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Wrington Pageant 2007

Calling all those who would like to take part in the 2007 Village Pageant

Two important dates: We shall be having two sessions in the Memorial Hall and both are a must for those involved. The first is on Wednesday 18 April at 8pm. At this session you will be placed in various parts of the pageant. The second is on Tuesday 8 May again at 8pm. This will be a run-through and advice will be given on costume and changes.

Please give both of these priority on your time. A pageant is a fragile thing which depends on maximum involvement and good weather.It cannot be rehearsed like a play and everyone involved needs to feel confident as to their moves.

If you would like to be actively involved, but didn't attend the first meeting, you can still come and join us on 18 April - after that you will have missed it for the next five years!

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On 12 May 2007 we shall be doing two performances of the Pageant, at 2pm and 6pm in Broad Street. This pageant covers the history of Wrington and is quite a big production involving a lot people including four horses and horse persons (professionals booked); two horses and a carriage (professionals booked) and hopefully a vintage car. [photos of previous years]. We are hoping for a proud owner/driver to volunteer for this.

In addition, we need about 40 people, of all ages, to play the varied roles of the villagers through 600 years. You do not need to be 'good at learning lines' because it is mimed to a pre-recorded commentary.

You will need to be free for about 3 rehearsals prior to the big day and wardrobe meeting.

On the day, there will be a run through at 10am in the morning, plus the two performances, which last about one hour each. We are particularly pleased to have families taking part.

Children under fourteen must be supervised - health and safety rules require this.

Echo Irving