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Edge into Space 
Friday, 21st July, 2006
from Churchill Community School, were among the winning teams in the Edge into Space competiton, and won themselves a trip to the Kennedy Space Centre.

Their thoughts about their trip:
"This trip has been an incredible experience, and we've loved every minute. We've learnt things that would be impossible in the classroom, with hands-on activities. Everyone has made so many new friends, and who knows - maybe they'll be our fellow astronauts on the first flight to Mars! "

What won them their prize was their design for an Electro-suit for exercise to help people with wasting diseases.

The Team
Amber Hartley Watts, Joseph Plumb, Rebecca Voisey, Thomas Watson-Follet .

Amber, who lives in Redhill, with Scott (left) and Mark Kelly - both astronauts, Mark was on the shuttle that returned this week.