Broad Street Wrington

Current entry in the Village Journal

As many of you will know, a coffee morning is held every Thursday in the Reading Room (in the Triangle) from 10.30-12 am for any newcomer to the village to meet other residents.

However, if you haven't heard about this, we would love to meet and greet you, even if you've lived here for some considerable time.

If you are quite new in Wrington, we hope you have received your first (free) copy of the Village Journal plus a directory of every organisation, club and society that is available in Wrington; if you haven't and would like more information, then please telephone me, Pauline Jefferies.

(As a footnote, I would like to mention that we used to deliver bread and cheese as a 'welcome' package, but unfortunately had to end this due to the many extra homes that were built and lack of delivery people covering all roads and streets.)

Pauline Jefferies


This group does exactly what it says, that is, we welcome new residents to Wrington with a list of all the activities and organisations in Wrington.

So, if you are new to Wrington and want to know more about our village, do come and join us or ask your nearest neighbour about it.

For any further information e-mail:

We have various people who oversee each road or street, but sometimes we slip up if we're not told of a house sale or move - and if you know someone who has recently moved in near you, please let us know.

Pauline Jefferies