Broad Street Wrington Bowling Club
Open Day Results
Saturday, 27th September, 2008

September was the end of the 'summer' season and the men's league team just missed out on promotion.

However the highlight of the month was our first Open Day when we invited any club, association or business in the village to enter a team of 3 people to compete against one another.

Experience was not needed or expected. Club members would be present but simply to help and to assist. This was a way to introduce people to the game but as importantly to mix together and have an enjoyable afternoon.

We had 10 teams and apart from the 30 players spectators were also present to ensure that there was support for the teams and also ensure that the games didn`t become too serious and that fun was at the forefront of the afternoon.

The players' ages ranged, the youngest being the Chapel Chicks, through the years to some more senior people, but this is a game when age is not a handicap, otherwise we'd have no club members!.

Whilst talking about age I have to mention the team of teachers (The Key Stagers) from the primary school. There were no teachers as young as this when I was at school but their interest, commitment and enthusiasm must ensure that the children of the village are in good hands. The team finished a creditable 4th.
We did introduce a small element of competition by having a prize for the winning team. This was brought to the front by Georgina Yule (Wrington Pharmacy) who on occasions took great delight in trying to knock her opponent's woods off the rink, but always with a smile on her face.

In the event the winning team was Avalon Assessments, who took home the wine. They were closely followed by the Cricket Club and Burnett and Hillman. The other teams who have not yet been mentioned were the Medical Practice,the Gardening Club, the Drama Club and the Chapel Trio (an older version of the chicks!).

Finally could we thank two members, Derek Davey who set the day up and Peter Johnson who ensured that it ran smoothly.

On a different subject we have our usual coffee morning on the 15th November with all the normal attractions.

Bruce Barnes