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Sunflower Competition 2007 
Saturday, 1st September, 2007
Ali Clark started this competition to raise money for the Cricket Club. 134 sunflowers were sold @ £1 each, and only 18 made it to the end. Rports suggest slugs ate most of them, the wind blew a few down, a few were hit by footballs, and some were just unloved !

The challenge to grow the tallest was supposed to be a bit of fun, but most took it very, very seriously !

Photos kindly supplied by Ali Clark
1st Sarah Snell 12'1"
her husband's sunflower mysteriously died !)
2nd Dan Tapson 10'9"
3rd Jonny 10'2"
4th Rita & Dave Hunt 10'
5th John Hair 9'8"
6th Ian Stacey 9'8"
7th Martin Lewis 9'
8th James Eastland 8'10"
9th Ann Marston 8'10"
10th Mick Hunt 8'
11th The Clements Family
12th Margaret McGill 7'8"
13th Simon Medd 7'8"
14th George Davis 6'8"
15th Philippa & Oliver Perks 6'5"
16th Mr & Mrs A. Hulme 5'8"
17th Enid Bastable 5'2"
18th Josh Mills 4'11"