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Skateboard park opening 
Friday, 27th July, 2006
The new skateboard park in the north-east corner of Wrington Rec.

Its official opening saw the end of a process which began with a request from young skateboarders to the parish council, and was taken forward mainly by Cllrs. Gina Moss and Geoff Matthews, and parish clerk, Terry Yearsley.
Dr Ted Baker YANSEC          Geoff Matthews
          Roy Clements - parish council Chair
Terry Yearsley                      Peter Morton
                                        Yeo Valley Rotary
Roy Clements faces a bright sun as well as the audience to invite ...

Dr Ted Baker to declare the park officially open ...
... at which point the skateboarders took over
Chris Phillips                Gina Moss
Echo Irving   Georgie Bigg
   Deborah Yamanaka  David Glynn
Peter Morton                  Jacqui Mills
            British International Airport