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Brook House development exhibition 
Wednesday, 19th April, 2006
Linden Homes made the first public presentation of their proposals for the Brook House site in Silver Street in All Saints' church between 5.30pm - 8pm.

Between 200 - 250 people attended, it was estimated.

The late Cmdr Michael Lawder bequeathed the site to "the rector and churchwardens of All Saints' for the time being".
His only direction for the use of the proceeds had been that they should be used "for ecclesiastical purposes". This left the trustees subject to Charity Commission law which requires that the sale of assets such as Brook House must be made at the best prevailing market price, which in this case was offered by Linden Homes.
Having taken into account the comments received at the exhibition, Linden Homes will proceed to submission of a formal planning application jointly with the
the trustees. This ensures no subsequent change to whatever approval is granted by North Somerset Council can be sought without the agreement of the trustees.

The exhibition also displayed the reasons English Heritage gave for not listing Brook House.