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Year-ahead Diary

May 2018
Organisation Event/Time
Tuesday 1
Wednesday 2
Thursday 3
Friday 4
Wrington Friendship Club
Saturday 5
Sunday 6
Trinity singers
Hedgehog Awareness week
Plant & Cake sale
Monday 7
Hedgehog Awareness week
Tuesday 8 Hedgehog Awareness week
Wednesday 9 Hedgehog Awareness week
Thursday 10 Hedgehog Awareness week
on W I

7:30pm Memorial Hall
Friday 11 Hedgehog Awareness week
Saturday 12 Hedgehog Awareness week
Sunday 13 Christian Aid Week
Monday 14 Christian Aid Week
Tuesday 15
Christian Aid Week
Singing for Fun Christ Church Redhill
Wrington Parish Council

Planning meeting
Wednesday 16
Christian Aid Week
Thursday 17
Christian Aid Week
Wrington Gardening Club
Friday 18
Christian Aid Week
Saturday 19
Christian Aid Week
Party in the field.
Sunday 20
Monday 21
Dementia Action Week
Chew Valley U3A AGM
Tuesday 22
Wednesday 23
Thursday 24
Friday 25
Saturday 26 Wrington Friendship Club
Sunday 27 Burrington welcome to new vicar David Gent 6:30pm
Monday 28
Tuesday 29
Wednesday 30 Wrington Vale Rotary Club Royal Naval Presentation Team
Wednesday 31