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A Wildlife Trust project for 2007/08 is Pondways, which aims to raise awareness of the value of ponds and, particularly, the threatened great crested newt.

Pondways will involve the Wildlife Wardens and others surveying a number of publicly accessible ponds in the old Avon area.

.Alongside this project we would like to try to record all the ponds in the parish, whether freely accessible or on private land, including within gardens. If you know of or own a pond and are willing to provide information then please send details to the email address below, or leave a note at the parish council office, indicating the location, approximate size and with a general description.

At the same time, any records of newts, especially great crested, would be very much appreciated, together with records of any frogs and toads. For further information on newts, frogs and toads see:

Also for this year we are starting to record local nests of swallows, swifts and house martins, with a view to an ongoing survey as a possible indicator of the effects of climate change. We probably take house martins for granted in Wrington, where I know of at least 20 nests in the village. You might contrast this with a recent survey in Bristol, which showed that that there are no more than 100 house martin nests in the whole Bristol urban area.

Reports of nests, the bird species and, if possible, the number of broods per nest for this year would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

David Glynn

Sightings or records to: