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The Schmoose page has run since the website began. See on Page 1 how the idea came about. Let us know where you are,  what you're doing, what you remember of your time in Wrington, and so on. Just e-mail copy to It's the website's normal policy not to publish e-mail addresses of correspondents for security reasons. If you wish to make contact, e-mail the website, and it will be passed on.
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Hedydd Hughes - Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, 17th December

I am interested in the family mentioned below as seen in the 1911 census listing.


Manor House, Wrington

THOMAS, William Henry Head M 45 1866 Private Means Born Fishguard Pembrokeshire Wales

THOMAS, Martha Steward Wife Married 16 years F 45 1866 Lowestoft Suffolk

ATWELL, Nora Dom Servant Single F 21 1890 Domestic Cook Lanford Somerset

BUGLER, Annie Dom Servant Single F 16 1895 Domestic Under Parlourmaid Wringford Somerset

I teach at the secondary school at Fishguard, Pembrokeshire and I am trying to piece together the life of W H Thomas, Wales rugby international (11 caps, twice as captain) in order to provide some 21st century Fishguard lads with some inspirational reading matter. Can you help me find any more information on the gentleman, please? A photo would be wonderful!! He had previously lived & worked as a school master at Weston Super Mare (see below)


Woodahay, Bristol Road, Weston Super Mare

THOMAS, William H Head Married M 35 1866 Schoolmaster Fishguard

THOMAS, Martha S Wife Married F 35 1866 Lowestoft Suffolk

THOMAS, Phyllis S Daughter Single F 5 1896 Weston S Mare Somersetshire

SMALL, Martha Mother-In-Law Widow F 68 1833 Living On Own Means Oxford

PORTER, Louisa Servant Single F 50 1851 Nurse Domestic Lowestoft Suffolk

TOMLINSON, Mary A Servant Widow F 48 1853 Cook General Domestic Deal Kent

FOLLETT, Albert Servant Single M 15 1886 General Domestic Pixton Somersetshire

Any ideas that you may have which will help in my research would be welcomed - many thanks.

Philip Whitehouse - Belgrave, Victoria, Australia, 10th December

Listening to BBC Radio Bristol on-line I hear how cold it is in your part of the world:- borne out by your fine photogaphs.

It all seems to be the direct reverse of the vaunted "Global Warming" apocalypse we are told we should be worrying about.

Down here we are also experiening quite peculiar weather as well but, again, the reverse of what we are being led to expect. There is a Queensland-like humidity and rain, rain, rain. Our ten-year drought has been broken in spades, and there seems little possibility of bush fires this year [
See Philip's horrifying powerpoint of last year's bush fires in Vistoria - Ed].

It's the La Nina effect caused by unusually cold currents in the South Pacific 'tis said. (Precisely opposite to the el nino effect which has exactly the opposite effect).

Keep warm and we will try to keep dry.

Diane Lynham - Oakville, Ontario, Canada, 7th December

I was married at the Chapel in1964 to Christopher Lynham who died in 1984. I then moved to Shipham for a short period and then Clevedon for 15 years.

Now I'm in Canada but that's another story!!!! I would love to contact Anne Fear, Yvonne and Marilyn Chard. I've just read that in 2001 Margaret Hammond was living just a few miles away for where I am - is she still there?
This message has been forwarded to those mentioned - Ed]

Marlene Shaw (née Chard) Bargoed, Glamorgan, 30th November

This photo is of my Great-grandparents Alfred James Chard (b.1876 in Wrington, son of Thomas Chard and Elizabeth Chard[née Carey] and his wife Louisa. They would visit Wrington every year I am told to see family there. Alfred died in 1955.

William Rogers - 29th November, 2010

I have another photograph [see also below - Ed] taken of two Wrington people. I know their surname is Brooks. They were friends of my grandmother's and came to New Tredegar to visit for a couple of days and they went on a visit down to the local coal mine.

It's a poor quality photograph, it shows them with hand lamps at the Elliot Colliery. I think it was taken in late 1930 by my uncle William Thomas Chard Rogers.

I hope it will be of some interest to any family who may still live there. That's all I am aware of - that the surname is Brooks.

Nancy Dennis - Dorchester, Ontario, Canada 21st November

Michael Wragg lived in Canada for a number of years and I knew him very well. I travelled to England with him and met his parents, Stuart & Olive. They lived on Ropers Lane in Wrington, but also had a summer home in Weston Super Mare.

Sometime, I think in the late 70’s, Michael returned to England. I have lost track of them and would dearly love to re-establish contact with them. They are such dear sweet people!
Stuart & Olive Wragg                                                   Mike Wragg in Canada
Mike Wragg in Weston
  William Rogers - 17th November, 2010

I am Marlene Shaw's cousin. This photograph is of Myrtle Cottage with Nel Chard in the door way.

The man is my father's uncle. My grandmother was born in Wrington in 1875. Her name was Elizabeth Ann Chard, and she lived in Myrtle Cottage till the1900s. She left and married William Henry Rogers
of Stapleton Road, Bristol, in Buckingham Chapel, Bristol.
See previous entries from Marlene on this page - Ed]

David and Liz Parsons - Langton Matravers, Dorset, 8th October

The Revd Judith Malins has ministered to us here lovingly and faithfully, and we send you our blessing as she becomes part of Redhill and the wider community.
This message was received as the Revd Tom Ekin retires from being Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church, Redhill, and is succeeded by the Revd Judith Malins, accompanied by her husband, Ken - Ed]

Laurel Fisher - Sydney, Australia, 9th September


I'd like to contact a local family historian. Your website has interesting pages in the history of early Wrington that mentions Hordacre-wood. I'm keen to know more about any early connection with Hurdacre / Hordacre families in the area.

My mother's Hordacre family are traced to Thomas Hurdacre b 10 Oct 1672 at Huntspill , probably son of John Hurdacre. Perhaps there are links to families at Wrington?

Other Hurdacre families lived at Loxton including Edith & John Hurdacre b abt 1540 who died 24 July 1587, with children including William, Samuel & Thomas - although we've yet to find any links among the Loxton and Huntspill families.

with thanks for any ideas

Sharyn Taylor - Victoria, Australia, 4th August


I have in my possession a medal that my father found in a paddock in Victoria in the 1960's. It is a silver medal and has on the front 'Presented by John Vane' and there is a picture of a plough. It has been inscribed on the front '29th Oct' 1851', on the back it has 'Wrington and Burrington Ploughing Match'.

I would love to know more about this and who it actually was presented to for that particular match.

Can anyone help?

Kind regards.

Another copy of this medal was mentioned on the Schmoose page in 2007 by a history researcher, Sue Tungate, and I've replied to Sharyn to this effect, but now the puzzle is, how did this particular medal end up in a paddock in Australia !? - Ed]

Pam Skinley - Wembury, Devon, 19th July

A wonderful web-site and a wonderful village which I visited last weekend. My father Anthony (Jack) Lane was born in Wrington in 1911 and his family had lived there for generations until 1930s. I managed to find my grandfather's grave in the churchyard but am interested to know where earlier burials might be found, from 19th century and before.

Bronwyn Ayres - Bendigo, Australia, 14th July

I was mentioned in an email to your site. I am interested in Cleeves family connections.

Yves Blérard Léglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 7th July
a continuation of an earlier correspondence about the possibility of twinning Wrington with Villeneuve lès Béziers - Ed]

I saw on your website's meteorogical report and movie of Wrington fête that the weather is sunny, fine.

Here, the weather is a little bit too hot since 3 weeks around 35 degrees, fortunately, the sea refreshes the land at night.

Each year in summer, kids are used to playing with the fountain in front of the city hall, and everybody enjoys hearing them laugh.

Holiday-makers have arrived. This year, more than past years, they are a lot of British. Some of them comes by plane (London/Bristol airports) and rent cars; others comes by car despite their cars not being made to drive on the right side of the road. So they drive very carefully. I admire them because I would not be able to do the same with a French car in England.

Yves Blérard Léglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 22nd June
a continuation of an earlier correspondence about the possibility of twinning Wrington with Villeneuve lès Béziers - Ed]

I saw that you put on line two interesting documents about Her late Majesty Queen Victoria and her immediate successor King Edward VII.

We own, in our town hall a document concerning the holding of "Etats Généraux" composed of Lords, Clergy and "Tiers Etats-people" by decision of King Louis XVI in 1789. Unfortunately, it is not possible to read the whole text on the photo, but, if you are interested in doing so, from the internet you can get the integral translation an explanation about this meeting who as been the last before French Revolution.

Maybe this document, a piece of our common European history, could be interesting or useful for someone visiting your website... a student of European history for instance...

Sheila Selby - 23rd June

I am researching my husband's family - the Stallards from Redhill. We recently went to the churchyard and found the graves of William, Frederick, Herbert and Oliver who are all related to one another.

My husband's great great grandfather was also William Stallard, b circa 1804 at Redhill, who died in 1873 in Bedminster, Bristol. These dates are similar to the William in the graveyard but it is not him as he has a different wife and child.

By 1841 our William was living in Bristol and prior to that he had lived in North Nibley, Gloucestershire where some of his children were born. I think he is possibly a cousin to the others but have no proof at the moment.

I have seen information on this site in 2006 from Elizabeth Nightingale who is related to the aforementioned Herbert. Maybe she could contact me. [This was duly forwarded to her - Ed]

I would be glad to hear from anyone who can throw light on this family.

Marlene Shaw (née Chard) Bargoed, Glamorgan, 23rd June

This photgraph was taken in Wrington, I do not know where; I do not know the ladies in the photograph only that they are Chard relations who lived in Wrington. I am hoping that someone might recognize or know of them. [
See previous entries from Marlene on this page - Ed]

Yves Blérard Léglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 22nd June
a continuation of an earlier correspondence about the possibility of twinning Wrington with Villeneuve lès Béziers - Ed]

This shows our community's commemoration of the 18th June, 1940, when General de Gaulle spoke from the BBC studios in London calling on the French people to continue the war. This occasion gives an opportunity for all of us to remember the necessity to fight against oppression, but also to remember the heroic attitude of all the British people during this period. Elected officials spoke in honour of veterans, and children sang La Marseillaise.

Yves Blérard Léglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 26th May
a continuation of an earlier correspondence about the possibility of twinning Wrington with Villeneuve lès Béziers - Ed]

This is the 2009 FERIA, when the "gardians" go to grassland to gather the bulls.

John Langford - Bristol, 20th May

Hello Richard, In reply to your question. yes I did live with Mr and Mrs. Parks and their son Michael, from about 1958
until approx 1961. I was working at Lower Stock Farm, Langford for Mr Illtydd Brown and his brother Les who lived in School Rd. There are quite a few people I remember from those days ,most who went to All Saints' Youth Club.

John Potter, whose father kept the Post Office.
Rex and Janice Kirk who's parents had the Fish and Chip shop I think
Ruth Yates daughter of Howard Yates the builder.
Janet Porter who lived on the Batch Station Road
Sheila Parsley and her sister Angela and brothers John and Roger.
Mr and Mrs Les Parsley of the Hardware shop on the corner of Station Rd and Broad St. (I used to
           watch t.v. with family when they lived in the cottages near the station.)
Mike Wragg from Ropers Lane - his father was a lecturer at Bristol University
Des Brooks, I worked with him at Lower Stock Farm - found out that he had passed away
Miss Vera Perry .she was in charge of the youth club.
Rev Bernard Leigh, sat through many of his sermons on Sunday morning afraid to move because of
his icy stare
And then there are the Millards, Buglers, Kingcotts,Cooks

Please feel free to show my e-mail address. I would love to hear if anyone remembers me. Keep up the good work. Regards

Theo Brooks - Bishop Sutton, Chew Valley, 13th May

[I was] born in Wrington in 1948, lived at 3 council house Station Road, now Butts Batch, until 1972.My mother was Maria Millard,known as Ria, my father Reg. My two brothers Rob and Des and me were all at one time or another members of Wrington fire brigade. Good times. My daughter and family live in High Street, and love the village.

Bill Crook - Hamilton, New Zealand, 11th May, 2010

Well, don’t the strangest things happen. Last week I was discussing UK farming techniques (circa 1960) with some farming friends when, for some reason, the name John Langford came to my mind and how his daily job was to clean and steam sterilize the milking equipment at Lower Stock Farm.

Having forgotten John for so long, not only does name pop up but he features on the website a few days later!! I would be happy for the editor to give my email address to John should he request it.

John Langford - Bristol, 7th May

[I lived in Wrington from] 1958-1961 with Mr +Mrs Parks, the Dring; worked at Lower Stock Farm, Langford, for Mr Brown, brother of Les Brown, School Farm.

John M Hobbs -Westbury on Trym, Bristol, 4th May

Re My family search (Feb 11th 2010 Schmoose) - I was having difficulty finding details of the marriage between Albert Cleaves of Wrington and Annie Elizabeth Hobbs of Bristol.

Albert's name at their marriage was spelt Cleeves, They were married 20th April 1892 in Bedminster, Bristol. Albert died in 1901 and Annie remarried in 1923 to a Percy J Pearce of Long Ashton, I have also found one son so far - Albert William Cleaves, born 1902 Bristol. My search continues, Many thanks.

Yves Blérard Léglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 26th March
a continuation of an earlier correspondence about the possibility of twinning Wrington with Villeneuve lès Béziers - Ed]

I've learned that the Parish Council had contacted a French speaking local resident of Wrington and familiar with our area. The set up of a working group in order to establish a twinning committee is a first step and we are happy of this, the twinning is on the good way I think... it only needs time to be a reality.

May I also congratulate you because of the good quality of your website, the various items and videos are always very interesting, attractive and learning ; especialy for us who do not know your customs such as "mothering sunday" or "boxing day"...

We have also appreciate the item about this young man who go far from home to help development in a third world country, and the homage paid to local personalities of your village. We share this way of mind, respect of traditions, roots and openess to the world, another similarity between our two villages. When the twinning will be more advanced, we could perhaps consider a common item on our two respective websites in order to provide news.

I'm deeply sorry that my English seems so poor and a little bit limited, probably I should have listen better my school teacher when I was young, but now it is too late, and I must get along with the basic vocabulary I have, English grammar gives me always such difficulties !!! As we say in French "le temps n'arrange rien..." "time does not help " .... lol The automatic translators either, because it's a "word by word" translation, and often fron English to French grammatical order is completely reversed, this causes permanent contraflow. Then, I read the sections of your website which I'm sure to find perfect English while cultivating me and improving at the same time.

I've also realised that you only know the faces of 3 of the 4 members of our committee, The Mayor and Council Members, of whom the photos are on the website of Villeneuve. I actually forgot to put mine and I think it is natural for you to know the face of your main contact, then, I send (with their agrement) a photo of some of my City Hall colleagues and myself.

Best regards,


Audrey Phillips (née:Millard) - Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia, 16th March

[I was] born in Station Rd. Married David Phillips of Langford. I left in 1961. [Came to] Australia 1964

Tom Williams - Sheffield, 3rd March

I believe that my great grandfather and his wife came from Wrington, moved to Aberdare in Glamorgan pre 1862 and then to St Helens in Lancashire around 1878 - 1881. He was born in 1838 and she in 1842. He was Henry Williams and she was Eliza Jane (family name unknown) He is shown in the 1881 and 1891 census as a coal miner. Is there any way I can progress this enquiry?

see also Larry Cody's entry - Ed]

Chris Walker - Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire (currently in Singapore) 26th February

[I was interested in] my niece's wedding pictures

Lois Ellett Pawson - Brighton, 15th February

Yes - that's me. I've been continuing with my Hollier quest and visited Wrington last May - when we stayed at the excellent Stablegrove B&B and were even invited to see inside the tiny cottage in Station Road where my mother, grandmother & greatgrandmother lived with their implausibly large families with just a garden standpipe for water.

We also went to
see the Barley Wood walled garden where it was likely that Henry Hollier worked as a garden labourer or gardener towards the end of this life. Sadly there were no remaining Holliers living in Wrington - but we spoke with old folk who remembered them.

I have mapped out my full tree (as known) at - if you want access to my tree - do visit this website and send me a 'request' within the website for gaining access to my tree.

Yes I have Joseph Hollier and Eliza 'Plumby' in my tree. Eliza Plumby b Burrington 1829. Joseph Hollier is son of Charles Hollier and Sarah. However I have not researched Joseph & Eliza's children and the names of the other people mentioned in the email don't appear in my tree.

During my visit to Wrington I noticed the names 'Plumly, Plumbly, Plumby, Plumley' occur fairly frequently in the Wrington church births & deaths records - there also is a lovely old gravestone for a Thomas Plumly d 1731 aged 42 years in the Wrington churchyard - he may be linked in some way but I can't be sure. I also have a Sarah Plumbly (b 1795 Somerset) in my tree (she marries a Samuel Hollier - son of Thomas Hollier & Jane Rawlings).

John M Hobbs -Westbury on Trym, Bristol, 13th February

Hello again Richard, Can you please put me in touch with Loise Ellett,Hove Sussex [
who emailed the Schmoose page in 2002 - Ed] , as we may be able to help each other with research into our family tree.

The Hollier family from Wrington is another branch of my tree. Rhoda Hollier, born 1859, married, I believe, a George Cleeves born 1861, married 1888 Bedminster, Bristol. Rhoda had sisters Louisa born 1852, Amelia born 1856, and brother George born 1866.

Their parents, I am not sure, but could be a Joseph Hollier and an Eliza Plumley but cannot be definite about this, in the Blagdon, Burrington, Wrington area. Also can you please add my name as a researcher of the following families, Plumley/Hollier/Cleeves/Chard/Hobbs. on your web site family research. Thanks again for your time and your help.

John M Hobbs -Westbury on Trym, Bristol, 11th February

Thanks again for putting me in touch with Yvonne Spratt (née Chard), She has been in touch and I have sent her some details about my family tree, and await her reply.

I was again looking at your web site and clicked on Schmoose Swapping Memories, I did not see it before when I first looked. There is a letter dated 26 Feb 2009 from a Gwyn Cleeves in Sutherland, NSW, Australia. She ends her letter "Say hi to all of the Cleeves".

As I have a connection with my family tree with Cleeves, I wondered if there is a connection. Albert Cleeves married my Great aunt Annie Elizabeth Hobbs in 1892. After that date I cannot find them or their family, and it makes me wonder if they had emigrated.

If there is any possibility of making contact to see if they have a family tree it would be appreciated. [
This forwarded to them immediately - Ed].

There is a strong connection with the village of Wrington to my family tree, Cleeves/Chard/Hollier, all from the Wrington area. Many thanks for your time.

Marlene Shaw (née Chard) Bargoed, Glamorgan, 9th February

Another photograph to put on the site if you could for me, thank you so much. I do not know anyone on there at all, my cousin seems to think it was in Wrington.

Marlene Shaw (née Chard) Bargoed, Glamorgan, 8th February

Thank you so much, I will get in touch [with John Hobbs]. There is a connection. Thank goodness for your lovely website. It has helped me no end.

John M Hobbs -Westbury on Trym, Bristol, 7th February

Please forward my enquiry to Marlene Shaw (née Chard) re Family tree. [
forwarded immediately - Ed],

Marlene, In your research of your family tree have you come across a Hester Chard Born 1825 Wrington, Somerset, died 1902 Wrington, Somerset ?

Hester married an Edwin Cleeves in 1856, Edwin was born in 1815 Wrington, Hester was his second wife, he was previous married to a Charlotte ...[?] There were seven children in all, three by his first wife and four by his second wife, Eliza B 1835, Hanna B 1837, Priscilla B 1841.

Then his wife then Charlotte died in 1851, William B 1858, George B 1861, Albert B 1864, Henry B 1870, by his second wife married in 1856.

Albert Cleeves born 1864 is the connection to my family tree. He married an Annie Elizabeth Hobbs, born 1871 Bristol, at Bedminster registry office Bristol 20th April 1892. From that date on I cannot find any information about Albert and Annie, the 1901 and the 1911 census shows nothing - no births or deaths. The only thing I can think of is they may have emigrated. The 1891 census and at the date of their marriage Albert was a coal miner. In 1881 he was a labourer. If there is any connection to your family tree do please get in touch. I have my family tree on a web site called Tribal pages.

Marlene Shaw (née Chard) Bargoed, Glamorgan, 2nd February

Here is another photograph that we cannot seem to identify, maybe it is relations back in Wrington.
see previous entry - Ed]

Russell Crook - Camulodonum (Colchester) Essex, 27th January

Photo of the younger "gunman" is my father, once again outside Rose Cottage.
and see December, 2009 entry - Ed ]

David Hyland - 25th January

I'm carrying out research on the family history of a 19th century Rotherham doctor-Edward Shearman. Edward was born in Wrington in 1798 and his marriage certificate states that his father's name was Thomas and he was a government officer. Thomas sent Edward to a non-conformist school in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Could you tell me anything more about Thomas and his family in Wrington ? Also what type of government officer lived in Wrington in the late 18th century and at that time what impact did Hannah More have on the lives of local dissenters like the Shearmans?. I would be grateful for any information you may have.

Thank you for your time.

Alex Turner - Hampshire, 24th January
In response to the website passing on the contact to Tom and Ann Ashdown who e-mailed the website 5 years ago - Ed]

On the Ashdowns, you are probably aware that my Great Aunt Maud Ashdown and her husband, the rector did not have any children so Tom and Ann Ashdown only link in to us by marriage but nevertheless it would be very interesting to be in touch and see if they know any more.

I think my late mother did have links with Ashdowns in her early years but the connection has long been lost. I imagine the Ashdowns lived at the Rectory whilst he was Rector and then I know they lived the rest of their lives at a house called Littlers.

[Here are] 3 photographs .. which I think you may find of interest, and you may be able to tell me whether the photo of the house is the Rectory at Wrington or whether it is in fact a house at Yatton ?? - I imagine the date is circa 1880-1890.

[This is not Wrington Rectory which, until after the 2nd World War, had 3 storeys - Ed]

Two views of All Saints'

Rector George Ashdown 1890-1925. Note the width of his dog-collar. He was the last before the Patron of the Living became the Society for the Maintenance of the Faith who appointed rectors of a 'higher' church tradition, one mark of which is much thinner dog-collars ! A different photograph of him is in the church vestry among a whole line of past rectors- Ed]

I am afraid I have little else of interest to contribute to Wrington history, other than a recipe for chutney - which has always been known as Wrington Chutney in the family!!

Alex Turner - Hampshire, 23rd January

My great Aunt was Maud Ashdown, wife of the Rector 1890-1924, hence my interest in your website. My great Grandfather was Dr. Alfred Lyons who practiced in Yatton and I believe lived in Wrington until he died in 1897. We also have links to a Swete family with links to Somerset and to Youngs from Scotland in the wider family tree but I wonder if there is a link to the correspondents on your pages ?

Angela Quick - nr. Honiton, Devon, 14th January

[Found the website because] a friend told me it was the way to get Panto tickets!

We lived on Broad Street, then Wiltons from 1982 - 1988; got married and had our children whilst living in this great village....happy days!

Yves Blérard Léglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 11th January

J'espère que la situation météorologique s'est améliorée en Grande Bretagne. En France, il est tombé également beaucoup de neige sur le Nord du pays et dans le Sud, quelques villes comme Toulouse ou Marseille ont été enneigées ce qui n'arrive jamais d'ordinaire. Sur le littoral du Languedoc pas de neige, du soleil mais vent du Nord à + 100 km samedi et 70 km dimanche, aujourd'hui du soleil, 13° et pas de vent.

J'apprécie beaucoup ces échanges de messages que je trouve très sympathiques

amicalement, Yves

I hope the weather situation has improved in Great Britain. In France also, a lot of snow has fallen on the North and South, some cities such as Toulouse and Marseille have had snow which never happens usually. On the coast of Languedoc no snow, the sun, but the north wind to + 100 km Saturday and 70 km Sunday, today the sun, 13 degrees and no wind.

I appreciate this exchange of messages that I find very nice

friendly, Yves

Yves Blérard Léglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 8th January
                          [ answer to an e-mail inquiring about the weather in the south of France - Ed]
Cher Richard,

Ici la situation météorologique est très bonne en comparaison de celle de votre pays, la température est rarement basse car nous sommes très proche de la Méditerranée donc il ne gèle quasiment jamais, ce week-end, il y aura beaucoup de vent et le soleil sera présent.

PS: do you prefer that we use French or English in our futur messages, may I congratulet you for the way that you write French, I would like to speak English as well as you speak French !!!

good week end,

[Ah, but the answer lies with Google Translation (just for checking, of course) - there, the secret's out now - Ed]

Yves Blerard Leglise - Villeneuve lès Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, 8th January

Cher M. Thorn,

j'ai visualisé la vidéo mise en ligne suite aux chutes de neige à Wrington et en Grande Bretagne en Général, je vois que cela fait la joie des enfants, même si pour la circulation cela doit être difficile, alors bon courage à vous et vos concitoyens...

[.. and, for non-Francophones:

"Dear Mr. Thorn,

I viewed the video posted after the snowfall in Wrington and Great Britain in general, I see that this is the joy of children, even if for traffic that must be hard, then good luck to you and your citizens ...

amicably .."

M. Blérard Léglise has e-mailed the website inviting, on behalf of the council of Villeneuve lès Béziers, Wrington parish council to consider a twinning arrangement- Ed]

Marlene Shaw (née Chard) Bargoed, Glamorgan, 1st January

Thank you so much for a quick response [see previous entry - Ed].
I hope you do not mind here is another photo of my grt Aunt [Don't mind at all - that's what the website's all about - Ed]

She is on the left of the photo wearing a big hat next to the young man It is hop picking day. Can anyone identify who else is on the photograph ?