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Wrington Sports Skittles Team

                           Sam Gilling, Adam Machin           Chris Tarr Adrian Garrett.
         (Capt)Bill Gough     Ray Bowden        Martin Lawson.
                         Alan Pearce       Gordon Blewitt           Bob Lacey             Brian Sage (PO)

Other Team members are Dean Carpenter, Brian Board, Terry Buck, and Bob Sweet

Wrington Sports Skittles Team playing in the Blackthorn British Skittles Championships were in excellent form against the Lighties from Burnham on Sea.

WS took an early lead with their first set 17 Pin lead, WS 2nd set added another 6 Pins, the Lighties won the 3rd and 4th Sets but only by 1 Pin each set thereby giving WS a 21 Pin Win with a score of 359 to Lighties 338.

The Lighties fielded some excellent scores from Keith Morgan and Chris Tuck both hitting 50 Pins, each having a spare of 16 and 15 respectively. Also WS Brian Board hit 50 with a 12 spare but Man of the Match went to Wrington Sports Capt Bill Gough who hit a masterful 61 with 3 spares of 11,13 and 13. A great match played in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere.

Keith Holman, Lighties Captain, thanked us for our hospitality and said only one of his team was upset Keith (Morgi) Morgan, but not to worry as he was always a 'miserable so- and- so, or words to that effect (his, not mine).

We look forward to our away game with the Lighties at the Lighthouse Pub Burnham on Sea on Tuesday 1st July 2008 at 8.15pm.

Brian Sage 01275 855334