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                                                                           NORTH SOMERSET DISTRICT COUNCIL


This order was required because of the likelihood of danger to the public consequent upon work by Wessex Water to carry out sewer renovation works. This will become operative on the 9 October 2017 for a maximum period of eighteen months. However, the closures may not be implemented for the whole of the period but only as necessitated by the works which is anticipated to be of five days in duration.


Stock Lane (B3133), Bypass (A38) and vice versa.


LANGFORD ROAD – from its junction with Stock Lane (B3133) to its junction with Bypass (A38)..

                                                              From Wrington Village Alliance

The Planning Inspector has agreed to hold an evening session [
see below] at the Memorial Hall on Thursday 28th September from 5.30pm, to give residents the chance to come along and voice their concerns.
If you would like to speak, what you intend to say needs to be written and then read out on the evening and should not last for more than 5 minutes.

There are a number of points that we feel need to be covered, although you may have other issues and concerns that you wish to raise. The points that we would like to cover are:

Have you been affected by flooding on Cox's Green, Havyatt, Road, Mill Lane or Nates Lane? Has flooding here caused you problems getting home or going to work, leaving or entering the village?

Did your child/ children not gain a place at Wrington School? Has lack of school places caused your family problems?

Are you concerned about the character of the Wrington being spoilt by development on the edge of the village? Is the rural setting of the village important to you?

Public Transport
Does public transport cause you problems getting to or from work, going shopping, getting to medical appointments? Did you used to be able to use public transport but the reduced service no longer meets your needs?

Does the lack of parking in the village cause you problems? Do you have to use services or facilities elsewhere because you can not park in the village? Does people parking in the village cause you problems as a pedestrian, driver or outside your property, e.g. outside the School?

Walk into the village
Does the walk into the village cause you problems? e.g. do you prefer to drive at night as it is poorly lit? Does the lack of pavements further into the village cause you problems?

Proposed footway on Cox's Green
This is a key area that we really need the residents along this stretch of road to speak about and also the businesses on the Burnett's Industrial Estate.

If anyone feels they would like to speak but needs help writing their statement then we will be happy to help. Please could you let us know as soon as possible if you are able to speak, as we need to ensure that we are covering all the above points. We also need to give a list of speakers to the Planning Inspector on the first day of the appeal, Tuesday 26th September.

If you want to chat about any of this, then please let us know.
Shail Patel <wrington.village.alliance@gmail.com>

                                                          From Wrington Village Alliance

The Appeal Inquiry for the application for 59 houses on Cox's Green starts Tuesday 26th September 2017, so we need to organise residents to attend the Inquiry to be present in the Public Gallery.

It is important that we show the Planning Inspector that residents are against the development of the site and to do this, we need to ensure that people are there during the appeal. it is often the case that the first day of the appeal is well attended and then the number of residents attending falls as the week goes on. So, if possible we would like to arrange for different residents to attend across the week.

(Please note, this is to watch the appeal case only. If you wish to speak at the Inquiry, then the Planning Inspector will be holding an evening session in the Memorial Hall in Wrington on Thursday 28th Sept from 5.30pm. We will be contacting you separately to see if you wish to speak at this session.)

The Appeal Inquiry commences on Tuesday 26th September and is scheduled to run for 6 days (26 - 29 Sept and 3-4 October). Morning sessions are 10am - 1pm, afternoon sessions 2pm - 5pm.

The Inquiry will be held in the New Council Chamber, Town Hall (Old Town Hall Entrance), Walliscote Road, Weston-Super-Mare.

Please could you let us know if you intend to go to the appeal and on what day and session (morning or afternoon) you are able to attend. This will help us to ensure that we have residents in the public gallery across the whole of the appeal. If you are flexible on the days that you can attend and are happy for us to let you know days that we are short on numbers, then please also let us know.

One more thing, if you are able to attend and have room in your car to offer a lift to someone else or if you need a lift, then please could you let us know.

Shail Patel <wrington.village.alliance@gmail.com>


Young patients receiving treatment at Weston General Hospital’s children’s ward will have their day brightened thanks to some colourful murals painted by local students.

A treatment room in Seashore Centre received the makeover by level one art and design students at Weston College who were asked to create paintings that could help children feel more relaxed when visiting the hospital. The students created paintings depicting scenes from children’s favourite books and films, including Peter Pan, the Lion King and Baymax, from Big Hero 6.
Impressed with their work, the project has been extended for another year with college students asked to return to create more paintings to be displayed in the children’s ward.

Julia Marker, Ward Sister of the Seashore Centre, is delighted with the impact of paintings and says: “We wanted to bring some colour and fun into the ward and also find a way for local art students to express their talents in a new environment. “Having art in the children’s ward is of benefit to the children and it is a great distraction to those who might be nervous when visiting our ward for treatment. It’s great to see children who visit us excitedly exploring the paintings looking for characters that they recognise – they love looking at them. We’re now looking forward to working with next year’s students.”

Emma Nicholson teaches Art and Design at Weston College and was fundamental in establishing the partnership between the hospital and college that brought this project to life. “This project has been wonderful for both Weston College students and staff. It has been a privilege to visit the children’s ward on a number of occasions and we have always been given such a warm welcome by the lovely staff. “The students have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has been a great opportunity for them to build confidence and self-esteem. All the students who have participated have shown creativity, teamwork and great community spirit and they should be incredibly proud of creating art that local children, parents and staff can enjoy.”

Ryan Gallivan, art and design student at Weston College, said: “I chose to paint transformers and Beymax as they appeal to both younger children and older teenagers. I have enjoyed the project a lot, especially the visits to the ward.”

Ellie Sparey, another student at the college, adds: “I really enjoyed being part of this project. Before we started the paintings we spent a lot of time talking about what children like and researching children’s stories to get ideas. “I got inspiration from the seaside colours of Weston’s front for one of my paintings. I also painted a water Pokémon to tie in with the seaside theme. It’s really nice to see the art work displayed in the ward – I hope the children enjoy them.”

Fibre-optic broadband in Wrington

BT have installed Fibre Optic links to 4 boxes in different parts of Wrington. They are close to the existing boxes currently in use for broadband. BT customers will be the first to have their lines upgraded for the much faster fibre-optic speeds, but the customers of other ISPs will have to wait. For the latest information, and to see what are the services available to you, go to <http://www.kitz.co.uk/adsl/adslchecker.php>



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