Broad Street Wrington Website:
Joe Frappell's Recollections 

When Paul Frappell of Bruton filled in a page in the Visitors' Book, he mentioned his father
who was born in Wrington. Joe has very kindly submitted the following reminiscences

Wrington: As I Remember it

I was born at No. 2 Council Houses, Station Road, as it was then known, on the 29th June 1928. Having seen Tony Loach's account of his memories, I thought I, and many more of my generation could also contribute to the History of Wrington.

Educated at the Church of England School. Headmaster
LW Bisgrove, who moved to Worle, gave way to Mr G Waite. The teachers whom I remember most are Miss Gunning (infants), Miss Vanessa Pow, Mr A C Turner, he was later called up for the navy, which brings me to the war years.

A lot of young men went to war including my two brothers Stan and
Sam. We remained to carry on with school. I was in the Boy Scouts then at Redhill, and the Scout Master Dr Buxton lived at a place called "Rockdunder".

hen came the day our way of life would change. Evacuees were arriving from
London (Limehouse), and we as boy scouts were asked to report to the memorial hall to greet them. Thinking back how fortunate to grow up in that era.

The vicar was Reverend Hook. We joined the choir under organist Mr Thatcher [see also Trevor Wedlake's pen portrait of Mr Thatcher - Ed.]. What a choir that was! The Collins family, H J King, the Owen brothers, Fred Weir.

When I was old enough I worked for Mr C B Marshall,
Rydings Farm. The farm then was where the bungalows are now. I enclose a photo of the magnificent horses at the farm in about 1943. Later I worked at Reynolds the Butchers.

Reg Millard C Marshall,          myself Joe Frappell            Oliver Millard.

When the air raids started and Bristol became a target we had people come out to Wrington for a peaceful night. They slept in the skittle alley at the Golden Lion. Also a family moved into the rectory and that was the Clark family.

I was very friendly
with Michael. We were sometimes on duty together. He was ARP and I was fire service at the John Locke Hall. Where we were on duty was a harmonium. We used to sit down, Michael taught me "Boogey Woogey" with the left hand. I then was very interested in bands and music. And thanks to a lovely woman named Joan Board I learned to dance.

Maybe this will be interesting to my
school friends from Wrington and Redhill, and who knows, maybe they can fill in the blanks. I would like to thank everyone male and female, neighbours, school mates and work mates prior to my move to Bruton, Somerset in 1945.

I am enclosing a photograph of my family, several of them lived in Wrington. I come through Wrington occasionally. Where have the farms gone such as Cliff Marshall's, George Collins, Dick Hardwick's horses going through the village pulling loads of hay, straw and manure ? They keep on about "Organic Farming", WE GREW UP WITH IT. WE WERE VERY LUCKY.

            The Frappell Family about 1980, brothers and sisters

                   Sam Frappell       Joe Frappell              Stan Frappell
Margaret Elswood    Ivy Clements
       Hilda Sheppard

                 Bella Ogborne          Emma Chard          Ella Milton