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Maurice Wright - Cornwall, 28th December, 2006

Congratulations on your MBE for a the best website I have ever visited you deserve it. I was a customer .. years ago at the Golden Lion with Ivor Marshall and Dave Hunt in the days of Ray Fear from Wrington Hill who was always sitting at the bar with his cider .I am now living in Cornwall.

Best Wishes for 2007

Philip Whitehouse - Belgrave, Victoria, Australia, 21st December, 2006

I am sure that all the far-flung members of the Wringtonian Empire will join me in congratulating Richard upon receiving his well deserved award.

Well done, indeed.

John Newson - Maungaturoto, New Zealand, 12th December, 2006

I used to pass through Wrington on my way to work in Bristol back in the 1980's. Always a pleasure to see such a grand Somerset village. Your site brings back the lost memories of a past time

Elizabeth Nightingale - Ebbw Vale, Gwent, 25th September

My great grandparents came from here. I have just started tracing my family tree. My great great grandfather Joseph Stallard, farmer, born 1825, wife's name Louisa, lived in Broadfield, Wrington.

They had 3 sons Frank, James and Herbert - my grandfather - and one daughter, Ethel. There are quite a few familys with this surname. I read that the Stallard surname is perculiar to Somerset. I need to look at church records in this district. If anyone has any information to help me I would be grateful. Thanks

Linda Boulter - Leicester, 14th September

I was born at "Mandalay" West Hay Road in 1960 at the home of my grandma and grandad, Victor and Francis Hunt. My other grandparents lived 2 houses away, Bert and May Nipper. I then spent my early years in nearby Yatton.

Chris Walker - Phoenix, Arizona, 11th July

Just to tell you how nice it is to see pictures of my family from nearly 4,000 miles away. The photos of the village fete show my youngest son and my sister queuing to get in.

I look at your website every so often, usually when I am away from home.

Excellent site, keep up the good work

School 150th anniversary - Recollections of former pupils and staff >>       

Yvonne Spratt (Chard) - Mauku, Pukekohe, Auckland New Zealand, 17th June

Thanks for the chance to offer our memories of our time at Wrington School. As usual we have spent some happy hours talking about - - Remember when......!!!!
[see these latest contributions by clicking on the image of the school above - Ed]

Ruth Ball (née Yeates) - Godmanchester, Cambs., 16th June

I was born in Wrington at Gladstone Villa, Station Road which became the Doctors Surgery. My parents are Howard and Win Yeates, My Grandparents Parsley lived next door, Grandparents Yeates lived at Brooklyn House.

As Roger Parsley says the Parsley family go back 300 years or so. My Dad's mother, formerly Marshal, came from Oxford/Glos. when she was a small girl. approx. 1865 they moved to Wrington. My gran married Walter Yeates and they had 6 children. In 1881 census his name is spelt Yeats his mother Martha née Webb was a widow living in Butcombe, where he originated from I do not know as he was an only child as was his father.

I have just stumbled across the Wrington website and have been reading a lot of the items on there, remembering a lot of the names I see mentioned.

Reading one from Trevor Wedlake which mentioned Lindsey Parsley and her brother Anthony, their grandfather Walter Parsley was a cousin to my grandfather Tom Parsley and his brothers Bill (who use to sit outside our house in Station Road in his wheelchair) and Ted who use to keep the shop at the junction of Station Road and Broad Street.

My other grandparents lived in Brooklyn House (now renamed) and where we eventually lived in 1952 until Dec. 1960.

I believe it was in a letter from George Crook that Joe Frappel who mentioned my father Howard Yeates who was the undertaker, carpenter, wheelwright etc in Station Road, his twin brother Hector worked for him and various other people including Lionel Gunning, Percy Hancock, Clifford Croker, Guy Cockran, John Mills and others whose names I have forgotten.

I see Ruth and Les Chard have moved to New Zealand, I think if I am not mistaken Les was a bearer sometimes for my father - in fact I think I can remember my mother saying he was one of the young bearers at the Funeral of my 2 brothers which was in Sept. 1937.

Several people have mentioned Alice Harris; I best remember her when my father used to fetch her to come and lay out a dead person for him. Another name cropped up Glad Brough or Coles as I knew her best. I saw her last year when I came down to Somerset to my Aunty's Funeral. I called into Wrington in the evening to see some of the ringers including my son Andrew as they were just going to ring a quarter peal.

Arthur Amor's 2 shops were mentioned - I believe that was Joe Frappel who I think is living in Bruton and saying there was a shop there in the High Street called Amors which was owned by John (Jack) Amor who married my father's middle sister Delsie.

My mother will be remembered for the many people she to whom she taught the piano [my 2 sons and wife, apart from anyone else ! - Ed].

When we lived at Brooklyn House there were 2 caravans in our orchard for a while; one of them was a Mr. and Mrs. Pope and their daughter, the other was Jennifer and Roy Birch, I don't suppose anyone is in contact with either of them please.

Best regards to all in Wrington

Patricia Cross - Whitby, Ontario, Canada, 16th May

I look forward to visiting with you next year when my church choir will be visiting and hopefully singing in All Saints'. We will also be the choir in residence at Salisbury Cathedral, St.George's Chapel,Windsor and also Wells Cathedral during Jul/Aug 2007

Bill Crook - Hamilton, New Zealand, 7th May

I was most interested with the articles regarding Alice Harris recently submitted. When I was a boy in the mid fifties Alice was in her heyday and was known to everyone but like all classic icons, time is needed before appreciation is recognised and given.

At that time I used to spend time with Stan Farley at his shop talking all sorts of things. This brings to mind a gentleman who would often be there sitting on a chair in front of the counter. His name was Ernie Atherell ( I think that is the correct spelling) and he used to walk with the aid of two walking sticks. He would probably be fixed with hip operations today!

Something tells me he was somehow connected to Alice Harris, I don't know the circumstances but I think he shared her house......maybe just a boarder or was he her father? Perhaps this will ring a bell with someone.

It was good to see Brenda Farley's name. I can see her now measuring out a couple of ounces of sherbet lemons or dolly mixtures from those large glass jars kept on top of the counter.

Now I see Annie Farley with a pencil ever hanging on a piece of string around her neck ready to write an your heart out, Arkwright! Annie was the consummate sales lady.

Keep this page going, its a delight to recover so many memories from a happy childhood in a time we thought would last forever.

Judith Georgetti - Madeira Park, British Columbia, Canada, 9th May

I was Googling my name and found that there is someone with the same name who appeared in Fiddler On The Roof in your amateur theatre group. I would love to contact this person if possible. Could you forward this to her if you can? Thank you so much

Lynda Denier - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 9th May

My great-grandfather, Robert James Land was a gardener in Wrington in the 1880's. He is listed as living in a place called Barley Wood, which I see is now a garden business. Any information where to find more information regarding Barley Wood, would be appreciated. When I visit Wrington for the first time this summer I would like to see the area my grandmother was so fond of.

Frank & Jen Bowen - Waharoa, Nr Matamata, New Zealand, 10th April

I was an evacuee from London with my Brother Bill. We lived at Clock House - Amy and Alfred Bathard. I worked at Stepstones farm and Alvis Bros.

My wife Jen of Shipham. Survived the Swiss aircrash. The sadness is still with her daily and we continue to think of all the families involved. For me the memories of the aircrash don't get any easier with time. I knew so many of the people and can recall all the horror. I know we have to get on with life but this heartbreaking circumstance is quite upsetting at times.

We left Somerset in 1974. We do hope to hear from some locals later - would be happy to hear news of Wrington folk. The site is one of the best on the net - thankyou for the contact. Frank is retired and enjoys his garden and Lawn Bowls.

Peter Elswood - Weston-super-Mare, 21st March

I was born at Butts Batch in 1955. Mother and father still live at No14 was No2.
Played football from youth until 24 years old and darts in the Golden Lion.
Met and married my wife in the village although Rita is from Bristol.

Vicki Clohessy (was Nonni Smith) - Folkestone, Kent, 17th March

I lived at 15 Brooklyn from about 1961 to about 1965, went to Nailsea Grammar School.

I am really impressed with the sheer volume of content on your web site. It must have taken a lot of work to put it together and it's all so interesting.

I had a lot of friends in the village but am notoriously bad at remembering names.
Ones I most remember are Roger Gallop, Howard Clark, Ralph Mellett, Maurice Cox, Ghislaine Endicott, Cheryl and Peta Hook. There were others but further names escape me.

I spent some happy years in Wrington and was sad when my Father changed his job and we moved away. Your site brought a lot of memories back. Thank you. If anyone remembers me I'd love to hear from them.

Jeff Parsons (Thorne) - 20th February

Just found your site, in reponse to Lee Docherty 2004.

Alroy Ashley married Dorothy - his father Arthur Henry Ashley married Gertrude Pearce. Arthur was the brother of my grandmother Annie May Ashley, have tree back to William Ashley 1731.

I was born in Ashley House, Silver Street.

Hope this helps

Johnny Woolf - Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 15th February

I was on your website and I wanted to let you know that I am a Woolf, my father is John William Woolf Sr. His father is from England. He married my mother Jeanette Visconte.

Do you have any more information on our family that I could possibly view and read up on ? I would appreciate it. [See the existing information (2004) from Josephine Smedley and Peggy Bradbury in the Personal Quest section - Ed]

Pam Skinley (née Lane) - 15th February

Reference the enquiries from Craig Lewis regarding Lanes of Wrington and the Forge.  [See also Les Chard's recollections and Jennifer Watkins - Ed]

I am one of the Lanes. William Lane, the Blacksmith was my great uncle. Can't tell you much about the forge I'm afraid, my grandfather was a baker in Wrington and delivered around the area - he was Anthony (Jack) Lane and had a brother Jim who, I was told was the chimney sweep. He worked for Sidney Allen.

I remember being taken to the Forge only once but was too young to remember much about it. My Grandparents lived at Church View and had two boys Albert and another Anthony (called Jack), my father. There is a shortage of photos in the family, although I do have one of my grandfather, Bill's brother, in his uniform during the first world war.
Anthony (known as Jack, goodness knows why) was a baker.

I came across the Shmoose page when looking for information about Wrington in days gone by. I think the Lanes had lived there for as far back as I can ascertain at present. I don't know if there are any there now. Would love more info. My grandmother, a Parker, came from Brent Knoll.

[The following 5 entries came in rapid succession responding to an inquiry about the Perry family in Wrington - Ed]
[to Fred Perry]
June Perry - Victoria, BC, Canada, 2nd February

I am anxious to hear about you and your family.

My great great grandfather John Porter born around 1850 and died in 1912 in Victoria, BC Canada left Wrington and came to Canada. He and his wife Mary (née Ovenston) who came from Scotland in 1864 - before John Porter came here) met the first Salvationist to arrive in Victoria, BC in 1887. They lived near the dockyard and heard about the Army from men aboard ships that sailed from England to the Port of Victoria. Anyway our whole family is still involved with the Salvation Army.
[cf references to the Salvation Army in Fred Perry's e-mail below - Ed]

My parents, Myrtle and Nelson Martin are 84 and both still living. I have my first granddaughter, Abigail Ruth Bartie born Nov. 16th. She's my pride and joy (after her mother and father of course - ha ha).

My husband is a funeral director and was an officer in the Salvation Army for 30 years before I met him. I am currently writing a book about our family - it's about 250 pages and I hope to have it copied within the next few months.

I'd love to hear about your life and how close you live to Wrington and what it's like now.


June and Dave Perry

Fred Perry - Clevedon, Somerset, 1st February                               photos

Thank you for all your efforts and the information from Trevor. Very interesting. Adolphus is known to have died but it is thought Edgar may still be living in Wiltshire.

I remember visiting Alice when I was a lad with my Aunt Doris (her niece) when she lived in the bungalow at 8, Hannah More Close. In fact I have attached a picture of her outside of the bungalow - she is the one on the right, Doris on the left and the lady in the middle unknown.

I also attach the photo of John Perry with his carriage outside the barn which still exists in the corner of the Memorial Hall car park. We think the children are Alice Douglas and Samuel. As Samuel was the youngest and was born in 1900 it is thought the picture is around 1904.

Also attached is a photo showing Sarah Perry (John's wife) with Albert her third eldest son, Albert's wife Elizabeth, and his eldest son Harry Valentine. Don't know where the photo is taken but from age of Sarah must be at her home - John Locke cottage?

You will note that they are ardent Salvation Army and in fact Sarah's burial was held by a major in the SA. I understand that there was a Salvation Army place near to the John Locke cottages but had no luck locating when I visited. Do you know whether the building still exists?

[According to Ken Collins, there were about 50 Salvationists based in Wrington who regularly met and played at the top of Broad Street on a Saturday evening, outside the post office on a Sunday evening, and by the telegraph pole near the signal box on a Sunday afternoon - Ed]

You might also be interested to know that John's father Thomas worked as a gamekeeper in Wrington. In the 1861 census he is in Broadfield which I understand is where Bristol Airport now stands and in 1871 in Wrington Hill - possibly Barleywood? He is buried in Redhill graveyard.

[Note about Alice Harris received from Trevor Wedlake - Wrington, 2nd February - Ed]

Mrs Harris was no shrinking violet. She was into most things that went on in the village, and was known to all. She was quite tall, with ginger/red hair which was normally kept in a bun. Gina Moss agrees she was a great organiser – and on the bossy side.

She had two sons: Adolphus, who would now be a man of 90, and hasn’t lived (or been seen) in Wrington since before the war; did he join the army ?

And Edgar, several years junior, who I remember working for Arthur Amor before the war. He did not return to the village to live post-war.

Alice loved to have got hold of a bit of ‘news’, and to hurry up to an acquaintance in the street, and, speaking behind her hand, she’d say “’Ave ‘e ‘eard ? ‘Ave ‘e ‘eard ?”

Gina and Dorothy [Trevor’s wife] remember her in Dove Cottage, where Brenda Warford (née Farley) lives. Brenda’s father owned these (there are two) cottages donkey’s years ago. We cannot recall anything at all about a Mr Harris (I think he left her).

Alice is particularly remembered for always dressing up in all the village fancy dress parades as Britannia, in an enveloping white gown, and she allowed her very long hair to lie over her shoulders. Regrettably (and I can’t think why for so well-known a personality) I cannot recall her death or where her grave is.

In 1957 Sid Cox, Kath’s husband and my contemporary, won something in the premium bonds with one bond. Alice Harris approached him in the street and suggested that he might contribute towards the new toilets that were being provided. I think that would have been the toilets near the hall rather than in Broad Street.

[Following e-mail from Ed]
Fred Perry - Clevedon, Somerset, 1st February

Thank you for your interest. I got Ken's [Collins] name from Roy Clements who we know well. Ken was good enough to let us see the burial records and find John Perry's grave. Unfortunately although we found Alice's entry we couldn't actually find her grave.

As you say Alice was the feisty red haired lady who I understand liked a good time.
Ken told me that her son Edgar moved to Wiltshire and was chairman of a parish council there although I have not been able to track him down. Ken heard from him about 10 years ago. Her other son Adolphus, known as Dolphus at school, was in the regular army maybe as a PT Instructor but is dead. I would like to know what regiment he belonged to.

There seems to be some secrecy about her husband as Ken said he never knew him???

Interestingly John Perry's father Thomas was a gamekeeper in the area between 1861 and 1881.

Fred Perry - Clevedon, Somerset, 31st January

I think your web site is interesting and very useful to people like myself doing family research. My interest is in the family of John and Sarah Perry who ran a carrier business from the premises alongside the John Locke cottage in the car park of the Memorial Hall in Silver Street, where they lived between 1900 - 1920.

This is obviously a long time ago, but someone may remember their daughter Alice Harris who had two boys, Edgar and Adolphus. She was devoted to the Salvation army and lived in her later year at 8, Hannah More Close. If anyone has any memories I would love to hear from you. I am her great grandson.

Gwyn Clement Richards - Caerphilly, Wales, 28th January

Hi. What a great community & web site.
My Great Uncle William Clements left Earthcott Green, Alveston, Glos, to live in Wrington around 1900. I wonder if any of the Clements family living there now are related?