Broad Street Wrington

Wanted - Petrol Brush Cutter for an Afternoon.

We have recently taken on Plot 25 at Wrington's Allotments. We would like the loan of a petrol brush cutter for a weekend afternoon to clear it of grass. Must come with fuel and strimming wire.
I have used them before, and have my own safety gear.

Willing to pay in Cash or Beer
Thanks. Dave & Kelly, 49 The Glebe, 07584 012098
We asked about this green beetle seen in Wrington garden 4.30pm Wednesday, 11th August.
Did anyone recognise it ? Is it to be welcomed/feared ? Will it do anything to/for the roses ?

Thanks to Kate Morley, Bill Gale, Louise Argent, Julie Harnett, and Ed and Judith who identified the Rose Chafer (Cetonia aurata) and warned of its predilection for eating roses !