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May bank-holiday Fun Run
Monday, 5th May, 2003
Horace Ashman and his trusty Union flag is as much of a village institution at starting the annual fun run as is the occasion itself
In superb running weather, a large field including both 'serious' and 'fun' runners set off, for either one or two laps
Even by the far side of the cricket square, the field was beginning to string out ...
... a tendency well and truly established by the time the lead runners were leaving the rec. ...
... and the spectators were inquiring what time the bar opened
A mere 20 minutes, and the leaders were already completing their first lap past the rec gates ...
Recognise one of this year's London marathon men, Tony Watts, editor of the Village Journal ...
... no, that's him behind
An honourable veteran completing the single circuit, Roy Hillman ...
... whilst first past the post for the full distance, last year's winner, Jeremy Sellars in a time of 39 minutes precisely
... Richard Stockham came second in 39'25"
... whilst Simon Lee finished with a time of 40'20" for his third place
...Tony Watts found the pain somewhat more bearable than it had been in London ...
... Rebecca Bryce vowed to make sure the rest of the Drama Club dress up and run next year ...
... and Gill Fowkes scored the double achievement of posting a highly respectable time despite being 5 months pregnant, and being the mother of Sam, the first under 16 home on the 2 lap race.


Printed in Village Journal June, 2003 issue - and dedicated to Bill Lord,
who ran in the first ten Fun Runs

May Day Jolly, full entry as ever.
Young, old, not so old, keen or fun runners
Mass at the start, regardless of weather.
All shapes and sizes, even some stunners
Set out in earnest, burning up the grass.

Press on regardless, that must be the aim,
Records to be broken, rivals to pass,
Vie for a place in the Annals of Fame.
Halfway comes quickly, that is a relief,
Soon, though, tired muscles begin to complain.

Think "Mind over matter", call on belief,
Keep going, keep plodding, heedless of pain.
But it's not winning that matters, I own,
It's Kipling who's put me on the right path.
The game¹s the thing, my aspiration's flown,

All chances blown, so home to a hot bath.

Tony Wade