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WI farm visit to Dundry 
Wednesday, 26th July, 2006
Hill House farm at Dundry - the venue for a 'conservation walk' with farmer David Hurford.

The visitors were first welcomed by his wife, Leslie, who'd also been busy preparing some traditional, and very welcome nosh which came at the end of a stimulating guided tour, and enjoyed in the cool of a glorious summer evening.
Access has been provided under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme to open up areas of uncommon grassland, which are being managed by traditional late hay cutting and light grazing to increase species diversity and benefit a wide range of wildlife.

The route includes fantastic 360-degree views across the City of Bristol, the Bristol Channel, Chew Valley and the Mendip Hills.

David's tour included a number of interesting historical features of his land - a disused Roman quarry to the eastern side of the holding, and Lynchets (terraces) to the Western side.

This provides evidence of farming in the Middle Ages.