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Early in 2004, Mrs Jackie Kerly, the Deputy Headteacher, recruited some pupils to learn the necessary skills for website design. Aiming first to contribute school pages on the Wrington website, the eventual objective was to create a free-standing school website, which, of course, would have mutual links with the Wrington website.

The group meets after school for an hour on Thursday afternoons, and these are the first 3 items to be produced. The pupils have an entirely free hand in choosing what to produce, the medium they work in - images, text, drawing, painting, &c - whether they work on their own or with others.
Why Wrington? Unforgotten Sensation Scribble pic poems review Year 6 poem Differences
Wrington countryside Tour
Why Wrington?

Wrington is a really cool village and I’m going to tell you why!! Firstly, Wrington has two play parks, one by the church and another in the recreation grounds. The one by the church, has swings for babies and toddlers and swings for older children.
It also has a small slide and a bigger slide with a climbing area attached. There is also a tunnel and some benches to sit on.

The recreation ground has a pavilion hall and a bowling ground behind it. There are regular football and cricket games there with benches and a park at the bottom.

There are many shops in the village and the mobile library appears once every week or once every fortnight. The church holds regular services and many weddings take place.

The nearby airport is noisy but I hope that won’t put you off!! There are many village activities including Youth Week which is a week of activities for most ages of children. Adults help out and a meeting is held before the week for parents to come and say what they want their child or children to do.

I hope this has persuaded you to come for a visit.

From Sophie.

                                    Poem book reviews


I am Sam

Sam I am

That Sam ~ I ~ am!

That Sam ~I ~ am!

I do not like

That Sam ~I ~ am!

I like this book because it says the same things over again sometimes and it’s quite short.

                             ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A dolphin’s

A smart thing, a sharp sort of whale,

In a shiny wet suit from its head to its tail.

It goes to a school in which infant

Aquatics can practise in aero ~ and acrobatics.

I like this book because the poems are creative by them being shaped.

Both of these books you can find in the school library.