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Archery on the Rec 
Sunday, 8th September, 2002
Once again the Battle of Britain Tournament was held in aid of the RAF Association.
100 archers from all over the country shooting under international regulations ...
... so any record scores are recognised.

A traffic light system
times out archers taking too long on the shooting line.
The ladies shoot three dozen arrows at 70m, three dozen at 60 m, three dozen at 50m and three dozen at 30 m.

For the men it's three dozen
arrows at 90m, 3 dozen at 70m, three dozen at 50 m and three dozen at 30m.

There are two categories of bow - recurve and compound.
Between each round of shooting, the archers leave the line of small green tents and intricate equipment to confirm their scores ...
... leaving the referee to his lonely contemplation of the field.
From time to time he has to call a 'bumper' when an arrow hits the target but bounces on to the ground. Archer and judge come forward as the shooting is halted to mark the spot on the target ...
... after which shooting recommences ...
... under the watchful eye of John Gallop, joint organiser with his wife, Judy, of the day's event.
With spare equipment on hand - not to mention a plentiful supply of burgers ...
... and some decent weather, the scene is set for an enjoyable day's sport.