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Friends of Wrington Churchyard
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Registered Charity No.1093436

If you think that All . Churchyard is looking good then you might like to know that the Friends of Wrington Churchyard has been making grants towards its upkeep for the last 40 years. Following a period when the churchyard had fallen into a state of neglect the ‘Friends’ was established in 1978 to help raise funds in a non-denominational way to support the upkeep and general maintenance of the church-yard. It is after all a focal point within our community that is appreciated by most peo-ple in our village. As a registered charity the ‘Friends’ provide support by way of grants towards specific funding requests – but it is only possible to do this because of the generosity of individuals within our com-munity and beyond.

Since 1978 the ‘Friends’ has contributed 2/3 of the cost of grass-cutting and mainte-nance every single year.

In the past 15 years alone it has:
funded the five yearly tree inspection and subsequent remedial work (next inspection 2018)
paid the majority of the cost for repairing the Lychgate (2008)
replaced ailing rose beds with a box hedge along the length of the north path
paid for the new notice board by the North Gate (2013)
contributed to gravestone repairs (on-going)
contributed to the cost of re-surfacing the path from the North Gate (2017)

The trustees of the ‘Friends’ are proud to have been able to provide such grants and are grateful to everyone who has in the past given so generously and those who continue to do so now. A number of fund-ing requests have been received recently and the trustees are giving them due con-sideration.

At its recent Annual Meeting held on 12th March 2018 Pippa Marsh was re-elected as Hon Chair, Chris Brown as Hon Treasurer, Jeremy Birkett as Hon Secretary. Pat Led-bury and Andrew Whiting were re-elected as trustees.

If you like what you see outside All Saints' Church and would like to make either a one-off or a regular donation to enable us to maintain our on-going support please contact our Hon Treasurer, Chris Brown on 01934 862067.

Thank you.

Jeremy Birkett, Hon Secretary

Philippa Marsh (Hon. Chairman)
Chris Brown (Hon. Treasurer)
Jeremy Birkett (Hon. Secretary)