Broad Street Metal detecting
further selection of finds July, 2004
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It is not often that really new things turn up in a good enough condition to give decent pictures. However, these non metallic items are of interest as things that have been found on the surface of ploughed fields whilst I have been using my metal detector.
The size variation in the clay pipes denotes the high cost of tobacco in the 17C and limited usage to the way the cost fell to allow the large pipes of the 19C to be used by a large proportion of the populace

The "mace" and the flint have been authenticated by the museum identification service.

Anyone can find interesting items by field walking when the fields have been ploughed as long as they go slowly and keep a keen eye on the ground.

It really is surprising what the turn of the plough reveals and things show up especially after rain when some of the soil is washed off the object. It is always best to check with the farmer first before venturing on his land and needless to say you must be careful to avoid any damage and once the crop starts to show growth then keep off the field altogether.