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Annual Parish Meeting 
Friday, 15th April, 2005
At the Annual Parish Meeting in the Memorial Hall, the Parish Council found themselves facing 20 residents and a policeman - PC Kim Tacchi, responsible for policing the area of North Somerset which includes Wrington.
Those attending occupied their time before Chairman Roy Clements gave his opening report, by reading the accounts and other reports tabled.
Indeed, Kim Tacchi too, distributed copies of the incident report form he has produced to help members of the public give the police the kind of hard evidence of crimes they need for successful prosecution.
Like police matters, issues concerning Bristol airport also provoked lively discussion from people, most of whom had not received the airport's much trumpeted 'consultation document'.
The airport was also the core of Georgie Bigg's progress report on analysing the mountain of data to be collated from the Parish Plan questionnaires, which had been returned at the astonishing percentage of 70% - which says much for the dedication of the army of distributors and collectors, of Georgie herself, and of Liz and Ian Parsons whose essential skills in data management made this stage of the exercise possible.