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Sport Relief - the final frontier
Friday, 14th July, 2006
Having already raised quite a bit for Sport Relief by way of sponsorship for runs completed earlier, some families (well, daughters and mums, anyway) decided on one last effort - tackling Wrington's yellow brick road .. running 3-legged ... bowling along on scooters ... and bouncing on ... space hoppers ? Thus proving the old adage that there's nothing some people won't do to respond to a worthwhile challenge.
First off - Maddie Cox and Laura O'Hara ...
.. then Jessie Cox, Jess Baker, and Abbie Cox, who began sitting comfortably ..

.. but weren't exactly assisted by one rapidly deflating space-hopper ..
.. in fact, in no time at all, they were overtaken by their 3-legged mums ..

.. and even the arrival of moral support on bicycles - minus pumps - hardly solved the problem ..

.. and it wasn't long before the moral support turned its attention to the returning Maddie and Laura ..
.. but, as the man said, it's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part.