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School Year 6 DT exhibition
Wednesday, 19th February, 2003
An exhibition of design technology by Year 6 pupils held in the school hall.

Photographs kindly supplied by Maria Petherick who writes:
"The year six children have been working on a ‘shelters’ project for the last half term. (Spring 1st half) They have been designing, appraising and redesigning their shelters both at school and at home.
The children have worked individually or as a member of a group. They have designed their shelters thinking about the materials and the tools they need and with a given scale in mind.
The children have enjoyed the project, and wanted to stage an exhibition for the children at school and parents to see.

The children wanted to create a ‘small world scene’, putting their shelters amongst trees, bushes, street lamps and vehicles they had made; giving a better impression of scale.

The children have gained a lot from the project, working as a team has been essential, discussing their designs, improving them and incorporating everyone’s ideas has developed these team building skills further.
Now the exhibition has been held the Y6 children would like to say thank you to the children of class 2 for their letters of congratulations, and many of the shelters have been given to the younger pupils at the school for them to enjoy.

Well done year 6 ! "