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Taywood Homes Planning Application

The full text of an e-mail received by the Website in May, 2000, from Julian Britton regarding the proposed expansion at Garston's Orchard.

This is followed by an open letter from the Garstons Local Residents Group

"I do not know what your attitude is towards the latest Taywood Homes application for Garstons Orchard, but I am part of an action group trying to prevent an explosion in development in Wrington, which is assured if the village fence is breached.

One of my colleagues will be contacting you re our stand, as there is now going to be a public inquiry in the Memorial Hall over a 4 day period between 12 - 15 June.
I would hope that you would allow us to air our views and as you are impartial allow Taywood Homes the same  web space on your site.

[Happy to go along with this suggestion - this website is indeed an impartial means of communication for matters relating to the village - Ed]

North Somerset Council are to do everything they can to win the appeal against Taywood, and I'm contacting you because the Planning Dept is giving everyone the chance to meet them at their Local Plan Review meeting on Tuesday 23 May between 14.00 - 19.30 hours in the Congresbury Old School Rooms.

We had great support in the village over the Maxim Application, which was turned down, but this appeal is 'the last chance saloon' and we think the people of Wrington do not realise how important this decision is as North Somerset has to accept a quota of 17,500 houses over the next few years                                                                                                             Julian Britton"

Open letter from the Garstons Local Residents Group



Following pressure from the Parish Council, it has been agreed that the Local Inquiry into the application to build 39 houses on Garstons Orchard will now be held in the village hall. Exact details have yet to be published, but the Inspector has set aside up to four days for the Inquiry starting on Monday, 12 June.

The proposed development represents a major breach of the village fence and the Wrington conservation area, and the transfer of the Inquiry to the village gives us the opportunity to show that the proposal is strongly opposed.

There are three ways in which you can help:-

By writing in advance to the Planning Inspectorate, Room 1015, Tollgate House, Houlton Street, Bristol BS2 9DJ not less than seven days before the Inquiry setting out your views and quoting reference no. APP/D0121/A/00/1037213. These letters will count, and may be read out at the Inquiry.

Please try to attend at the Inquiry, and indicate to the Inspector if you wish to speak on any issue. This will be at his discretion, but even if you do not wish to speak publicly you will help show the strength of local feeling by attending, or by dropping in whenever you can.

The Inquiry is critical for the future of your village and it is important that all of us play our part. It represents the last stage of the Planning process and the Inspector`s decision will be final. Failure will open the floodgates to other potential breaches of the fence and could well end up turning:-


The arguments are very clear.

Village infrastructure is already under pressure, with the school rejecting local children and the road system stretched.
A breach of the village fence and the conservation area is the thin end of the wedge. The loss of a green lung which reaches far into the village will affect many who enjoy the rural nature of our environment.
There must be building on brownfield sites before grabbing even more green land. Houses should be built by the jobs, and not remotely, thereby fuelling even more commuter jams.
Wrington is not on a public transport corridor.
The site and the adjacent area already have a history of flooding which greater development will make worse.
And at the local level, the extra traffic through Garstons is just unacceptable, and the proximity of the enlarged industrial estate will inevitably lead to problems.

Please help to protect your village and give full support over the next few weeks.

Thank you on behalf of Garstons Local Residents Group.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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