1880's. Mark Lock was born in 1864 and I think he looks about 20-22.

The captain is in the middle of the second row which he says is interesting because there appears to be only one favoured position unless the opposing [captain] is standing behind him with the waistcoat and fob watch.

He says the elder man seated two to the captains' right may be the squire and in the indistinct top right there seems to be a chance of 2 brothers!

The badges are flowers with rosettes. He goes on to say it is not a normal team and as there are 3 rosettes maybe 1st, 2nd, 3rd. As 2 teams = 22 this is not a normal game and [he] says it is either some form of knockout single wicket or and odd game popular at the time of 11 versus 15 (the whites v the waistcoats?)"

[see Schmoose page for 2004]
[In this photo] the man on the left hidden by the boy is Abel Hardwick, and there is a pub sign in the back which has a sheep or ram on it - any clues ?

I wonder if
the boy is my Dad, he was born in 1920 so I'm not sure if the fashions are right for what I guess the boy would be - 10/11 ?

The other men I haven't a
clue. Having said that, the one in the flat cap is very
like my grandfather, Harold Clifford Stuckey which would tie in with the boy being my Dad! The tall man I haven't a clue who he is. On the back of the photo it says "Good wishes for Christmas from Mrs Hardwick."                                          Liz Bang
Henry Chard

Great Uncle of Marlene Chard Shaw