Broad Street The Probus Club of
Wrington Vale
This year, our Club celebrates its 25th Anniversary, so we thought it would be an opportune time to tell you more about ourselves and what we get up to. If you like what you read, why not come along to one of our monthly meetings?

So what is Probus?
Probus is a worldwide organisation which aims to provide regular gatherings for retired and semi-retired business or professional people. The emphasis is on encouraging those who are active in their retirement to meet and share similar interests.

What does the Club require of members?
In many respects very little. We of course ask you to respect the principles of the Probus organisation, but the amount of time you invest in your local club is very much a personal choice. Most of our members make an effort to attend the monthly lunch and speaker events, but attending other events and activities is entirely your choice.

What does the Club do?
We meet
monthly for lunch and enjoy a diverse range of speakers. Over the last twelve months, we have been entertained by talks on Pirate Radio Stations, Dentistry in Uganda, Banjos and Magic. Our 2015 programme includes the Battle of Britain over Mendip, the History of Banwell, the Bloodhound Project, the Queen’s Bodyguard; Waste Recycling and Two Farmers and a Lancaster. As you can tell, we try to provide plenty of variety.

What else does the club offer?
addition to our monthly lunches, we organise two formal dinners each year. We also get out and about; this year trips are planned to the Portsmouth Historical Dockyard, West Somerset Railway, SS Great Britain and The Bloodhound Project. Other regular activities include skittles, walks, shooting and archery. Members also come together for unorganised activities such as golf.

As members of an international organisation, there are of course also opportunities to join other Clubs on organised trips in the UK and abroad. With the exception of our monthly lunches, all of these activites are open to partners.

What does it cost?
Our annual membership fee is £15. Our two course monthly lunch with speaker and a raffle is £15. Other activities and the costs of trips are varied.

How can I get involved?
Why not come along to a couple of our monthly lunches? We will make you very welcome, and it will give you a chance to see if you like what we do without commitment.

If you are interested or want to know more, please call me.

Andrew Tandy

01934 863684