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                                                                                Current Journal entry

We would like to thank all those who have supported our two autumn events this year. Firstly, we held a Coffee Morning in Chew Stoke Methodist Hall at the beginning of October. We are pleased to be able to say that we raised £145.12 for Arthritis Research Funds. This included a very generous donation of £25. We are very grateful to all those who supported us at the Coffee Morning.

On Friday, 9th November we held what is likely to be our last Quiz Evening. Again, we would like to thank everyone who joined us for the evening and helped us make it a success. We raised £243.00 on the evening and sold £79 worth of Christmas cards. Added to which we all had a really good evening. Many thanks to Chris who devised such fiendish questions and to Cath who kept score, and finally to Cameley Lodge who prepared a delicious supper. It is with deep regret that we may have to end these evenings, which have been held regularly for around 30 years and have become a tradition in the Valley. However, the numbers of teams participating have dwindled in recent years and this may be an inevitable outcome. Thank you to all who have supported our Quiz Evenings over the years.

On a national level, Arthritis Research UK has now joined forces with Arthritis Care to form a combined organisation called ‘Versus Arthritis’. This will focus on not only research into the disease but also on how the findings of the research can result in better care of people with the disease. The new name can be attached to local issues i.e. Chew Valley Versus Arthritis to identify with local support groups and organisations. We hope that you will be able to support us in future ventures in 2019.

Liz Shorney



Arthritis afflicts all age groups, children and young adults as well as the elderly. It is a painful and debilitating disease for which at present there is no cure. Treatment options involve drugs, physiotherapy, diet and exercise or joint replacement to control pain and slow the progress of the disease. Research is urgently needed in all these areas but is entirely funded by voluntary contributions from charities such as Arthritis Research UK.

25 years ago a small group got together in Chew Stoke to organise fundraising events and today many of this same group are still dedicated to the cause. Between them they raise £5 to 6,000 a year through coffee mornings, house to house collections, village fetes or rattling a tin outside a supermarket. But more local help is urgently needed. If you feel you could spare an hour or two to man a stall at your local fete or to help in the House to House collection due in June you could make a significant contribution. We would like to hear from you.