Broad Street Metal detecting
by Tony Jefferies
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From the Village Journal,
December, 2002

The Romans came to Wrington
yes we know they were around,
For I find their coins and artifacts
hidden in the ground.

Saxon men and women too
lived very close at hand,
They left their mark in boundaries
that still mark out the land.

Our villagers in Edward's time
lost some pennies in The Glebe,
Six hundred years would come and go
before they were retrieved.

Who lost the sixpence of Good
Queen Bess in 1573,
It shows someone's misfortune
but was fortunate for me.

Wrington is reflected in things
lost the ages through,
That now reveal the history
of our village as it grew.

As I handle mundane objects like buttons
and old keys of iron ore,
Old horseshoes, buckles, thimbles,
I wish they could tell me more.

So these people may be gone but
the things they left behind,
Give me hours and hours of pleasure
and an ever questing mind.


Tongue horseshoe -15C.
Key -16C

Blinker brass -19C

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