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Current entry in
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Our first meeting for 2018 was held on February 9th, this was for our AGM followed by Tea, biscuits and a social get together.
We then had a meeting on February 23rd with a talk on "The Chinese New Year" given by Dan Lloyd, this proved to be very interesting and entertaining with Dan explaining how the 12 animal signs were chosen by the Chinese, together with the 4 elements and how these elements affected each animal, so, often the month would be different even though the sign was still the same. As you can imagine, there was lots of discussion and hilarity amongst our members, we discovered that to have all the animals signs in our club we needed people born under the signs of the Dragon, Monkey, Horse, Rabbit and Pig, so if you were born under any of these signs, please come and join us, so we can say we have all twelve signs. Dan then proceeded to give some amusing and entertaining stories about the different personalities that each sign would probably have, with many of these showing in our members. Altogether proving to be one of our most enjoyable meetings for a long time, Well done Dan and thank you.

The afternoon was rounded off with tea and scrummy cakes followed by a raffle.

Our forthcoming meetings for March are on the 9th, this will be a social get together with in house entertainment followed by tea and biscuits. The second meeting for March will be on Friday 23rd, with a talk by Ian Parsons hopefully on "Blue Flowers", Ian has given us many talks in the past and, as usual, is always entertaining, so, please come along and join us we would be delighted to see you there.

For more information please contact Shirley West. We would love to have your company.

Shirley West
01934 863829

Members meet on Friday afternoons from 2.30 until 4.30pm in  the Memorial Hall.
The Minibus is available if transport is required