Broad Street Wrington Natural History
Little Egret in Wrington

From Ian Parsons, Wrington

During the morning of February 10th a Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) was seen hunting for food on the Websbrook. The solitary bird flew in to the garden of The Willows in Church Walk, and stayed around the stream bed for about an hour before flying out to the west.

Did anyone else see this bird?
Photo: RSPB
Although they are now becoming more common in this country, they are still listed as a rare bird. Their range is now extending northward, and since the mid 1990s they have bred in this country, and are reported to be breeding now in South Wales.

On the morning of Saturday 13th February, another Little Egret was seen in a field by the side of the A38 at Weare, near the River Axe. It is unlikely that these two sightings were of the same bird.

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