Broad Street Wrington
Minutes of a Meeting of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on
                Friday, 17th March 2006
Mr T R Clements,
Ms E P Irving
Mrs A Atkins,
Mrs G J Bigg
Mrs J Gallop
Mr D W Glynn
Mrs C A Phillips,
Mr R L Thorn
Mrs D J Yamanaka
Mr T W Yearsley
P.C. K Tacchi

Community Police Officer
Apologies: Mr G A Matthews, Mrs G Moss, Ms J Erskine

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 19.30 hours and welcomed back Cllr. Irving following her operation.

Declaration of Members Interests – On known agenda items nil.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on February 21st were adopted without amendment.

Clerk’s Report.

1) Mobile Youth Bus and the contract. Have chased for a response.

2) Local Access Forum- our representative will be Mr. P Avery but no contact details given.

3) Confidential Waste- Have now met with Mr. Tandy and put the concerns to him. He is to take matters forward with the contractor and come back in due course.

4) Review of Street Trading arrangements- a letter has been forwarded to NSC and a response is awaited. On the question of licences in general food vans need only apply if they sold hot food and drink between 23.00 and 05.00 hours- this falls under the Licensing Act 2003. If they trade outside of these hours no licence required. If Broad Street designated as a consent street the traders selling goods would fall under the requirement to obtain a licence. The organisers of a street fair could perhaps obtain a licence for the whole event or the individual sellers obtain a licence. The licence would only cover the duration of the event and the fee has yet to be determined.

5) 5 Villages- response from Cllr. Crockford-Hawley stating that he forwarded our letter as in his opinion it is important to obtain the views of all parish councils in order to come to a reasoned judgement. This was covered at the Planning Meeting held 14th March

6) North Somerset Partnership Stakeholders event report of November Meeting- available for reading.

7) Mail collection on Sundays- complaint received from parishioner that by bringing forward from 11.45 to 09.30 it is difficult to write a letter and catch the post. Considered an erosion of service. The parishioner is asking the Council to take up with Royal Mail. Cllr. Glynn supported this and the Clerk was directed to write accordingly.

8) NSC Corporate Plan refresh- the areas of focus :- a) reviewing the Council’s priorities to take account of any significant shifts in the priorities of local people and national government. b) Reviewing the specific performance indicators the council uses to measure the extent to which it has met its priorities, c) updating the finance information and performance tables contained within the document. Views on the content and structure of the document, whether you feel the Council is focusing on the most important issues in North Somerset and the performance indicators being used against the corporate priorities provide robust evidence of when a priority is met. Responses by 14th April.

9) Publications

10) Wrington Charities- letter from Mr. MM Collins. The Council wished Mr. Collins to continue in his role but in writing back suggest that he considers co-opting a younger person with a view to training them up pending his eventual retirement.

11) Health Overview & Scrutiny Panel next meeting 5th April, 3.00 p.m. in the New Council Chamber.

12) The Local Channel- guaranteed “Free for Life” website

13) Village of the Year competition. Cllrs. Irving and Bigg to take forward.

14) North & Mid Somerset Catchment Flood Management Plan. Notice of a seminar being held on 23rd March in Bridgwater received- volunteers sought.

Highways Matters – Road Closure through Banwell- details of the revised bus routes have been received and the Bus Company has attached them at bus stops.

Dragonflyer- the main movers wish to hold a public meeting in Wrington. The Parish Council agreed that it should support the idea as what is being offered is potentially a valuable service. However it did not propose to support in a financial way. It was suggested that a meeting could be held in the Sports Pavilion and the Clerk is to advise the organisers.

Cllr. Glynn issued a paper pre-meeting updating the Council on outstanding traffic issues.

High Street, Wrington- it was suggested that pedestrian warning signs should be considered and these could be accommodated just before the junction of the High Street/Chapel Hill/ West Hay Road.

High St. /Broad St., /Silver St. junction- NSC is considering the possibility of signage.

School Road, Wrington- the zigzag yellow lines near the School entrance are in need of repainting. Clerk to take forward.

Cllr. Clements made a general comment that with the parking issues currently being seen that they may be a need to seek additional restrictions by further “yellow” lines.

Buglers- a lot of comment being received about the manner in which cars are being parked outside, advertising boards and the new external display shelving. PC Tacchi had obtained from NSC a map showing the curtilage of the Highways in Wrington and it does appear that the new shelves and advertising boards are encroaching onto Highways land.

Branches Cross- a bad junction and now being used more. Vehicles are ignoring rights of way and it was suggested that signs- “Stop” or “Halt” are needed. Clerk to take forward.

Police – PC Tacchi reported 3 recorded crimes in the period 16th February to 6th March.

He returned to the Buglers issue and reported that he had spoken direct with the proprietor and also NSC. With regard to the signage one sign can stay on top of the car provided it is secure. The point was made that some parishioners considered the parking and advertising was creating an accessibility problem and a detraction to entering the shop. The Clerk was directed to write to the proprietor pointing out the Council’s concerns.

By March 2008 Neighbourhood Policing would be in place.

Speedwatch- it was agreed that the Clerk should contact Alison Tull at WSM Police Station with a view to her doing a survey of the Parish to establish locations that would be deemed safe to operate a Speedwatch scheme. Once this has been achieved then a public meeting to be held to ascertain the level of interest in operating the scheme.

Lighting- The Clerk reported on a letter received from NSC advising that for the foreseeable future that they would not be in a position to adopt Parish street lighting. As the Council was in the early stages of getting a scheme put together to upgrade the Parish system with this in mind then the policy from NSC is disappointing. It effectively means that parishioners will have to continue paying double taxation as the general rates includes a sum for street lighting. Cllr. Yamanaka was unaware of the change in policy and will investigate. The Clerk will hold up any response to NSC accordingly.

Replacement light- Home Close. A quote in the sum of £1,229.17 received. The Clerk is to put in an insurance claim as the light was knocked down by a vehicle- detail not known. If the Insurance Company does not pay then the light still needs replacing. An order will be placed.

FINANCE REPORT 17th March 2006
ACCOUNTS FOR APPROVAL PERIOD to 10th March (50 weeks)

Cyber room (Parish Plan) 150.00
J Gallop (ALCA Meeting) 7.51
Holmleigh Security (phone link) 48.50
Skateboard Park 2,500.00
T Yearsley 428.92
SITA UK 22.33
E Wrest (Village Orderly) 425.00
CPRE 26.00
M Hicks (Village Orderly 2) 251.25
Communicorp (Local Council update) 100.00
Bank Balances: Business reserve £43694.97cr
Current Account NIL
Capital Reserve £7465.28cr

Precept 57,390 57,390 100.00
Grants 2,891.83
Allotments 310 325
Insurance 0
VAT Recovered 8,955.7
Interest 600 935.75 155.96
Sundries 1,046.38
Other 2,951
Total 58,300 74,495.66
Allotments 200 40.00 20.00
Open Spaces 1,2000 10,528.96 87.74
Highways 1,000 381.31 38.13
Street Lighting 7,500 7,374.65 98.33
Admin Expenses 11,600 10,407.84 89.72
Grant 20,600 12,070.21 58.59
Sundries 5,400 6,761.05 125.20
Other 4,976.20
Total 58,300 52,540.22
Mobile Youth 2,600 5,245.00 201.73
Public Conveniences 1,600 0.00 0.00
Parish Plan 555.77
Section 137 200 125.00 62.50
Odds and sods 1,000 835.28 83.53
5,400 6,761.05

Requests for a donation/grant received from Weston DIAL and the MS Therapy centre (Cllr. Clements declared an interest). The Council agreed that in accordance with policy no monies to be made available.

An estimate has been received for work in the Glebe Play area to establish a second gate in accordance with ROSPA policy. Cllr. Atkins declared an interest as the quote is from her husband Mr. T Atkins. The quote was for £354.00 and lower than the quote received from an alternative source in the sum of £500. The Council agreed unanimously that the work should be put in hand.

Memorial – request for alcohol

The Clerk during the month had given permission to the RNLI to sell alcohol at an event being held on 18th March.

Bristol International Airport - no report

ALCA – The Clerk commented on the contents of the ALCA Newsletter March edition. The main issue surrounded a paper “Empowerment and the Deal for Devolution” comments on which have to be in by 31st March. Photocopies given to interested Councillors and the deadline for comments to the Clerk is 28th March.

Terms of borrowing- maximum loan period extended from 30 years to 50 years.

Parish Plan- response forms still being digested.


A draft was produced. After a general discussion it was to be moved forward with the main amendment being that Cllr. Yamanaka would rewrite her District Councillor’s report. Cllr. Bigg will obtain quotes for printing and organise the distribution.


Cllr. Yamanaka requested that this be an agenda item. Some Parish Councils have a separate Committee which oversees these issues, not necessarily made up of Councillors but involving outside bodies. It was thought that a Public Meeting should be held to try and get this in place. Cllr. Bigg mentioned that within the Parish Plan responses there are some relevant comments. Cllr. Glynn has the reports on the survey undertaken in 1999 and this can be used as a starting base for the future.

Cllr. Yamanaka would like to see a Parish footpath map produced in the fullness of time.

Local Access Forum- they are currently formulating a policy relating to maintenance of footpaths.

It was agreed that a Public Meeting should be held on Tuesday 16th May immediately after the Planning Committee meeting.

Child Protection Policy.

The policy document had been issued pre-meeting and it was proposed by Cllr. Gallop and seconded by Cllr. Thorn that it be adopted. Passed.

District Councillor’s Report – as per pre-meeting report.

Open Forum

1) Sustain are issuing a flyer “Promotion of Energy Saving” covering solar panels, loft insulation and cavity walls.

2) Church walk- in need of a good clean up. It appears that the NSC Road sweeper is missing this location.

3) Post log- the Clerk mentioned that if anyone wished to have a copy then it is available. Due to comment received from several Councillors he had not included it in the pre-meeting papers.

There being no other business the meeting was declared closed at 21.45 hours.

Mr T R Clements