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Dennis Parry - photograph sent by his son, Stuart
Alice Harris - when I was a lad I visited her with my Aunt Doris (her niece) when she lived in the bungalow at 8, Hannah More Close.
Doris          N/K        Alice
John Perry with his carriage outside the barn which still exists
[the old fire station - Ed]in the corner of the Memorial Hall car park.
We think the children are Samuel, Douglas and Alice. As Samuel was the youngest and was born in 1900 it is thought the picture is around 1904.
Sarah Perry (John's wife) with Albert her third eldest son, Albert's wife Elizabeth, and his eldest son Harry Valentine. Don't know where the photo is taken but from age of Sarah must be at her home - John Locke cottage?
Harry     Sarah Perry    Elizabeth     Albert
Anthony Lane,

son of William James Lane of Wrington

and brother to William, the blacksmith who lived and worked at the Forge.
Anthony Lane, Pam Skinley's grandfather
Craig Lewis' great-grandfather, William Lane (left) and great-uncle, Clarence outside the forge.
Alexander & Florence Lane
Alexander Lane in his Guard's uniform