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Written for the website, January, 2011

One of the positive features of growing up in a small community is that, however far a man travels from it, and however long he is away, he always feels a close affinity to it, that where his roots are, he “belongs”; the lives and deaths of people at home matter to him, his own progress is always of interest to his native place.

News, spread so quickly now via the internet, can so easily bring a smile to very distant lips, or even a tear to a very far away eye, and disturb the dusty memories of another day in another decade in another continent.

One such old Wringtonian was Tony Loach, who has died aged 84. Tony had lived many years in Vancouver, BC. His parents built and ran the restaurant/road house known as The Paradise in the early 1930s on the site on which now stands the Holiday Inn hotel.

Tone was one of the earliest to discover the Wrington website, and thereafter made frequent contacts. He was keen to know if anyone remembered him. On various occasions he mentioned Farley’s shop, Dennis Ford of Nempnett Farm, and Percy Parsley whose family lived in Priory House.

Percy’s father, Albert, was in the electrical business, and for the King George V Silver Jubilee in 1935 he lit up the front of the house with red, white and blue lights, and floodlit the parish church – not just the tower. The consequent vivid glow in the night sky had some cycling in from Langford and Churchill expecting to find an enormous fire.

Tony Loach was a keen fisherman all his life, and recalled fondly being taken to Blagdon Lake by Dr H. A. Bell. His best loved toy of those days was an old car chassis perfectly drivable (off road). An old photo shows him with another youthful co-driver, and the excitement of it is remembered without much effort by his friends. But it should be recorded that later Mr Loach, his father, removed the rotor arm !
Tony Loach with Percy Parsley

Tony, who lived with his wife in Vancouver, had been in poor health for some time, and was frustrated at being unable to drive, nor to use his computer so much. We missed his appearances on the web, and a recent letter from his wife Margot confirmed that sadly he had died on 3rd May, 2010. She wrote that he was at his computer right up to the day before he died. She said he really enjoyed the Wrington website, and would often call to her to come and share his pleasure with him.
                                                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tony Loach's Schmoose page entry in 2001 after the website carried the first of many pieces by Trevor Wedlake - this appreciation of Tony being his most recent - Ed]

Tony Loach - Vancouver, Canada

I must send you a note to say how much I enjoy in particular, reading any reminiscences by Trevor Wedlake. Do you realize what a Village treasure you have in his phenomenal
memory ?

Just a thought, but I think he deserves a page all to himself under say "History" where all his letters in the "Schmoose" page can be also viewed all together. [
No sooner said than done - Ed ]

What a lad he must have been, and I suspect still is, what with his eye for the ladies !!
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Tony Loach's entry to the Wrington World Day reports set up by the website in 2003 - Ed]

"Hello Wrington,

Had this project been a few years ago I would have been busy doing one of two things today. (See attached photo's) As I am now past both of those sports I shall just have to go and admire my tomato plants which are beginning to look as though I shall have a bumper crop.

Visiting the Wrington web-site has given me much pleasure over the last few years and I am beginning to feel as if I belong to the Wrington extended family. So far away by miles, but really as close as my computer.

What a wonderful recent recollection that was of Dr. Bell, a man who I admired greatly. Steve [
Steve Taylor, Editor of the Wrington Journal - Ed] may be surprised to know that H A Bell is well known to many of today's fly fishermen in British Columbia particularly to those that fish the lakes.

It is now 5pm on Friday the 20th. at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where I am. It's raining here now but it's also Saturday the 21st in Wrington so I guess I can send this E-mail now. [
The 21st was the day everyone was asked to write about - Ed]

So all the very best Wrington and thank you Richard for putting this whole thing together and also for keeping it running.