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Barry Johnson's carving. Only the base of the statue is made from the original Hanging Tree at Branches Cross. The figure was made by someone else.

Horses at Rydings farm
Reg Millard C Marshall,          myself Joe Frappell            Oliver Millard
Joe's family
                        Sam Frappell       Joe Frappell              Stan Frappell
 Margaret Elswood    Ivy Clements
       Hilda Sheppard

                 Bella Ogborne          Emma Chard          Ella Milton


 Martin & Jane Merz outside All Saints',   Martin & Jane by the Yarra Yarra River
Wrington after morning service on          in Melbourne 
Sunday, 19th November, 2000
               Tony Loach's photograph of himself and Percy Parsley c. 1936

Lawrence Croucher holds a mug with an image based on Tony Loach's photograph.
Lawrence inherited it from his aunt Doris who used to work at the Paradise

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Photographs kindly contributed to the Schmoose page by
Tony Loach and Rosemary Hodges


The Paradise Motel as it was in about 1938. It was built by Tony Loach's father, as he describes on the Schmoose page.

 The school - a photo which Tony believes was taken around 1960 - when
                            School House was still the home of the Headmaster !

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Photographs dated around 1961-63 from Rosemary Hodges  in response to Peta Meadows' Schmoose page reminiscences

Wrington VC Primary School photos 1961 School photos

        Sarah Chard    Isobel Cumming 
 Rosalind Nipper                        Peta Mellet
Yvonne Chard  Lindsey Parsley Susan Allen
Linda Vowles    Joanna Frappell        Patti Edwards
              Katrina Coles     Sandra McDonald

In the school garden where the houses in

 Bell's Walk and The Lodge are now

School photos School photos
                     Sarah Chard  Celia Wiiliams  Alison Garrett
                                               Allayne Brown
        Valerie Tincknell   Sarah Chard  Ann Brough
      Stephanie Howlett  Vivienne Cox     ? Hewlett

Deep in the woods off Old Hill - most

of the class were home ill with measles !

School photos

School photos
           Peta Mellett    Isobel Cumming   Rosalind Nipper
       Nicola Shuckburgh     Julie Yeoman    Susan Jones
          Tom Bower     Alan Dors     Peter Elswood
           Robert Cox     Mark Edwards   Michael
The woods,  Old Hill
Whole school photo 1963 Wrington VC Primary School
Summer 1963
                         Rosemary Hodges       Constance Faith
                                          Glandford Waite