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Living Lightly - Saturday, 20th July, 2002
Living Lightly was the title of Colin Hudson's talk to a small but fascinated group in the Reading Room, a powerful argument for sustainable living.

Drawing on experience in his Barbados home he advocates at conferences and other forums his challenging, but ultimately hopeful, account of the many individuals, communities and companies who are reversing the overuse of the world's diminishing resources by recycling and other sustainable methods.
In effect, he was challenging us in Wrington to take up any of his examples and apply them in the village situation.

And we could do worse than start by emulating the people of Barbados who, for 17 days of voluntary effort, put on an Exhibition of Hope, attracting attracted many thousands of visitors from the island and overseas.

It's hoped whoever can will come forward to help take up his challenge here.
Living Lightly is an intelligent life style, well-informed about its use of resources and its consequences for the locality, country, planet, other people, other species, the present and the future.

Living lightly uses LESS but lives MORE. It aims for the highest possible quality of life, but always within the constraints of the limited ecological footprint available for our own, and other, species. Living Lightly is NOT about hair shirts, "going back into the trees" or "nostalgic poverty".

Living Lightly respects the integrity of the land and the landscape and the needs of future generations of all species to enjoy it. Living Lightly aims to leave the environment in a better/healthier condition than it found it.

Fuller account of Colin's ideas :