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During the summer 2001 series of arts workshops in Wrington, Tony Watts ran two writing sessions. At the end of each he asked those taking part to imagine that they were soon to leave this life, and to imagine soaring up above the world and looking down on it, and to write a poem to someone young in their lives -
passing on their thoughts and perhaps their advice.

He was astonished at what emerged - and so too, he felt, were some of the
writers! Here are just two - with more to come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sarah Grove: AIRBORNE Echo Irving: CHRYSALIS Alienora Taylor


I see the shadows thrown by billowy white mist .

         You see those clouds, some scudding across sunlit vales,

                others glowering from hills beyond,

                       but all lined with silver.

They truly are.

The light and shadows in your heart may lurch

            with silvery shine and dark recess

                 but Guidance is free, just ask, feel free -

Then feel the warmth.

And spread that warmth: see the silver turn to gold.

Sarah Grove


I am a chrysalis.

My body is encased in age.

A silken web of years conceals me.

I have become remote from daily life.

Only sounds reach into my cocoon.

I see distressed faces I once knew;

I want to explain that this chrysalis will burst open

And release me, brightly marked, wonderfully coloured.

I shall be re-born.

Nothing of my youth and age will be lost;

It will be translated.

Echo Irving

I look down, my little darling,
From the cave I've seen so many times;
Rainbow colours scarf-swirling
The molten emerald of that subterranean stream -
And I remember the soft touch of your warm
Little hand

Your brown eyes and blond hair
And I want for you a spirit as fine as thin glass
And much love and warmth
I want for you to be a befriender, open to


I want sun to shine on your soul
And music to dance in your head.
I want for you to be ever excited by the
Calling of the full moon, the marks of hours
And days and weeks
The leaves which fall and die
Smoky smells and Hallowe'en parties
All enticing, all as new.

I want for you to be loved as we have loved you,
Totally, without reservation
And I want the grail within you
To pour out love too.

Alienora Taylor