Broad Street Wrington

Erected on Saturday, 18th November, 2000

After a long hard year of fund raising and negotiating, at last the Wrington Millennium Marker stones were erected in three places.

Following extensive consultation with various utility companies and the Parish Council, it was agreed to place these stones in the vicinity of Udley on West Hay road, Bakers Lane on Half Yard and Havyat Road.

On Saturday 18th November the first stone was placed outside the PJ Hare works on Havyat Road at approx 9a.m. followed by the others at West Hay Road and lastly at Bakers Lane.

Wendy Tandy


Just gone 9, and we're beginning to worry ... .. no need - scramble to take the first shots


First job is to dig the trench .... .. and carefully swing the stone over ...


 ... and lower it into place  Then, protecting its face with wood ..


 ... raise it to the correct angle.   All done by 9.40. Congratulations to all !

 The stones at Bakers Lane ....

 ... and on the West Hay road