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Art for Mercy
Ruach Café & art exhibition at URC chapel and schoolroom
Saturday, 17th November, 2001

ART FOR MERCY - a project to bring help to AIDS VICTIMS

36 million people world-wide are infected with HIV and 13.5 million children are left without parents. Art for Mercy is an initiative which will help change people's lives for the better.

Art for Mercy is simple. It's an opportunity for people to use their talents to raise money to support the on-going work of Tearfund's partners throughout the developing
world in HIV / AIDS projects.

They seek to bring help by providing healthcare and education where it really counts to make a vital difference to the lives of people living in poverty - without blame or prejudice.

Being creative, Art for Mercy is not just about painting - it's about using creative expression: exhibitions, cookery, DJ's, fashion, writing, video, dance, drama, singing, photography, the web... the list is endless. Anything that raises money and awareness!

Several main fundraising events took place in the village during November including a sale of various crafts. Graham or Jenny Berry are Tearfund representatives in the village and the surrounding area - e-mail:

Monty the Farrier - Martin J. Bentham
Still Life Basket Somerset Levels -
                            Martin J. Bentham
Alphabet, words by Julian of Norwich - Teresa Dunstone
Opus glass
Chinese Star Map Mosaic - Pete Dunstone
Whispering Angel - Julie Marshall and
Richard Kingcott