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Parish Plan Exhibition
Saturday, 10th May, 2003
A banner and other publicity brought a steady stream of people to the first step in raising awareness of the project to carry out a survey of opinion later in the year.
All the work associated with gauging public opinion on what would be best for the future of the community has been funded by a grant from the Countryside Agency.

It's hoped as many people as possible will be putting forward their hopes and concerns for the future locally.
The exhibition day aimed to start the process by providing information - like the very latest large- scale Ordnance Survey map of the area ...
.... a display of issues arising from a local sustainability project ...
.... and displays by North Somerset concerning sourcing local produce, recycling ...
.... and efficient use of energy
This was a theme explored by local firm Sustain and the sustainability project team, by enabling visitors to evaluate their use of energy against the demands their consumption makes on the earth's atmosphere, for example