Police on-line incident report

From Area Beat Manager, PC Kim Tacchi:

You can identify yourself if you want to or remain anonymous. Don’t forget that you can contact CrimeStoppers by freephone if you wish Tel 0800 555111, and make same report. Please be as descriptive as you can.

You can print this page, using an additional sheet of paper if space is not sufficient, and deposit it in the Parish Council post-box at the John Locke room, Silver Street, Wrington, or you can e-mail it anonymously by clicking on
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A strong community does not tolerate behaviour resulting in alarm or distress. Help make Wrington intolerant to crime and anti-social behaviour. Please use this form to report incidents of antisocial or suspicious behaviour or crime related issues. This will help the Police focus on what really matters to you. Many incidents are never reported for fear of reprisals or an incorrect notion that the Police are not interested.
                                             DETAILS OF INCIDENT

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