Wrington Lawn Tennis Club Ltd

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Come and join us, new members are always welcome. Coaching is available for all ages, members and non-members.

Wrington Tennis Club are offering a FREE 5 month period up to 30th April 2018 for any new member joining Wrington Tennis Club.

This is offered on payment of a full year adult single membership of £125.00 which will cover the subsequent 12 months from 1st May 2018 to 30th April 2019.

There is also membership available at £60.00 for those people employed between 18 and 25 years old and £35.00 for those in the same age group who are students or unemployed.

The costs of providing floodlights and tennis balls are included in the Membership fee.

There is also a free session with one of our tennis coaches Mike Rakosi included in this offer.

It is possible to have two trial invitations as a Guest before making your decision on whether you would like to join.

If interested please contact Guy Winterbourne [m] 07970 901273 or e-mail <guywinterbourne@aol.com>

Guy Winterbourne
Membership Secretary,

[m] 07970 901273
[H] 01934 862696

Simshill, Ropers Lane, Wrington, North Somerset BS40 5NH