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Trevor Wedlake's Writings 

Trevor Wedlake used to write for the Village Journal. His pieces were consistently among the best things to appear in it.
Following on from Tony Loach's suggestion about combining Trevor's contributions to the Schmoose page,
this page features both Trevor's current writings, and pieces first published in the Journal

Wrington personalities

Date Other writings

Henry Thatcher March 1973 Trevor's history page
Michael Steer August 2002 For Valour November 1974
Percy Hancock March 2003 Treasures in stone October 1994
Judith Pemberton September 2002 The Advocate February 1974
Mary Bond September 2003 Night flight February 2004
Eric Gibbs October 2003 Ashes to ashes March 1975
A salty sexton October 1973 Plain song March 1978
The Amor family September 2007 MCC return April 1975
Change, not decay - on Vera Perry's retirement from the Journal November 2007 A Traveller's Tale: Cecil Parsley May 2004
Waiting Rooms (Dr Bell & others) November 2010 The Milestone June 1974
Tony Loach January 2011 Psalms & symphonies July 1974
Once upon a Lifetime March 2013 Open (almost) all hours July 2004
Back then in this parish .... May 2016 30 years after The Bomb July 1975
November 11th and Lawrence Binyon November 1975
Merrily on high February 1975
"Call back yesterday" October 1992
Tea out of time - Culbone February 1978
Treasures within reach April 1982
How's that ! February 2006
Spring ghosts October 1979
Morning reverie May 1977
Ancient & Modern October 1977
Parallel lines April 2007
Of superiority, piety .... January 2008
When Time Walked ... April 2009
The Fairest of Them All January 2014
Two Bridges May 2015